How to get suitable microphone for android phone?

Are you an android user? Do you want to get better audio recording on your phone? Let’s talk about how to pick the suitable microphone for android phone to promote the audio of your phone!

The SYNCO external microphone

Why external android microphone is needed: it is better

To guarantee the overall effect, smart phones do not use high quality inbuilt microphones. These mics are inexpensive electret microphones, working for most of the smartphone applications like talking on the phone. However, they are limited in frequency responses, signal-to-noise ratios, which causes audio distortion.

In other words, microphones are necessary for smartphone but they are not the most important part since smartphone is not designed to capture audio. As long as the mics provide speech intelligibility, they are proper for a phone.

External microphone like external android microphone, on the contrary, is designed specially to capture and transmit audio. It concentrates on transferring sound waves into audio signals as accurately and effectively as possible.

So why is phone microphone better than built-in smartphone mic? Because it is in high quality and does better in recording sounds. Moreover, it has more functions and is free in mounting comparing to the fixed built-in mic.

How to choose a suitable one: five tips to help

Since external microphone is important, how can we choose the best one? Here are some tips to choose microphone for android phone.

The SYNCO U3 for Application

1. Decide the microphone type according to your need

Each type of external mic for mobile is more suitable for certain applications than others. Therefore, when deciding which microphone to apply to your phone, it is of great importance to take the using situation into consideration.
The following are some common types of microphones:

Lavalier mic: Lavalier mics, also named as lapel or body mics, clip on directly to clothing. Lavalier microphone are typically small and easy to hide so as to be inconspicuous, ideal for close-miking sound sources. In most cases, Lav mics are often wireless.

Desktop mic: Desktop mic, as its name suggests, refers to any mic that can stand on a table by itself or with a mic stand. These mics are great for interviews and music.

Handheld mic: Handheld mic is a great choice for smart phones if you are intended to have on-the-go reporting or interviewing. In general, they are usually wireless.

Attached mic: Attached mics are those external mics that attach directly to the smartphone or the smartphone’s accessories. They are good at improving audio while stay stable when you are moving.

Wireless mic: A wireless microphone is a microphone without a physical cable, generally consisting of transmitter and receiver. Wireless microphones are widely used in vlog shooting and live streaming.

2. Determine the connection type to android

After deciding the type of microphone that is suited to your applications, the next step is to determine how to connect. For the most part, microphone for android phone has two kinds of connector. One fits the headphone jack, the other goes for Type-C port. What are the differences?

Headphone jacks are analog audio connections. To make mobile phone lighter, headphone jacks are removed from some types of phone. So pay attention if there is a headphone jack in your phone.

The USB Type-C port is a 24-pin two-fold symmetrical USB design that has been around since 2014. Most new android smartphones have adopted USB-C over the old standard micro-USB.

To make sure the mic to connect to your phone successfully, please check the connection type.

3. Buy accessory to help physically attaching if needed

If you are intended to use your mic for outdoor recordings, especially for shooting a vlog, asking a handheld mounting accessory for help is a good idea.

4. Make sure the compatibility

Although most of android microphones for recording can start to work after being plugged in the phone, some mics require software if you want it to function properly with a smartphone. So keep this in mind when searching for microphones.

5. Stay within your budget

It is significant to decide your budget according to your needs and income. This helps you get the external microphone for android phone with the best value.

What to buy: some microphones for android recommended

Now that you are aware of the steps to pick android mobile phone microphone, it comes to purchase. Here are some SYNCO microphone for android phone recommended

Wireless Mic SYNCO G1T

Wireless Mic SYNCO G1T

The SYNCO G1T is an omnidirectional wireless microphone for android phone at 2.4GHz bandwidth. It features a Type-C connector, perfectly fitting your android device.

It pioneers the industry by combining sound recording with voice changing. The audio effects it provides are capable of making you voice totally different from what it originally is. You can deliver sweet, deep, terrifying and suchlike voice via this voice changer microphone as you like, which is ideal for live streaming. Its in-ear monitoring system and mic muting only also make contribution to live streaming.

What’s more, even in 150m/492ft clear line-of-sight distance, the signal transmission between receiver and transmitter is available, which means you can move freely within the range.

The SYNCO G1T key features:

  • 9 creative voice effects packed in G1T
  • Functions up to 150m/492ft line-of-sight distance from transmitter to receiver
  • 150Hz low cut and 3-level gain control
  • In-ear monitoring
  • 8 hours of battery life per full charge

    Attached Mic SYNCO MMic-U3


    Attached Mic SYNCO MMic-U3
    One of the best microphones for android phone the SYNCO MMic-U3 is equipped with magnetic absorption, going for every type of phones also your android phone. Once it detects the connection, it powers on instantly, supporting your on-the-go shooting.


    Besides, it is a shotgun microphone, which means it picks sounds in certain range and blocks audio from other directions. The directionality makes it perfect for interview, video conferencing and other live performances. Even if you are in noisy surrounding, it will help reduce ambient noise via optional low cut at 75Hz and 150Hz. At the same time, stepless gain control at 0-15dB offers to amplify your voice..

    Also, its 3.5mm monitoring jack helps connect earphone to the mic, so you are able to check the signal pickup and adjust the recording volume.

    Long-time recording is also available for you since it can keep working for 40 hours with a single charge.

    The SYNCO U3 key features:

    • Magnetic absorption to achieve stable and convenient attaching
    • Real-time monitoring
    • 75HZ and 150Hz low cut and 3-level gain control
    • 40 hours of battery life per full charge
    See the video to know more details about SYNCO U3:

      SYNCO Vlogger Kit 2: Microphone with Accessories

      SYNCO Vlogger Kit 2: Microphone with Accessories
      The SYNCO Vlogger Kit 2 is a professional shooting pack including microphone for android phone and other accessories and device you need in phone video shooting.

      The SYNCO M1S is “cardioid” directional to pick up the target sound, and a Φ14 large condenser helps to process audio signals. Even you are shooting in a noisy surroundings, it can capture the target sound as you want.

      The mini LED light is flexible in controlling. Just rotate the dial and you can adjust an appropriate lighting for your recording.

      When you are moving and talking, the shock mount equipped in Kit 2 enables you to record your audio without vibration. A mini tripod features a 360 degree swivel ball head, enabling you to get perfect shooting from each angle.

      The SYNCO Vlogger Kit 2 key features:

      • Φ14 large condenser to finely process audio signals
      • LED light with wide-range color temperature
      • Mini tripod with a 360 degree swivel ball head to help get perfect shooting of each angle
      For purchase, the microphones mentioned above are available for sale at Amazon store.


        Microphone for android phone is essential for audio recording. So just think twice and take your applications, connection type, necessary accessory, compatibility and your budget into consideration before purchasing.