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How to choose and use small clip microphone?

Small clip microphone, usually known as lav mic, is a discreet external mic that clips on the clothing of talents. It's great for gathering dialogue from one or more talents without interruption from cross-talking. It enables you to capture clear and crisp audio for interviews, vlogs, YouTube tutorial, etc. In this article, we will tell you how to choose and use this helpful device for your video creation.

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Factors to consider when choosing a mini lapel microphone

Lavalier microphones are available in a variety of styles and prices. You'll need one that matches your style if you want to utilize one for your movie or live broadcast. When selecting a clip on microphone for vlogging, interview, etc., three factors must be considered:


Most of them are reasonably priced. You can shop for a good one without spending too much money. If you choose a higher-priced lav mic, you will notice a significant improvement in quality. Choose whatever your budget permits, but keep in mind that when it comes to lav microphones, you nearly always get what you paid for.


Typically, there are two types for you to choose from.


A wired clip on microphone is less expensive and more convenient to use. To begin recording, just attach the microphone to the proper location on the speaker's clothes and plug the microphone wire into the camera or other recording equipment. There are extension cables available to fix the problem if the microphone wire is too short to suit the distance between the speaker and the recording equipment.


For wireless clip on mini microphone, the microphone cable plugs into a small transmitter that can be stowed in the speaker's pocket or strapped to a belt. The transmitter transfers the audio to a small receiver connected to the recording device. The greatest advantage is that it allows for free movement and hands-free operation. However, the sound quality is generally not as good as that of wired one. The transmitter is likely to capture radio signals or other external interference that can distort the recording.


The compatibility of small clip microphone is determined by what it connects into. Before investing in a lav mic, you should determine what recording device you are going to use. Generally, it can directly plugs into DSLR cameras, PCs, mixers, portable audio recorders, and even mobile phones.

Audio recording on a smartphone is becoming increasingly prevalent as the technology improves. Phones are portable and easy to use, and the audio quality is decent provided you use the correct app. Using clip on microphone for phone requires TRRS plug. A TRS plug will not function since it cannot collect input signals.

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How to use clip microphone?

Proper microphone placement is vital for capturing high quality sounds. The following is the user guide to small lavalier microphones.Use wireless clip on mini microphone SYNCO G1(A1)

Connect the small clip on microphone to recording device

You can use the small clip microphone for different devices, and the way of connection depends on whether it is wired or wireless.

If you have a wired mic…

Just plug the mic into the headphone port and the connection is finished. And an adapter is needed if it is not compatible. Then you can select the target mic as your audio recording device and start the work.

As for camera, it is important to ensure that there is a mic port on it first since this is not always guaranteed.

If you have hands free clip on mini microphone...

Portable wireless lavalier microphone system is more difficult to set up since it sends audio signals wirelessly to a receiver. This implies you'll need a transmitter and receiver, in addition to the lav mic.

The transmitter pack is worn by the subject and connects directly to the microphone to transmit audio. This gadget turns the audio into a signal that can be transmitted via radio frequency to a receiver, which is then connected to the recording equipment for recording.

Mount the lav mic on the subject

Alligator clips are included with lav microphones and can be fastened to the subject's clothes. When you place the mic within 20-30cm of the talent’s mouth, you can pick up the best quality sounds. And the optimum spot is usually about the neckline or sternum.

But there is a slight difference when the small clip microphone clips to different types of clothing. Below we list some common types and tell the tip accordingly.

  • Button-up shirts and blouses are really ideal for clipping lav mic. It's easy to clip the lav over the sternum, then run the lav cable down the inside of the shirt. With a little tidying up, you're ready to place your lav mic professionally. Make sure it is on the outside of your shirt.
  • A tie is also a good piece of clothing to clip the lav mic to. Clamp the wireless tie clip microphone to the lace just above your sternum, organize the clip and cable, and lower the mic cable from your shirt. Again make sure the microphone is on the outside.
  • If the talent wears a T-shirt or sweater, your best bet is to clip the lav mic to the collar. This will produce different audio because the mic is closer to the mouth, and it's closer to the throat than the chest. Ensure that it won’t rub against the neck.
  • Be cautious while wearing coats or other loose clothing. Attaching the mic to a moving jacket might generate undesirable level and timbre attributes in directional microphone audio output.

Manage the cable

Cable maintenance and positioning are equally as critical as microphone placing. Never strain or pull the wire while recording since it will muck up the audio and eventually destroy the microphone. To avoid undesired sounds being captured during the speaker's motions, tape the cable to the speaker's body or clothes.

Tips to hide portable clip on microphone

Sometimes you want to conceal the wireless clip on microphone to achieve a clean frame. Here are some tips for you.

  • Clip it to underwear with an extra light layer on top, but be cautious not to rub against the cloth and make distracting noises.
  • Use medical tape to adhere the microphone to the inside of a shirt or to your skin.
  • Pin it to the button region of a formal shirt.
  • Clip it behind a tie knot.
  • Hide the microphone under the collar of your shirt.


Small clip microphone plays a big role in audio recording. After investing in the best one for your need by considering three factors, you can follow the tips to capture clear sounds.