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SYNCO G1 review: A wireless microphone system offers better value for money

SYNCO G1 which is a wireless microphone system at 2.4 GHz, was launched onto the market this month. It is a move intended to offer an affordable solution and meanwhile, unlock a new world of creative possibilities for wireless audio users.
SYNCO G1(A2) Microphone Wireless at 2.4 GHz

What is SYNCO G1?

SYNCO G1 is a super-compact wireless lavalier microphone system providing the go-to solution for mobile journalists, videographers, and more.

Featuring a transmitter with an integrated omnidirectional microphone, SYNCO G1 becomes a truly wireless microphone system and offers great clip-and-go versatility. There is also a 3.5mm input in the transmitter for the connection with an external lavalier included in the package. This offers even greater flexibility.   

The wireless microphone receiver carries a mount that allows it to sit snug in a camera cold shoe or clip securely onto clothing. Audio is sent to the receiver using the 2.4 GHz digital wireless transmission technology, which works with our SyncoderTM Encrypted Transmission Algorithm to guarantee secure, stable, and hassle-free audio signal pickup over 70m line-of-sight and to stand out in locations with dense Wi-Fi and Bluetooth activities. There is a gain control ranging from Level 0 to Level 4 for easy and effective optimization of signal levels.

All of this is packed into this incredibly small wireless microphone system – both the transmitter and receiver weigh just 35g each. They are super lightweight and are made of plastic, meaning that the trousers would not fall down when you put them into the pocket. SYNCO G1 is the best wireless microphone system for anyone from mobile journalists standing by for every possible quick interview to videographers seeking for a secure, hassle-free wireless audio solution.

SYNCO G1 comes in 2 forms, G1(A1) carrying 1 transmitter and 1 receiver and G1(A2) 2 transmitters and 1 receiver. This also brings differences in transmission distance and sound performance. G1(A1) is launched to have 70m line-of-sight transmission distance and G1(A2) 50m; G1(A2) allows both mono and stereo both sound performance for post sound processing while G1(A1) offers only mono sound track.

Affordable wireless microphone system review

We can even regard the review of digital wireless microphone system G1(A2) by Moritz from Fenchel & Janisch as the review of the whole G1 kit, considering the said differences which are tailored for different scenarios. It is a perfect showcase about the key features and is also a clear use guide.  

Specific features of SYNCO G1(A2)

  • 2-in-1 user-friendly: only 1 receiver is needed to mic up 2 people in a conversation or an interview.
  • Convenient for post-processing: the sound could be split into the left and right track separately so that you can process each sound later and even delete one side if there is funny noise; also the sounds could be overlapped on one track.

Common features of SYNCO G1(A1) and SYNCO G1(A2)

  • Very versatile: transmitter can be used as a discreet clip on microphone using the integrated microphone OR as a compact belt pack using the included external lavalier microphone.
  • Long-distance signal transmission: the figure reaches 70m for 1RX+1TX kit and 50m for 1RX+2TX.
  • Extremely easy to use: the power-on and pairing between transmitter and receiver is very fast, taking just 2-3 seconds.  
  • Super-compact and super-lightweight: 52X42X16mm (transmitter), 52X42X16mm (receiver), 35g each.
  • Best budget wireless lavalier microphone system: G1(A1) is priced at around USD100 and G1(A2) USD150 at our Amazon store.

Use guide of SYNCO G1

  1. Use the integrated microphone if you do not care whether the transmitter is visible or not;
  2. Use the external lavalier if you have a professional shooting and you want to hide the mic;
  3. Use a dead cat when it is noisy and you want a quiet recording;
  4. Use G1(A2) if you want to mic up 2 people for example, in a conversation using just 1 camera;
  5. Use 8 kits at most if you want to use multiple wireless microphone systems at the same time and the same location;
  6. Not use the transmitter or receiver of G1(A1) to connect the receiver or transmitter of G1(A2) - the 2 wireless microphone systems run based on different circuits and they are not compatible with each other;
  7. Not try to replace the in-built rechargeable lithium battery by yourself - it is not replaceable.


The black, plastic finish wireless microphone system SYNCO G1 has an integrated microphone in each transmitter to provide pretty good sound. It also carries external lavalier which probably would improve the sound performance.

Though the mic of the external lavalier is made of the same material of SYNCO Lav-S6E, this accessory cannot be replaced by our finished S6E. 


In the review video, Moritz even shows the use of this rechargeable wireless microphone system with a directional microphone. However, it is not a professional perfect solution, as Moritz said. It may not be a bad solution for people who want to do an interview quickly on the street.

We kindly note that the respective voltage of wireless microphone system and directional microphone is always different and we do not recommend the use of SYNCO G1 with any directional microphones, especially with SYNCO D Series which is designed to be broadcast-grade shotguns.