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Guide to choose and use interview microphone for iPhone

iPhones offer impressive video quality, possibly the best of any smartphone. However, they are far from user-friendly since they have only one input. This means that some great accessories, like microphones, require a dongle or other solution to function. For example, when you record two sound sources in an interview or two-person scenario, you will need interview microphone for iPhone with dual mics to ensure high quality audio. In this article, we will cover some common topics, including:

  1. Four reasons to use dual microphone for iPhone interviews.
  2. How to choose the best one?
  3. How to connect it for trouble-free audio pickup?
  4. Answers to some frequently asked question of iPhone interviewing.
SYNCO P2 microphone for iPhone interviews consists of two clip-on transmitters and a receiver with Lightning plug.

Why do you need iPhone external microphone for interview?

Actually, there are 4 main reasons to use it. If you are keen on the merits that it brings to the audio recording, it will be a good choice for your audio equipment.

To have separately editable inputs

Dual iPhone interview microphone allows you to have multiple, independently editable inputs, which is a compelling incentive to record various tracks. It works by dividing the left and right channels of the iPhone's video capture into separate inputs. You may either separate or aggregate them into a single track in any NLE. 

It is possible for one person to speak at a higher level than the other, and putting them on the same tracks will not work. You may quickly construct a dual-mic solution with it, which will improve your iPhone video output.

To ensure better audio quality

Like any other iPhone external microphone, it can improve the audio quality, making your video stand out from those make use of the inbuilt mic. In addition, background noise, wind, and other ambient sounds are impossible to blow out or severely affect your audio.

To get convenient recording experience

Consider the requirement of mobile video shooting, microphone brands have introduced compact and user-friendly interview microphone for iPhone to the market. The compact size, light weight, and plug-and-play design cause no trouble to your iPhone shooting.

To stay reliable

Most well-known, renowned, and desirable companies manufacture iPhone microphones, so you're in good hands. There are several extremely clever designs available that attempt to make iPhone podcasting as simple as possible while maintaining optimal audio quality.

SYNCO P2 interview microphone for iPhone is available in blue color.

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Three factors to consider for the best microphone for recording interviews on iPhone

You should consider the following factors when choosing the iPhone microphone for your interview recording:

Design and construction: Microphones do not have to be visually beautiful, but their design influences how well they perform in various scenarios. There are shotgun, lapel, lavalier, and other varieties of mics, and each has advantages and disadvantages, so select wisely.

When purchasing a microphone for your iPhone, consider something lightweight and tiny so that you can simply use it with your iPhone and operate with it.

Pickup Pattern: When purchasing any type of microphone, the pickup pattern is the most crucial thing to consider. The following are the most common microphone pickup patterns:

  • Omnidirectional - Perfect for moving subjects in interviews
  • Cardioid - Ideal for documentary filming, weddings, and events
  • Bidirectional - Ideal for podcasts and radio interviews
  • Supercardioid - Ideal for reality shows and scripted programming
  • Hypercardioid - Ideal for on-camera mic documentaries, and instrument recording as well

Make sure to select a microphone with the best pickup pattern for your recordings.

Accessories: Microphones come with a variety of accessories such as stands, windscreens, travel cases, and more that can boost the overall value. Stands and windscreens will also improve recording quality, especially in exterior recording.

Table: Specs of SYNCO wireless interview microphone for iPhone

SYNCO has launched several dual-channel wireless microphones for Apple interviews. They are in different designs and offers various functions. Below we list some specs according to the aforementioned choosing tips. Read on and get more information.




Pickup pattern




  • TX: 49×19×19mm
  • RX: 49×30×9mm
  • Case: 70×68×38mm
  • TX: 62×22×20mm
  • RX: 62×62×28mm


  • TX: 10g
  • RX: 5g
  • Case: 87.5g
  • TX: 15g
  • RX: 74g


  • Charging cable
  • Type-C to 3.5mm adapter
  • TRRS to TRRS cable
  • Type-C to Type-C cable
  • Lightning to Type-C adapter
  • USB-A to Type-C adapter
  • 2 mic windshields
  • Carrying bag

How to connect it to your iPhone?

This differs by the types of interview microphone for iPhone.

If you have dual wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone interviews

Usually, it consists of two transmitters and a receiver that comes with lightning connector or cable that can directly plug into the charging port of your iPhone. What you need to do is to power on the whole system, pair the transmitter with receiver, and connect the receiver to the smartphone.

For example, if you have a SYNCO P2L, which has a receiver featuring lightning plug and a charging case, you can start the recording immediately after tapping the case to open it and plug the receiver into the phone. Check the video to see how simple it is to use.

As for the SYNCO G3, it offers a Type-C to Type-C cable and a Lightning to Type-C adapter in the package. Push the transmitter off the receiver as shown, plug one end of the cable to the Type-C port on the receiver and the other end to the adapter, then plug it to your iPhone, and you can start the mobile shooting.

If you have a wired version

You may find dual lavalier microphone for iPhone on the market. Generally, this kind of mic kit includes the iPhone dual microphone adapter and control box to make it work with smartphones.

To get this set up, plug the two included mics or any 3.5mm microphones into the control box. Plug the aux cable into the port labelled Out, and then plug the aux cable into the smartphone adapter and then plug that adapter into the phone’s 3.5mm port. But if you're on an iPhone 7 or later you'll need the Lightning to 3.5mm adapter. It seems like a lot of adapters but it's the only way this will function correctly.


What kind of microphones work with iPhones?

The majority of microphones work with and connect to an iPhone. But some might require a specialist app. Prior to the iPhone 7, any microphone with an aux output can be used. After the iPhone 7, a Lightning connector is required. You must buy a 3.5mm aux to lightning cable if the microphone doesn't already have this feature.

How to use an external mic on iPhone?

Setting up an external iPhone microphone for interviews should be simple. The majority will have a plug-and-play capability. You can utilise the Voice Memos app from Apple if they do not have their own specific app.

How to set up microphone on my smartphone?

You must allow microphone permissions for any apps with which you intend to utilize it. To do so, go to Settings > Privacy > App Permissions > Microphone and toggle the apps you are going to use to green switch.