SYNCO Microphones

SYNCO G Series
2.4G Wireless Microphone

The new 2.4 GHz wireless microphone system is developed to be a revolution. It uses a 2.4 GHz band to achieve a peer-to-peer connection, making an uncompromising commitment to long-distance transmission, high-quality sound, and user-friendliness. This revolutionary kit contains 2 keywords - Easy and Compliance.

SYNCO G Series 2.4G Wireless Microphone

SYNCO D Series
Broadcast Microphone

SYNCO broadcast microphone, a category of highly directional mic, is the choice when there is a want to capture pristine sound that is pretty far away. It pulls the sound toward the mic, protecting it from all the other undesired noises. So the sound is perfectly clear in full details.

SYNCO D Series Broadcast Microphone

SYNCO T Series
UHF Wireless Microphone

SYNCO provides each wireless microphone with a built-in mission: stay adjustable, stay true. Whether it is 50m or 120m effective working distance, OR 16 selectable channels or 96, we have the receiver and transmitter to play their role in the wireless sound system.

SYNCO T Series UHF Wireless Microphone

SYNCO M Series
on Camera Microphone

SYNCO DSLR microphone is a compact, light series of shotgun microphone that delivers clear, detailed sound to DSLR in particular, as well as mirrorless, video cameras, and mobile devices. “Ready-to-go” is definitely the keyword. 

SYNCO M Series on Camera Microphone

SYNCO S Series
Lavalier Microphone

Lavalier microphone is a series of small, compact, portable microphones for daily use. It picks up nothing but the human voice. It is a great option for interviews, live streaming, podcasting, public speaking, teaching, etc. where hands-free operation is very necessary.

SYNCO S Series Lavalier Microphone

SYNCO E Series
Instrument Microphone

There is a special SYNCO instrument microphone for any challenges facing the recorder: how to pick up the sound of an instrument purely; how to deal with the rude recording, either on stage or on the road; how to record quality sound without disturbing the musician...

SYNCO E Series Instrument Microphone