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Which shotgun microphone do you think is SYNCO Mic-D2?

It is a video showing the whole-process blind test of 3 shotgun microphones. One microphone, of course, is our SYNCO Mic-D2 and the others are Sennheiser MKH416 and Deity S-Mic-2. However, you don’t know which one is which because they are renamed as Mic 1, Mic 2, and Mic 3, and are reordered in different locations. The comparison is achieved in 5 different locations, a well-controlled environment, a very noisy environment with busy traffic, an environment with natural background noises, a very quiet room, and a big room where there is a kitchen directly behind the camera causing noises. It also finds out the differences when the mouth and the microphone are within different distances and different angles. So, here to start your fantastic sound travel?  See which microphone is which!

We finish this SYNCO shotgun mic D2 video with a very famous sound geek, Allen William. He is a professional boom operator working in the motion picture industry and is also a sound geek with a passion for teaching his craft. He runs Sound Speeds which is now a brand associated with production audio and education.