What are packaged in best budget lav mic S6E?

SYNCO lav mic S6E is an ideal option for new film makers who are looking for budget-friendly microphones to help them achieve quality sound recording while reducing the costs. Everything you need in daily recording is held in the case: a 6mm tie clip to clip on to shirts and jackets, a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adaptor to be applicable to more devices, two cotton wind muffs to isolate some noises, a specialized windscreen to greatly attenuate noises in outdoor environment, and a carrying case to achieve all-in-one packaging and easy carrying.

Let’s get back to the lav mic itself. S6E is the first omnidirectional clip on microphone running auto device identification technology at SYNCO. It enhances the mic’s strong compatibility with varied devices, because it can automatically and quickly recognize and get itself adapted to the device connected and cause no troubles every time connected to a new device. Its anti-interference construction, as well as advanced noise processing circuit, contributes to the final quality sound output. So, look no further than SYNCO if you are searching for the best budget recording microphones.

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