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Lapel microphone wireless: A review of SYNCO P Series

The SYNCO P Series, a lapel microphone wireless for cellphone, was launched onto the market this month. It offers an affordable and convenient solution and takes wireless recording a step further with a charging case.

What is SYNCO P Series?

The SYNCO P Series is a wireless lapel mic for phone. It consists of two products. One is the P1 for one-person recording, including P1T for android phone and P1L for iPhone. The other is the P2 which includes two transmitters. Actually they are the same at many aspects and the following list will show you the comparison.

Item  P1 P2
Working Distance 492ft/150m(LOS area);
164ft/50m(NLOS area)
492ft/150m(LOS area);
164ft/50m(NLOS area)
Recording Mode Mono mode Mono mode & stereo mode
Connector P1L: Lightning
P1T: Type-C
P2L: Lightning
P2T: Type-C
Monitoring 3.5mm In-Ear Monitoring 3.5mm In-Ear Monitoring
Charging Time Transmitter: 1.5h
Charging case: 1.5h
Transmitter: 1.5h
Charging case: 2h
Dimensions Transmitter: 49x19x19mm
Receiver: 49x30x9mm
Charging case:70x43x37mm
Transmitter: 49x19x19mm
Receiver: 49x30x9mm
Charging case: 70x68x38mm
Weight Transmitter: 10g
Receiver: 5g
Charging case: 50g
Total: 65g
Transmitter: 10g
Receiver: 5g
Charging case: 87.5g
Total: 112.5g

From the above we know that the biggest difference is that the P2 can capture sounds in stereo mode. And you can learn about the performance from this video, which is from a Japanese Youtuber 実録! 娘のスマホ 格安スマホ活用術.

From the video we can see that it is helpful to use the wireless lapel microphone P2 when there are two person making the filmshooting. With the two transmitters clipping on the talents, each talent’s sounds can be recorded equally clearly despite they are in different distance from the shooting device. And the stereo mode enables you to record sounds into separated soundtrack. This is incredibly helpful if post-production is a must in your video.

Wireless lapel microphone system review on key characteristics

When we looking for a mic, we usually take some important aspects such as design, performance into consideration. As for lapel microphone wireless for phone , it is also necessary to consider the working distance.


Distinguishing from other microphones at SYNCO, the P Series is equipped with a wireless charging case for the first time. It adopts the drawer design, you can open the case with a tap on it.

Both the P1 and P2 are come in two colors, including Pearl White and all-new Stone Blue. In addition, it is resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

A light strip is embedded in the front of the transmitter, receiver and charging case. They work together to make your video frame more dynamic. It is ideal for you to use this wireless lapel microphone system for Youtube videos since the light effects can add mote fun to it. And the light strip of charging case enables you to get aware of the battery life.

Transmission distance

When we use a wireless lapel microphone for android phone and other phones, working distance is one of the most important aspects we need to concern about. A Spanish Youtuber Me llaman Geek tested it in his review video.

In the video you can see that when you are shooting indoors, a 5m distance from causes no influence to the audio captured by the lapel microphone wireless for your phone. However, if you use the inbuilt mic, it is really hard to capture the sounds. 

When you come outside, even there are obstacles between the sound target and shooting device, such as cars, the P1 is able to capture clear sounds in the distance of 30m as shown in the video. And the distance can reach 50m at most.

If you are recording in the light of sight, the distance will be farther. Actually, the working distance is 15om officially shown on the manual. But in the test, even in the distance of 25om, the signal transmission is still working well between the transmitter and receiver. So with the strong signal transmission, you can move freely with the range without the worry of audio loss. In this way, we can regard it as one of the best wireless lapel microphone.


One of the reasons to using an external mic is to improve the sound quality. Youtuber movilzonna tested this in his video.

When recording with the inbuilt mic of his iPhone, you can notice slight echo. While with the P1L, sounds are much clearer without obvious hiss. This is especially important when you have outdoor shooting. Since the transmitter can stay close to your mouth, the sounds of wind has less impact on the sounds.

Of course, to get the best result from the P1 or P2, you need to place it in a proper place where it can capture clear sounds in appropriate volume. It is better to use earphone to monitor the audio level. The SYNCO P Series includes a Type-C to 3.5mm adapter in the package for you to plug an earphone in via the charging port on the receiver end. Therefore, you can get clear audio output and have real-time troubleshooting.

Pros and cons

Pros and cons are also key to assess a mic and decide whether it is for your need. The following contents can be the reference.


Using the lapel microphone wireless for mobile phone P1 and P2 can be really beneficial. From the review video, we can conclude the merits into the following aspects.

Simple operation

First of all, it is really user-friendly. There are not many buttons so you don’t need to figure out what each button is for and spend a long time setting your microphone to work perfectly.

It is also easy to match the transmitter and receiver. For the first use, just press the button on the charging case for several seconds and the matching procedure is finished. After the first setup, things go easier. When you open the case with a simple tap, the transmitter and receiver will match each other automatically.

It is common that some microphones require an APP for better use. Neither does the P1 and P2. All the settings are conducted on the microphone. No extra settings are demanded, making the P Series a perfect choice for on-the-go filming.

Long battery life

In addition, it is able to support long time recording. With a full charge, the transmitter can work for 5 hours. And the case is capable of offering two additional charges. So you can get 15-hour recording time in total. If you are in hurry and the power is running out, the fast charging technology comes to help. You can charge it for 10 minutes and then you can take up the shooting for 45 minutes. So you can use this wireless lapel microphone system for youtube and suchlike when long time filmmaking is needed


The wireless lapel microphone with usb receiver that works for different models of phone separately. It is not feasible to make it work for iPhone by simply changing the Type-C connector to Lightning. So if you have various shooting devices, you should consider which one is used more frequently.

Use lapel microphone wireless SYNCO P1L

Photo by @newtech_2019

Comparison of lapel microphone wireless for shooting at SYNCO

Up to now, SYNCO has launched such kind of microphones. What are their differences? Which one can be the better choice for you? We compare the P Series with two popular models.


The SYNCO P1 and G1T/L are both wireless lapel microphone for iPhone and android, which one should you choose?

If you are in need of a really compact microphone with charging case, the P1T/L is for you. The clip on transmitter is in the size of 49x19x19mm, much smaller the 52x42x16mm transmitter of G1T/L. Even you clip it on soft clothing like T-shirt, the collar won’t roll outwards.

As for the G1T/L, it is the best wireless lapel microphone for recording that requires flexible adjustment. It features low cut to cut off low frequency noise. The gain control assists in controlling the volume. What’s more, there is a button to mute the mic only.


The differences between P2 and G2 are also mentioned in the video. They are both lapel microphone wireless for shooting devices, but they are different in some aspects.

In general, the P2 is easier to carry and charge. The whole weight is 112.5g, including two transmitter, a receiver and a charging case, and it is in really small size of 70x68x38mm. Charging is also easy. You just need one cable to charge the case while the G2(A2) needs powering separately with a 3-in-1 charging cable. Therefore, if you are looking for a microphone for phone with everything simple, the P2 is a good choice.

But when is the G2 needed? Let’s look at its specific functions. It has a display to show recording mode and battery status, and features low cut, gain control and one-button-mute to help you make filmshooting more flexibly. In addition, the G2 can also work for camera. So if you are keen on a wireless lapel microphone for camera and smartphone, the G2 is a perfect choice.