SYNCO P Series Phone Microphone - A Professional Mobile Solution for Video Recording

P Series Phone Microphone

External Microphone for Phone  P1T & P1L

External Microphone for Phone  P1T & P1L

The SYNCO P1 is new lineup of external microphone for phone. It has 2 models, the P1T for android phone and the P1L for iPhone®. The one-tap setup, incredible through-wall signal stability, 2 charges available charging case and stunning color options take SYNCO audio even further. 

Dual Microphone for Phone SYNCO P2T & P2L

Dual Microphone for Phone P2T & P2L

The SYNCO P2 is the same lineup of cell phone microphone as P1 but different from P1 in the number of transmitters. As a dual microphone for phone, it equips with 2 transmitters, making two-person recording and stereo mode possible. Besides that, the fast pairing, strong signal transmission, long battery life of 15 hours at most all make it a professional choice.

When it comes to a video recording with the phone, it is expected to have excellent audio to go with amazing pictures. This is where phone microphone, OR more exactly, external mic for phone comes into play.

SYNCO has supplied several mics that are somehow compatible with smart phones and really provide wonderful audio experience for mobile content creators. However, they are not that perfect in view of the SIZE and CONNECTION. This is why SYNCO launches the P lineup that is customized for phones only.

To define it, the SYNCO smartphone microphone is a category of wireless microphones that holds varied connectors and great functions for smartphones, and provides the best mobile recording solution for vlog, podcast, and gaming. 

The letter “P”, of course, stands for “Phone” to indicate the target device of this lineup. Furthermore, it means “Portable” and “Playable”. That is to say, the SYNCO microphones for mobile are open to android smartphones and iPhone® in particular; they are tiny size, very easy to take in pockets and very lightweight to clip on the collar; they are microphones with voice changers, providing many voice effects to help create funny and personal streaming.

Mini microphone for phone recording 

The SYNCO P lineup now consists of two phone mics, namely P1 and P2. They differ from each other by carrying one (P1) or two (P2) transmitter(s), and stay the same by having a phone-mountable receiver which features either the Type-C connector for Android smartphones or the Lightning for iPhone® and other iOS devices. In this case, no other accessories, especially adapters are needed to start a record. They for the first time run the Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS which is always built into the internal microphone for smartphone) technology and become a new class of lightweight, mini microphones of good stability.

Wireless microphone for mobile at 2.4GHz

The SYNCO P series continues using the Syncoder™ Encrypted Transmission Algorithm that originates from the SYNCO G Series, namely 2.4G Wireless Lavalier Microphones, and upgrades it into the Version 3.0 that provides wall-through wireless signals of more security and stability. The intelligent Digital Signal Processor also goes with the P microphones for iPhone® and android phone to achieve active noise cancellation.

Battery operated with wireless charging

SYNCO for the first time introduces the wireless charging solution for recording microphones. It is a drawer-style charging case that holds both the transmitter(s) and receiver and supply the transmitter(s) with 15-hour recording time in total [while the receiver is powered by the smartphone].


The in ear monitor (IEM) technology allows the mobile videomakers to monitor the mixed sound of recording and backgrounding on the receiver side. This helps reduce the risk of improper recording and loss of recording.

Multi voice changer

The SYNCO P mobile microphone for recording takes a lead to function like a voice changer app and provides nine voice effects for each vlogger, performer, and game player to change their voices whenever and wherever possible. This increases fun and expands possibility of recording.

If you are a microphone enthusiast, you will already know about the quality, value, and standing of the SYNCO product range, especially the positioning of the SYNCO P microphones for android phone and iPhone®. Why not turn your passion into a genuine business opportunity? OR perhaps you are just looking for an opportunity to expand your international microphone business? How about a business opportunity with SYNCO? The SYNCO Microphones are designed to offer an excellent audio experience to our customers - We are very confident that satisfied SYNCO customers create satisfied SYNCO dealers.  Feel free to contact us and get more information!