SYNCO T Series UHF Wireless

T Series UHF Wireless Microphones 

SYNCO - sounds in sync everywhere - provides each wireless microphone with a built-in mission: stay adjustable, stay true. Whether it is 50m or 120m effective working distance, OR 16 selectable channels or 96, we have the receiver and transmitter to play their role in the wireless microphone system. They are combined to support different devices such as DSLR, camcorders, and computers, to achieve stable, smooth signal transmission, and to finally get quality desired sound with minimal noises.

We are always ready for every audio challenge, from capturing amazing quality sound in a microfilming project, to making a speech in front of thousands of people.  SYNCO microphones allow public speakers, interviewers, performers, and entertainers to move freely. Go directly to your preferred products to get more details. 



SYNCO WMic-TS is a 1-trigger-2 UHF wireless microphone system professional for Wireless LinkLable UHF technology, unique for the first built-in Noise Blocker, innovative in 180°foldable design, and adaptable to different conditions.

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SYNCO UHF wireless microphone WMic-T3 features 2 transmitters & 1 receiver, 180m working range, anti-interference chip, optional LCF, chargeable battery, etc. It is an ideal solution for long-distance and -time filming.

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SYNCO WMic-T1 is a UHF wireless microphone with 1 transmitter and 1 receiver, 16 channels, and 50m working distance. It is a good choice for audio recording and video shooting.

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