SYNCO D Series Broadcast Microphone

D Series Broadcast Microphones

SYNCO broadcast microphones, a category of highly directional shotgun microphones, is the choice when there is a want to capture pristine sound that is pretty far away. It pulls the sound toward the mic, protecting it from all the other undesired noises. So the sound is perfectly clear in full details.

SYNCO keeps pace with the best broadcast microphone development and continues creating, testing, and re-testing all the components needed to capture clear, crisp sound on set. So far, we have launched 2 super- or hyper-cardioid shotgun microphones for broadcast in total.

The D2 carries solid brass construction, extremely low self-noise, ultra-flat frequency response, and gold plated XLR connector.

The D30 boasts stepless analog gain knob, real-time audio monitoring system, patented Type-C interface, overdrive protection, low-cut filter, and excellent acoustic design.


SYNCO also brings short shotgun mics which are marketed as our M Series On Camera Microphones. Explore our high-performance products below and further to see how SYNCO is delivering broadcast-quality performance that you can count on.

Camera Shotgun Mic SYNCO Mic-D30


SYNCO Mic-D30 is a professional highly directional camera shotgun mic with overdrive protection and gain control for DSLR/SLR, camcorders, smartphones for filmmaking, TV, and studio recording.

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XLR Shotgun Mic SYNCO Mic-D2


SYNCO Mic-D2, a hypercardioid directional XLR shotgun mic, is professional for filming & broadcasting recording.

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