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Meet SYNCO G1, new 2.4 GHz wireless mic system to challenge market

SYNCO G1 is the super-compact wireless mic system at 2.4 GHz which is designed for on-the-go voice recording. It is unique in encrypted transmission capability, incomparable in long transmission distance, and fabulous in real-time audio processing. It is a perfect clip-and-go solution for mobile journalists, videographers, and more.  

The Transmitter

SYNCO G1 transmitter, 52X42X16mm measured and 35g weighted, acts as an easy and quick clip-on wireless microphone. The 180Hz low cut filter allows it to reduce low-frequency noises caused by wind, air conditioners, and traffic. This is an improvement of sound quality from the source. 

The Receiver

The G1 wireless microphone receiver is just as compact as the transmitter, measuring just 52X42X16mm and weighing only 35g also. This provides convenience for you to carry and mount on your camera. The gain control ranging from Level 0 to Level 4 with a total of 8dB is focused on easy and effective optimization of signal levels. The 3.5mm TRS audio output is open to the supplied 3.5mm TRRS/TRS cables, hence applicable to almost all 3.5mm input cameras & camcorders, as well as Android/ iOS mobile devices. 


Key Features

  • Pocket-clip digital wireless microphone running with included lavalier microphone
  • 2.4 GHz digital wireless transmission with the unique 128-bit SyncoderTM encryption designed to ensure the precise signal pickup and to keep the strong signal wherever 
  • Up to 70m (line-of-sight) transmission distance and still smooth transmission under challenging conditions
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium batteries in both transmitter and receiver which could run for 8 hours on a full charge and could be 50% charged in just 40 mins
  • Super lightweight and ultra-compact: TX and RX are only 35g each
  • The transmitter and receiver pair in 3 seconds only
  • 4-level gain control ranging from 0 to 8dB
  • Up to 8 systems can be used at the same time and in the same location

SYNCO G1 in 2 forms

SYNCO G1 wireless mic system at 2.4 GHz comes in 2 mixes: G1(A1) and G1(A2). They differ from each other by:

  • 1 or 2 transmitter(s)
  • 70m or 50m line-of-sight transmission distance
  • Mono sound track or mono/stereo both included sound performance

Just choose the one that meets your need maximally at our Where to Buy site.