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Why and how to choose wireless mic for live streaming?

Sound quality is essential for any type of live stream. This brings us to the fact that a microphone may significantly improve the quality of your live stream. That is why investing in a high quality microphone is critical. And more and more creators tend to use wireless mic for live streaming. What are the reasons of its popularity? What features are necessary for such application? Below we will talk about these two topics.SYNCO P1L is a wireless mic for live streaming that you can use with iPhone.

‍Why use wireless microphone for streaming?

There are various reasons to replace some cables of your live streaming setups with wireless ones. Some reasons are as follows:

  • Unobtrusive and hands-Free: A wireless lavalier mic is discreet to enable that it won’t distract your viewers. The clip on design works to free your hands. Both make it one of the most popular choices among live streamers.
  • Convenience and comfort: With the wireless mic for streaming you can get close without a mic boom stand. Carrying these things around during a live stream or recording is pretty big. The lavalier mic has a great feature here, which is that it moves with the speakers without having them hold the ENG mic for the entire live broadcast.
  • Size: The majority of wireless mic for live streaming on iPhone is small and portable, which makes it ideal for live streamers who need to be less aware of the microphone's presence. To improve the sound of their live broadcast, all they would need to do is clip the microphone to their clothes. No need to take a seat at a microphone stand to talk. Flexibility is a given.
  • Free movement: When you are live streaming an event and you need to relocate your cameras, you must be mindful of the cords all the time. With a wireless setup, all you have to do is make sure you're still within range and that there aren't many obstructions that block the signals.

Some SYNCO wireless mics for live streaming come with charging case.

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    What features are needed for best wireless mic for live streaming?

    There are a variety of wireless mic on the market. But what could be the best choice for live streaming? Generally, good wireless microphone brands usually include the following features for their products.

    Mic monitoring

    This audio feature allows you to hear your voice accurately through the earphone. It ensures that you don’t need to shout to be heard. Because you are able to hear what you say through the earphone, you can tell if you are speaking too loudly or too softly. You can even alter the pitch to make it sound more professional or funny as you like. In addition, because you can hear what you're saying, you'll know what's going on and feel more relaxed and confident when making live streaming. This feature is also helpful when you use the wireless microphone for vlogging since it allows you to be aware of what is recording and how it sounds.

    Voice effects

    A voice changer, often referred to as a voice enhancer, is a tool that may modify the tone, pitch, or both of a user's voice. A microphone with a voice changer like SYNCO P1 enables you to record or express voice in various voice effects without the need of software or post-production.

    It is quite helpful to use such wireless mic system for broadcast. Sometimes making fun and creative contents is one of the best ways to make you stand out from other live streamers. Just use the microphone to enhance your voice so that it can best fit the occasion and provide your audience a lively picture.

    Mute mic only button

    This feature allows users to mute their microphones without turning off the entire wireless microphone system, even if they are already making live streaming on the platform, which is a handy feature to handle unexpected situations while having live broadcasting.

    By offering live streamers the choice to mute their audio, hosts will add flexibility to their livestreaming experience, as the added functionality can help reduce the stress of sounding a certain way while livestreaming.

    Besides being used for live streaming, wireless mic can also be used for interview. Check the article Handheld VS wireless interview microphone: what makes them different to see the types of interviews that wireless interview microphone is suitable for.


    When you don't want to hold or sit in front of a big microphone, a wireless mic for streaming is essential. The finest scenarios for it, aside from live streaming, include interviews, seminars, and any video that necessitates movement from you or your on-screen talent. You are prepared to record or perform live after you have found the ideal body microphone.