Best DSLR microphone: Top 5 SYNCO shotguns and lavaliers

The article tries to explain what is DSLR microphone and which type of microphone can be the best kind and list several SYNCO microphones for camera.

DSLR microphone definition

It is a special type of mic developed to run smoothly with a camcorder or a video-enabled DSLR camera. It is an external microphone, expected to be lightweight and easy to get attached to the DSLR camera.

SYNCO DSLR Microphones

Reasons to use DSLR microphone

If you has an intention to take your audio quality to the next level, you may need to think about buying a microphone for your DSLR. This is because most of the built-in camera microphones capture and deliver sound that is bearable but not decent.

DSLR microphones vary by shape and size. Certainly speaking, most of the video-makers are aware of the benefit from using an external mic for their video cameras, that is, the improved audio quality.

The built-in microphones for DLSR are not that professional and sometimes there are some pre-settings for gain and other adjustments, hence not allowing customized sound. Some people may even use their phones’ instead of the inbuilt microphone for DSLR to pick up the audio if the distance is not that long.

In one word, getting an external mic for your video camera is never going to hurt your recording and is going to get beyond-expectation results.

Types of microphone for DSLR video cameras

Shotgun microphone

They are so far the most well-received type of microphone for DSLR. They provide an effective and pretty easy solution for camera videoing. Such highly directional microphones are always long-shaped to help capture sound even from far away that are hard to get to. They are intended to get the sound right in front of the microphone and reject those from sides. We include one of our shotgun mics in this article for instance below.

Lavalier microphone

Called “lav mics” for short, they are usually used for product review, filming, and interview, and vlogging. To sum up, they are well suited for the situation where staying close to the sound source is a must. They are always omnidirectional to pick up sound from all sides, suitable for situations controlled with no surrounding noise. They can be wired and wireless, very helpful when hands-free operation is necessary. In general, the systems without wires are priced much higher than those wired. In this article, We list 3 models of such microphones for you to check out.

Headset microphone

These are of course helpful if you’re recording in a noisy place that is crowded by a lot of ambient sound. It is a great solution to help isolate the voice of your target and phase out the rest. However, they are not the most recommended type of DSLR microphone.

Handheld microphone

Handheld microphones probably are the type that most people are familiar with. They are always seen in the hands of those doing interviews or other broadcast work. A few more accessories are needed if you want to attach this type of microphone to your DSLR.

Additional accessories needed when using a camera mic

To build the best DSLR microphone, accessories below should be included:
  • Shock mount: It basically protects the camera microphone from damages, though it is primarily expected to block out the mechanically transmitted noise.
  • Extension audio cable: It is a good addition in some situations.
  • Foam windscreen or furry windshield: These provide proper wind protection indoors or outdoors.

Keep in mind that some are packaged with a few decent accessories in the box, while others just the mic itself. Hence, sometimes you need to buy a bit more other pieces of gear to get a perfect setup.

Quick overview: Best DSLR microphones at SYNCO

SYNCO Professional Camera Microphone D30 (USD179)

SYNCO Professional Camera Microphone

The SYNCO D30 is a highly directional shotgun microphone for DSLR. It is classified into the SYNCO D Shotguns Category instead of the M Camera Microphones Series because of its broadcast-level sound performance. This “audio technician” carries a sophisticated microphone amplifier to enhance the sound signals and a patented Type-C interface to retain more audio details and deliver high-quality sound. Its stepless gain control and real-time monitoring also provide use convenience for most professionals. The supercardioid pickup pattern, along with the specific Ox horn-like texture which is designed to reduce off-axis noise, the ambient sound would be reduced to the largest extent and the output sound would be clear, crisp, and natural.

In addition to the excellent sound quality, its plug-and-play power solution makes it a go-to for photographers who are always on the road. When mounted to a camera, just plug a charging cable in and it would start to work. This is really helpful for those always tied by battery life.

The SYNCO D30 can also work with a boom. Just take it off your camera and get an extension cord right in and make that happen.

Key features:

  • Stepless gain control from -10dB to 15dB
  • Optional low cut filter at 75Hz or 150Hz
  • Doubled safeguard including overdrive protection and safety channel
  • Real-time audio monitoring
  • Type-C interface for both analog and digital signal output
  • Pickup range from 20Hz to 20KHz
  • 85g Weighed

Accessories included:

  • Type-C to USB charging cable
  • Type-C to 3.5mm TRRS phone cable
  • Type-C to 3.5mm TRS camera cable
  • Furry windscreen
  • Shock mount

SYNCO Wireless Lavalier Microphone System G2 (USD129-199)

SYNCO Wireless Lavalier Microphone System G2

The SYNCO G2 is the 2nd generation digital wireless microphone system of SYNCO and is one of the best wireless solutions for DSLR video cameras. The transmitter and the receiver are combined to be a kit, or a system. The transmitter stays with the individual who is speaking and the receiver with the camera. The stability of sound signal is guaranteed thanks to the encrypted transmission and DSP chip. A nice true-color TFT display is featured to see what you are doing, as well as the battery status.

Since it is a kit of transmitter and receiver, you will need to figure out which frequency you should use and test it to make sure your recording will not be interfered by WiFi or Bluetooth signal out there.

Key features:

  • Digital 2.4GHz
  • Illuminated TFT display
  • Maximum 150m transmission range
  • 150Hz low cut filter, 0-5dB gain control
  • One-button muting, real-time monitoring
  • 8 hour working time
  • 3-in-1 quick charging solution
  • Two combinations, 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 as choices
  • Compact 39g each transmitter/receiver

Accessories included:

  • External lav mic (1 or 2, depending on which combination you buy)
  • 3.5mm TRS/TRRS cables
  • 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 charging cable
  • Windshield (1 or 2, depending on which combination you buy)
  • Eject pin

SYNCO UHF Wireless Microphone System TS (USD159)

SYNCO UHF Wireless Microphone System TS

The SYNCO TS is also a wireless kit. Different from the SYNCO G2, it is running at UHF band. To get the differences between digital and UHF transmission, please see the article Wireless microphone systems: UHF or 2.4 GHz?

The professional UHF technology offers the best-quality channel, the unique noise blocker prevents interference of electromagnetic radiation, and the output power is automatically/ manually selectable to be high or low so as to get adapted to more use conditions. All these are basics for its excellent wireless sound performance.

Key features:

  • Wireless UHF band
  • Nice small menu display
  • 50m working distance at max.
  • 100Hz high pass filter,15 level gain control
  • 8.5 hour battery life
  • 3-in-1 quick charging solution
  • 1-to-2 system, having a mini version that is 1-trigger-1
  • 62g each transmitter and 72g the receiver

Accessories included:

  • 2 external lav mic (1 if it is the TS mini version)
  • 3.5mm TRS/TRRS cables
  • 3-in-1 charging cable (2-in-1 if it’s the TS mini version)
  • Cold shoe adapter 

SYNCO Camera Mic M2S (USD39.9)

SYNCO Camera Mic M2S
The SYNCO M2S is launched for outdoor shooters particularly. It is the best budget DSLR microphone at SYNCO, making it well welcome to the travel kit. It comes with a one-step high-pass filter to phase out certain-level noise and includes a LED indicator to clearly show the working status and set you free from any chaotic operation. The awesome battery life is another critical support to outdoor shooting.

Key features:
  • Long battery life
  • Great price-performance ratio
  • Small and compact - 32g weighed only
Accessories included:
  • Wind muff
  • Shock mount
  • 3.5mm TRS/TRRS cables

SYNCO Omnidirectional Collar Microphone S6E (USD19.99)

SYNCO Omnidirectional Collar Microphone S6E

The SYNCO S6E is a compact omnidirectional lavalier microphone is sturdier than expected, and offers great sound quality for the price point.

With an omnidirectional polar pattern, you can use it with your DSLR camera or even plug it right into your smartphone for great sound quality. It can intelligently identify the recording device once connected.

Key features:

  • Power indicator
  • 3.5mm connector
  • 6 meter audio cord
  • 800 hour working time
  • 54g weighed

Accessories included:

  • Windshield
  • Wind muff
  • Tie clip
  • Button cell


These microphones are not that expensive, price ranging from USD20 to USD179. You should take your needs and budget into serious consideration before making a decision.