How to connect external cell phone microphone?

Cell phone microphone is designed specially for smartphones to record audio. It comes in various types. Classified by polar patterns, there are omnidirectional and directional mics. And lav microphone for phone, wireless mic, attached microphone, etc. among it if classified by ways of mounting. It is a good idea to use it with our smartphone. But how to achieve it since situation differs in connection? Here are some tips.

Connect cell phone microphone SYNCO G1T/L to smartphone

Connect mic with Type C or Lightning connector via charging port

Up to today, 3.5mm jack is less used especially in smart phones. If your iPhone is above 7 or you are using android phone, the best way to use a microphone for phone is connecting it via the Lightning or Type-C port. So it is perfect to have a microphone with Lightning or Type-C connector since it can fit your smartphone well.

But how to tell the connector? The Type-C connector is easy to recognize since it has an oval shape, which is a rectangle with rounded corners. It is completely the same each side, so you don’t have to worry about inserting it correctly. Besides, Lightning is an 8-pin connector that carries a digital signal which can be inserted either face up or face down. It is used in apple devices like iPhone, iPad and so on.

Using this kind of microphone for your phone is incredibly simple. For example, if you have a SYNCO G1L with your iPhone, what you need to do is to plug the receiver into your phone via the port. And then it will be regarded as the default audio device right away, bypassing the inbuilt microphone and providing considerably superior audio quality right away. Then it is your time to record the media as you like.

Using the G1L is not only simple but also full of fun. It features nine voice effects. Just press a button to turn on the voice changing function, and you can change your voice directly without editing in software. So it can work as the phone microphone for recording like podcasting, gaming.

If you want to learn more about the connection, functions, and suchlike information of it, just watch the video.

This video provides full reviews of G1L. You can not only learn how to connect the phone wireless microphone to your phone but also have a full understanding of it in views of audio performance, voice effects and so on. 

Connect microphone with TRRS by 3.5mm jack

If you want to connect cell phone microphone via 3.5mm jack, it will be ideal to look for a 3.5mm microphone. Since cellphones use TRRS jack, you should make sure that it has the same connector. TRRS here stands for “tip, ring, ring sleeve”, which is usually equipped in computers, smartphones and other mobile devices. It had three black rings and carries two signals.

Usually, this kind of microphone comes in two types. One is the microphone that plugs into phone equipped with a TRRS connector and the other connects to mobile phone via a TRRS cable. And they are different in connection.

For microphone that comes with TRRS connector, you can directly plug it in your earphone jack and then start your recording.

As for connecting via cable, if you have a wireless microphone for phone from SYNCO like G1, then things go simple. There are one TRRS and one TRS cable in the package, so you can definitely use it with your phone. Simply plug one end of the cable in the mic input port on the receiver and the other end in your phone’s 3.5mm socket, G1 will start work immediately. In addition, this wireless microphone kit offers you a free movement when recording. So you can use it as the microphone for outdoor recording such as interview, vlogging.

Using adapter if connector does not match

But what if you have a cell phone microphone with a 3.5mm connector and feel like utilizing it with phones with different jack? An adapter comes to help.

But how to choose a suitable adapter as there are various kinds of adapter for sales? It depends on the microphone output and audio input on your cellphone. For example, if your use an android phone with Type C port, a TRRS to Type-C adapter will be a good choice to help use external mic for mobile. That is, a suitable adapter obey the rule “microphone output to audio input” adapter.


1. What should I do after connecting the microphone for phone recording?

An important thing after connecting the mic successfully is to monitor the audio so that you can record a high-quality video.But how to achieve this since the earphone port is used? In this case, a monitor microphone that enables you to have in ear monitor is necessary.

Thankfully, the microphone at SYNCO mentioned above all have a 3.5mm jack for you to plug an earphone in. Therefore, you are able to listen to the recording in real time and adjust the audio accordingly. 

2. Why my phone doesn’t capture sound from the cell phone external microphone?

In general, this is because that your smartphone doesn’t recognize the mic as an input device and still uses the inbuilt mic to record your voice, which results from the settings of your phone and recording App. Therefore, before you start a video making, make sure that you have set the external mic as input device and had matter have a pretest.

3. How to choose a suitable cell phone microphone?

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a great microphone for android phone and iPhone. And the followings are the key ones.

  • Type: Different microphones are designed for various recording scenarios. You should know what you will use the mic for. For example, if you want to make vlogs, then a directional microphone with compact design will be the best choice.
  • Connector: Smartphone microphone can be connected via charging port or 3.5mm jack. It is important to buy a microphone which is compatible with your microphone so you can use it with your phone easily.
  • Size: Size also affects the using of your mic. If you want to take outdoor recording, then a compact one is suited for you.

SYNCO takes the lead to offer high quality microphone for android phone and iPhone, a move to enable you to record sounds with stability, convenience and freedom. We provide different kinds to satisfy your need. All these feature low cut, 3 level gain control, 3.5mm in-ear monitor and long battery life, ideal for recording dialogue, interviews, vlogs, podcast and even live streaming. If you are interested in it, buy it at our Amazon store or become a dealer to offer professional microphone to your customers.