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Top 4 things to know about battery operated microphone

Battery operated microphone, as its name suggests, is a microphone that is equipped with an inbuilt battery and supports recharging to provide long time movable recording. It comes in several types like cell phone microphone, camera mic and is usually wireless. And here are 4 things you need to know about it.

Battery operated microphone SYNCO P1

Pros and cons

Designed to simplify the setup and add flexibility to our recording, battery microphone plays an important role in video creation. However, like any other mic, it still has pros and cons.


When use it for video recording, the benefits can be the followings.

Easy setup In most cases, battery powered microphone is easy to set up and power on. You don’t need to connect it to your recording device via cables and spend time settling them to avoid affecting shooting. All you need to do is to fully charge it and press the switch-on button, then you can start your recording.

Free mounting Now rechargeable wireless microphone is available. It can help you gain more freedom in placing. You can place it close to the target sound regardless of where the camera is. Or you can talk with the mic and move around without taking the shooting device, which is really convenient.

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However, using rechargeable microphone system can sometimes come across trouble.

Forget to charge If you have a shooting plan, it is of great importance to make sure that the mic battery is in full power. If you forget to recharge it, your recording cannot be taken up with a discharging mic.

Recording pause The risk of using battery operated microphone is that the recording is likely to be forced to pause due to the discharge of the mic. As we all know, this kind of mic isn’t capable of working all the time with only a single charge, so it will cause trouble to long time recording to some extent.

When to use: an ideal solution to mobile recording

Although using battery operated mic has shortcomings in some ways, if you plan properly, it is outweighed by advantages especially you use them in the following situations.

If you need to move around when recording

From the above we know that it is free in placing, so it is really ideal for mobile or outdoor recording. For example, it can work as the microphone for vlogging. If you record a vlog outside and want to shooting a full view with a narration at the same time, it is simple for you to place you camera at an appropriate position and move freely in the frame with a portable battery operated microphone. In addition, the rechargeable microphone system enables you to record the vlog for a long time without battery anxiety.

If you are new to audio recording

Thanks to the easy setup, you can use the battery powered lavalier microphone and suchlike for speaking events and other recording activities even you are a fresher. You can start your recording after a press on the power button, saving your time to learn about the connection.

What to look for in it: battery life is the key

So when we look for such kind of microphone, what should we consider?

Long battery life

For battery operated microphone, battery life is the most important factor to take into consideration when looking for one. In general, it should be 5 hours at least, which can support a whole shooting.

Fast charging

This is also necessary. Fast recharging enables you to charge the mic for a short time and then continue your recording. It is especially important when you forget to charge the mic and there is a hurry-up shooting waiting for you. Or you need to continue to record immediately.

Compact size

A small battery operated microphone plays a big role in mobile recording. It reduces the burden of shooting gear transport, which is really important for on-the-go shooting.

Charging case

If possible, a battery mic for mobile equipped with charging case is a perfect choice. It enables you to charge the mic on the way and protect the mic at the same time. In addition, it decreases the weight of your bag since you don’t need to bring a power bank with you.

SYNCO wireless microphones are battery powered and some come with a charging case. They are sold at Moman PhotoGears Store.

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How to take care: pay attention to charging

Although rechargeable microphone is of great benefits and suited for several recording scenarios, it still needs more care to ensure its long service life. Here are some tips for you.

  • Use regularly: As is often the case, battery life will decrease because of lack of use. So use your mic regularly. If you won’t use it for a long time, remember to charge it fully before storing it.
  • Charge completely: Sometimes you may use it without a full charge in a hurry, but if possible, just use the mic after it is completely charged. Most of them have an indicator to make you know when it gets a full charge.
  • Keep cool and dry: This kind of mic is going to last longer and avoid short circuit if used and stored in a cool and dry area.
  • Store properly: Store your microphone in a carrying case and place it in a place where it can stay stable and avoid falling.


Battery operated microphone gains increasing popularity thanks to its convenience and portability. It is a perfect solution to movable recording. Even a fresher can use it to record what he wants.