Why and how to use mini microphone for iPhone and other phones?

Mini microphone for iPhone and other phones is a microphone that is designed specially for smartphones and is in small size. In general, it features a Lightning or Type C connector to connect to iOS devices or android phones directly. There are two commonly used types. One is a small single capsule that directly plugs in the charging port, the other is wireless microphone for iPhone and android phone coming with a plug-in receiver and a transmitter clipping on your clothing. Up to today, it is increasingly popular. Maybe you are wondering the reasons why it is popular and how to use it for high quality audio. Today let’s briefly talk about it.Use mini microphone for iPhone SYNCO P1L

4 benefits of using mini microphone for phone

Why iPhone microphone and suchlike are widely used? Actually there are four main benefits of using it. The advantages are as follows.

Clear voice recording

When you record your voice with the inbuilt mic, you may come across the problem that it captures lots of surrounding noises and makes your audio sounds bad. But with an iPhone external microphone, you won’t be worried about it.

For example, you can use directional microphone for iPhone. It captures everything in front and blocks the sounds from other directions. This front-focused pattern enables you to point the mic to a sound source and prevent it from recording unwanted ambient sound.

Even you use an omnidirectional mic, you can also get clear sounds. With a lapel microphone for iPhone, you can clip it on your collar and make it stay close to your mouth, and you voice will be clearly captured.

Keep the frame clean

What is a mini microphone for iPhone and android phones good at? Obviously it does well in hiding itself in the video frame. We all know that iPhone is in small size especially the new coming iPhone 13. Therefore, to guarantee the shooting outcomes, a tiny microphone for iPhone is needed since it won’t block the camera lens when it is plugged in the port. Also, a mini wireless microphone iPhone performs well as it can be hided between the clothing. In a nutshell, such kind of mic makes great contribution to a clean frame and friendly viewing experience.

Easy to carry

Mini size usually comes with light weight. A compact microphone enables you to carry it with no burden. Even you are going to make an outdoor vlog with your mobile phone, it won’t make you feel tired after a long time recording. You can have a deep understanding of it by using the SYNCO G1L, a really light and small microphone for iPhone. The transmitter is in the size of 52×42×16mm and weighs 35g while the receiver is 12g.

Though the G1L is compact and lightweight, our new product P1L is even lighter but provides professional audio, and carries a charging case to enable the unstoppable recording. 

Free your hands

Now iPhone wireless microphone is available. The biggest advantage of it is that you hands have no need to hold the inbuilt mic close to your mouth for clear audio, avoiding the muscle pain.

Table: mini microphone for iPhone at SYNCO

Just now we have talked about some microphones at SYNCO, here is a list of details for you to get more information of them.





Wireless lavalier mic

Wireless lavalier mic

Polar pattern














  • Clear transformation with 150m
  • 3.5mm jack for in-ear monitor
  • 9 voice effects
  • 3-level gain control
  • Charging case to offer two additional charges
  • Auto setup
  • In-ear monitor
  • Voice effects and light effects


Live streaming, podcast, etc.

Vlogs, gaming, live streaming, etc.



Pearl White: $85

Stone Blue: $89

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How to use microphone on iPhone and android phone for better audio: 6 tips to help

Use mini microphone for recording SYNCO P1L

Since using recording microphone for iPhone is of great benefits, how can we use it and get better audio? Here are some tips.

Connect the microphone

it is really simple to use since it features a Lightning or Type C connector. All you need to do is to plug the connection in the charging port, and you even don’t need to figure out whether it is the front side or back side as it is completely the same.

Check the connection

But pay attention. After connecting, it is important to confirm whether it works. Take iPhone as an example. For example, you can open the recording apps like Voice Memos and then record your voice via the mini microphone for iPhone. If you see a change in the waveform when you tap the head of it, it means that your mic is connected successfully.

Choose a good recording surroundings

Anytime you use the mini microphone for Youtube or other indoor recording scenarios, taking surroundings and the affects they have on your audio into consideration is necessary.

Reverb or echo will be introduced into your audio in rooms with a lot of reflective surfaces, such as wooden floors and concrete walls, making your audio difficult to listen to.

So how to deal with this problem? Choose a space with plenty of soft surfaces, such as rugs, drapes, or bookshelves, if at all possible. Bedrooms and studies, for example, are appropriate for smaller spaces.

Position your mic close to your mouth

It is also important to pay attention to the distance from your mouth to the recording microphone. In general, if your mic is 20-30cm away from you and towards mouth, you can be heard much better.

Set the mic level correctly

To alter the volume of your microphone for iPhone, go to the level control in either your phone's audio settings or your recording app's settings. Before starting a recording, check your volume to make sure it isn't too loud or low – around two-thirds of the way across the level meter is a decent place to be. In this case, using a monitor microphone is convenient. It enables you to plug in earphone to listen to what you are recording and have adjustment in real time.

Use accessories

In some cases, accessories are needed to make sure the iPhone microphone or android phone microphone to record high quality sounds. There are two of them that are really helpful.

  • Windscreen It plays an important role in outside recording to block the wind noise. Usually it is included in the microphone package.
  • Shock mount This helps absorb unexpected sounds like a touching to the mic and weaken them, also serving as a perfect solution to clear audio.

Besides, pop filter is available to avoid recording your /b/, /p/ sound, but it is usually used in studio.


Now iPhone is more and more powerful. Meanwhile different kinds of microphones boost many functions. With an ideal external one, you are able to make a difference with your phone. Thanks to microphone manufacturers, a large number of mini microphone for iPhone are capable of serving for Apple users. Meanwhile, there are a lot of Android microphone to satisfying Android audio. So you can choose one that fits your need and begin your recording.