SYNCO M Series On Camera Microphone

M Series On Camera Microphone

SYNCO on camera microphone is a compact, light series of shotgun microphone that delivers clear, detailed sound to DSLR in particular, as well as mirrorless, video cameras, and mobile devices. “Ready-to-go” is definitely the keyword.

The unique shockproof design is the solution. The mic suspension design in M1 allows the mic to suspend over other components and completely protect the mic from collision with other components. The robust shock mount in both M1 and M3 isolates the mic from vibration noises. All this keeps the camera mounted microphone securely fastened in place while on the go.

SYNCO is developing microphones for beginners and professionals. Find the best suitable microphone for your needs - whether it is a camera mic, wireless mic, lav mic, shotgun mic, or instrument mic. 



SYNCO Mic-M3 is a camera mounted microphone to capture brilliant sound, thanks to its directional sound pickup, selectable signal level, and noise roll-off.

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SYNCO Mic-M1, a professional DSLR microphone for video, is packed with shock mount and windshield for varied devices and is particularly suitable for outdoor filming.

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