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How to get better audio with microphone for vlogging?

Today, it seems common for people to have a vlog, which is a way to share life. Anyway, it is easy. But if you want to get better video, a microphone for vlogging is of necessity since it can provide high-quality audio, which is the key to a successful video. So how to make it? Here are the tips.

Use microphone for vlogging SYNCO M3

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Equip with a good mic

To begin, you'll need to invest in a good microphone. Your phone's build-in ones aren't excellent. Even in the most forgiving locations and circumstances, they'll only provide you with average audio.

A good microphone for vlogging that produces good audio does not have to be expensive or conspicuous. Vlogging is all about being small and unobtrusive, allowing you to record whenever inspiration strikes, thus being discreet is essential.

It is worthwhile to look into different types to search for which is suitable for your recording. According your device, you can choose between vlog camera microphone and microphone for phone vlogging.

If you want to record without burden of mic then a lavalier microphone may be a good choice for you. Also known as lav mic and lapel mic, it is capable of being clipped to clothing and staying inconspicuous.

It comes in two forms, wired and wireless. If you won’t move much and shoot around your device, then a wired one is suitable since it is stable, without the worry about signal interference. As for wireless one, it transmits audio signal to a receiver which connects to the shooting device. Therefore, within the transmission range, you are able to move freely with this microphone for filming.

If you make your vlogs in a not so quiet place, a shotgun microphone may be the best vlog microphone for you. Some of them can be directly mounted on the smartphone or camera because their short barrel and others are recommended to be attached to boom.

Such kind of microphone is good at recording the sound source it is pointed at. Compared to lavalier mic, which usually is omnidirectional, a shotgun mic for vlogging can suppress background noise more easily thanks to the directionality.

Stay wireless

Use wireless microphone for vlogging SYNCO G1(A2)

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When you are recording for the vlog, you may fix your phone on the table and show viewers what you are eating. Or you are likely to shoot a full view, set the camera far away from you meanwhile keep talking. On this occasion, wireless microphone is the best microphone for vlogging.

This kind of microphone allows you to clip it on your clothing and captures your voice clearly at a close distance, thus performing well in noisy environment. Another advantage is that it is usually compact and causes no burden to outdoor shooting.

What’s more, without the limitation of wire, you are able to move around freely with the wireless microphone for vlogging, even keep talking when the camera is far away. In addition, it can serve as the microphone for mobile recording. And this also contributes to a clean frame, which is important.

Mind the place

After deciding the microphone for vlogging, then is to ensure a great place for your vlog. If you are shooting at home, make sure that the room will not reflect your sound back. In general, carpet, furniture are good at reducing the reflection.

Also, you are suppose to keep outside noises away, like

  • Fans
  • Refrigerators
  • Electric drill noise
  • Car horn
  • Phones and other electronics

Use microphone accessories

Use microphone accessories

To enable the mic to record sounds in a good circumstance and use with convenience, some accessories are necessary according to your needs.


It is feasible to keep the house quiet when filming, but what if you have outdoor recording? In this case, a microphone windscreen is needed. Your directional microphone is able to reduce some noises, and the windscreen plays a role in blocking the sound of wind.

Remember that lightweight foam windscreens will not be enough for any form of actual breeze, so consider investing in more robust wind and rain protection when taking outside shooting.

In most cases, vlog microphone will equip a windscreen in the pack. So remember to check the packing box before you buy one.

Mic stand

Mic stand helps when your microphone is wired and cannot be clipped on clothing. It makes your mic stand firm and free your hands since you don’t need to hold the mic tight. To go further, you can use an arm stand to place your mic precisely so as to record target sounds accurately.

Shock mount

In some cases, microphone for vlogging is sensitive to small sounds like a touching to the mic. If suchlike sounds are captured, your post production will be difficult. Therefore, a shock mount is needed. It can help absorb unexpected sounds and weaken them, stopping them from being recorded. Actually, there is vlogging kit with microphone including shock mount like the SYNCO Vlogger Kit 1.

Pop filter

If you find your /b/ and /p/sounds are clearly captured by your mic, a pop filter will be a must for you. It is placed in front of the mic and eliminates the fast-moving air, stopping your mic from overload.

Besides the above equipment, you can also utilize a small audio mixer if you don't want to spend much time on post production.

Monitor the audio level

It's critical to make sure the audio levels of the lapel microphone for vlog and suchlike mic are adjusted correctly if you want your audio to be clear. The loudness of audio is measured in decibels (dB) and is commonly a numbered minus scale, with zero being the maximum volume. The levels of your audio will be displayed on a level meter on your recording equipment.

Never let your audio volume reach 0dB. It should always be in the minus dB region. This will prevent your signal from distortion. Ideally, your audio level should be around -10db, which means the microphone for vlogging is working well.

You can find several ways of adjusting audio levels which depends on the setup. Also, many microphones contain a switch that either boosts or attenuates the signal by a fixed amount of decibels so as to avoid the situation that the sound you're capturing is too loud or too quiet.

Remember to turn off AGC

No matter you record vlogs with smartphone or camera, it is important to turn off the AGC, short for Automatic Gain Control. It enables the shooting devices to adjust the audio level automatically. Maybe you think it a good idea since it stops manual monitor and adjustment. However, this can cause big trouble to your post production.

Why? Because the camera will increase the volume before you begin speaking, making the surrounding sounds look extremely loud. Then, as soon as you begin speaking, it will abruptly reduce the volume, making the first few words uncomfortably loud and distorted in comparison to the rest of your speech.

Therefore, it is good to consult the manual to turn off the setting and adjust the audio level by yourself.

More tips to get better vlog

More tips to get better vlog

Photo by karimyatrib

After investing in a microphone for vlogging and paying attention to the audio recording, there are other suggestions for you to make the vlog better.

  • Establish a recognizable style: Before you start filming and editing your vlogs, just think about how you can effectively communicate your character, style, and thoughts to distinguish your video.
  • Set the lighting: You should always utilize some form of light source to improve the image quality. Make use of any lights you already have.
  • Remember to use landscape mode: When the phone is held horizontally, it is in landscape mode.Because it gives the greatest picture, it is critical that you use this feature.
  • Keep your device stable: This is important for both video frame and microphone recording. To keep stable, you can use stabilizers, tripods, or camera cages to help you keep steady while recording videos.
  • Edit the footage: Any form of content creator should be able to edit their videos to some extent. Video editing allows you to remove errors, regulate the pace, establish a visual appeal, and generate a higher-quality final product that attracts audience.


    The recent development makes it easy to make personal vlog. With the help of microphone for vlogging and pay attention to some tips, you are certainly able to get better video contents and have your own followers.