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Buyer guide: Top 4 wireless mini microphone at SYNCO

To put it mildly, utilizing a subpar microphone may be annoying for both the users and viewers. For crisper audio, you might wish to switch to a dedicated microphone, but this doesn’t force you to deal with a complex and large setup. Wireless mini microphone sounds good, comes in a compact package, and is user-friendly. Whether you are preparing for the next video call or planning to start your recording career, there are a number of options at SYNCO for you to choose from. Keep reading and find out the one that best suits you. We cover the following topics and you can just jump to the part that is helpful for you.

  1. Top 4 recommendations from SYNCO
  2. Factors that are crucial for purchasing
  3. Comparison table of specs among the products recommended
  4. FAQs during using

SYNCO wireless mini microphones recommended

There is a line of compact wireless lavalier microphones for DSLR and smartphone filmmaking at SYNCO. Below we list 4 options. They come with different features and perform better than each other in a specific scenario. Read on to have an overall understanding to help you make choice.

G2(A2) - Wireless mini microphone for video recording that involves two sound sources

SYNCO G2(A2) small dual wireless microphone carries TFT screen on two transmitters and a receiver.

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The SYNCO G2(A2) shares the compact construction, low cut, gain control, and real-time monitoring with G1(A1). However, it stands out for its TFT display screen and mute button.

Both the mini clip microphone wireless transmitter and receiver carry the screen. On the transmitter, it shows waveform to indicate the audio. You can also monitor the status of battery, low cut(on or off), and microphone(working or muting). The receiver also displays the battery status, recording mode, and the gain level of each transmitter. If you want to stop the mic from picking up sounds but keep the whole working, the mute button comes to help.


  • Optional mono and stereo modes
  • TFT display screen for indicating working status
  • Mute button for muting the mic only
  • 0-5 level gain control (0-15dB)
  • Low cut at 150Hz
  • Real-time audio monitoring
  • Up to LOS 150m range
  • Support 8 hours of recording at max
  • Weight: 39g each
  • Dimensions: 52x42x17mm

P1L - Wireless mini microphone for iPhone® that features fast-charge charging case

SYNCO P1L wireless mini microphone for iPhone consists of a transmitter, a receiver with Lightning connector, and a charging case.

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The P1L is able to pick up strong and clear audio signals within 150m LOS distance, which means there are no obstacles between the transmitter and receiver. It is a wireless mini microphone with receiver featuring Lightning connector. So you can directly plug it into the charging port into your iPhone® to start recording without extra cable setup.

A portable storage container also functions as a charging station, ensuring that both the transmitter and receiver are charged equally. As a result, there is less risk of a microphone or transmitter running flat during shooting, which can happen if the equipment is charged individually.

Check out the video from the YouTuber CTA - tech desk to see a complete review of the features, audio performance, and test of distance, wind noise and vocal effects.


  • Two optional colors: Pearl White and Stone Blue
  • Wireless charging case offers 2 additional full charge
  • Auto pairing makes it simple to use for novice
  • Up to 150m/492ft line-of-sight transmission distance
  • Voice effect button for switching among 9 vocal effects
  • Type-C port on the receiver and included Type-C to 3.5mm adapter work together for audio monitoring Dynamic light strip to show working status
  • Weight: 10g(transmitter); 5g(receiver); 58g(charging case)
  • Dimensions: 49x19x19mm(transmitter); 49x30x9mm(receiver); 70x43x37mm(charging case)

P2T - Wireless mini microphone for mobile enables two-person recording

SYNCO P2T wireless mini microphone for mobile includes two transmitters, a Type-C receiver, and a case charger.

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The SYNCO P2T features a Type-C receiver to fit recording devices with Type-C port. It differs from the P1 lineup by an additional transmitter. You can switch between the mono and stereo mode via the button on the receiver, which enables you to record two sound sources at the same time.

After a full charge, it can work for 5 hours. And the 10g transmitter and 5g receiver cause no burden to outdoor shooting. The charging case is built with a 700mAh battery, which offers two additional charges, so you don’t need to worry about running out of power.


  • Mini wireless microphone system for simultaneously recording two sound sources
  • Pearl White and Stone Blue color available
  • Support 15 hours of recording in total with the full-charged charger case
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Strong signal transmission at the 150m/492ft LOS distance
  • 9 vocal effects for masking voice
  • Dynamic light strip to make the frame appealing
  • Weight: 10g(transmitter); 5g(receiver); 87.5g(charging case)
  • Dimensions: 49x19x19mm(transmitter); 49x30x9mm(receiver); 70x68x38mm(charging case)

G1(A1) - Wireless clip on mini microphone for on-camera talents

SYNCO G1(A1) wireless clip on mini microphone has transmitter and receiver that are in the same size.

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The SYNCO G1(A1) is a compact wireless microphone that is unusual in its clip-and-go adaptability and incredibly small size. The transmitter has an omnidirectional condenser capsule and can work as a clip-on mic or work with the included lavalier, transmitting clean and clear to the on-camera receiver. It is also compatible with smartphones and suchlike mobile devices with the TRRS cable included. You can use this mini wireless microphone for filming, vlogging, etc.

It also enables you to capture clear sounds in not so ideal environment. The low-cut button on the transmitter filters out low-frequency noise below 180Hz. The receiver offers a gain control button for enhancing the volume and a 3.5mm monitoring jack for real-time monitoring and adjustment.


  • Transmitter operates as a clip-on microphone or belt pack for a lavalier microphone
  • Up to 150m range (line-of-sight)
  • In-built rechargeable batteries that last up to 8 hours
  • 0-4 level gain control (0-8dB)
  • Low cut at 180Hz
  • Real-time audio monitoring
  • Comes in 4 colors, including Onyx Black, Porcelain Grey, Peach Pink, and Pearl White
  • Weight: 35g each
  • Dimensions: 52x42x16mm

    What to look for in a portable wireless microphone?

    The majority of the microphones on this list are condenser microphones, which are the most common sort of wireless mini microphone, and there are several factors to consider when deciding which one to purchase.

    Audio quality: This is the most crucial aspect to consider, yet it's difficult to tell how good or horrible a microphone sounds based just on its spec sheet. If you want to hear how it sounds for yourself, you should seek it up on YouTube and watch review videos that do sound tests.

    On-device controls: On-board controls are useful. They enable you to adjust the volume(or gain as called technically) or mute the mic with a button or dial even in a hurry.

    Headphone jack: A zero-latency 3.5mm headphone jack on the receiver ensures you monitor what you are recording in real time. This is quite important if you would like to make sure that everything sounds good and reduces the time of post production. The audio monitoring function allows you to troubleshoot.

    Polar pattern: It explains the areas where the microphone captures sounds. There are several pickup patterns. Cardioid captures sounds in the front where the mic is pointed to. Super-cardioid picks up sound from a tighter region than cardioid. And omnidirectional picks up sounds from all directions.

    Sampling rate and bit depth: These both refer to the amount of data that the compact wireless microphone is recording. The standard, which is usually called “CD quality”, is 44.1 kHz and 16-bit. Anything above the standard is regarded as high definition audio. If you are filming videos or making live streaming, these two specs are worth considering.

    Table: Specs comparison among SYNCO products

    This table includes the aforementioned factors that you need to consider when shopping for wireless mini microphone. Use it as a reference to help you make your own choice.






    On-device controls for

    Vocal effects

    Vocal effects; mono/stereo switch

    Low cut; gain control

    Low cut; gain control; mute; mono/stereo switch

    Headphone jack

    Polar pattern





    Sampling rate





    Bit depth






    What to do if I hear obvious self noise from G1(A1)?

    There are several conceivable causes for the self-noise.

    Please double-check that you haven't mixed up the audio output and monitoring jack. The self-noise would be evident if you connect the recording device to the 3.5mm monitoring jack. Check to see if the device is correctly connected.

    If there is still a problem, please check the sound coming from the monitoring jack. If the self-noise heard from the output jack is higher than that from the monitoring one, it is possible that there is something wrong with the output jack. If the noise heard from both jack are equally loud, the transmitter might go wrong.

    Please be aware that SYNCO has enhanced the sound from the monitoring jack to allow users to clearly hear the sound in noisy environments. As a result, the self-noise will be a little loud.

    Can I turn the G2(A1) into G2(A2) by buying an additional transmitter?

    It is not feasible to turn G2(A1) to G2(A2) by buying one more transmitter because the receiver of G2(A1) doesn't support pairing with two transmitters at the same time.