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SYNCO G Series Wireless Lavalier Microphone at 2.4GHz Band includes one-trigger-one and one-trigger-two wireless microphones for cameras and smartphones.

G Series Wireless Lavalier Microphone at 2.4GHz Band 

SYNCO is developing the line of wireless lavalier microphone to be a revolutionary kit. We have a passion for making the best wireless lavalier microphone that lifts limitations of cables and allows the performer and presenter to move around freely without destroying the audio quality.

The SYNCO wireless clip on microphone sends crystal-clear, broadcast-quality audio via 2.4GHz digital band and Syncoder™ transmission technology.
2.4G Digital Transmission: The 2.4 GHz band helps achieve peer-to-peer connection, making an uncompromising commitment to long-distance transmission and high-quality audio sound. As a digital wireless system, it is able to sniff out where occupied frequencies are and are not. Unlike the UHF band, it can be used in nearly every country around the world without a license and in the same frequency range, giving users a free pass through all the regulatory confusion.
Syncoder™ Encryption: The registered encrypted algorithm is an enhancement for transmission safety and signal stability. Based on the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), it is built into the lavalier lapel microphone wireless at 2.4GHz to trigger 128-bit encrypted signal delivery and automated channel change wherever.

Additionally, SYNCO puts a wide range of features into the wireless lapel microphone, including omnidirectional pickup pattern, incredible compact size, and clip-and-go versatility.

Professional wireless system is always found to have two components, the transmitter which stays close to the talent, and the receiver which picks up sound from the transmitter and goes with the sound mixers. The transmitter carries an inbuilt omnidirectional condenser capsule and can be used as a lapel mic. There is also mic input port on it for external lavalier mic. The receiver is now enabled to stand firmly on both camera and smartphone. Weighing less than 40g each, the transmitter and the receiver are easy to paired automatically, taking less than three seconds. All this counts for being the perfect wireless mic solution.

 SYNCO considerately provides compact one and dual channel wireless microphone sets for content creation varying by the number of speakers. With an intention to get them fitted into different clothing and occasions, we even color the first generation G1. The brandnew G1T wireless lavalier microphone for android and G1L wireless lavalier microphone for iPhone® are launched for mobile users particularly. We hope that either the iOS or android users could get a perfect audio solution and enjoy their mobile recording!

SYNCO would continue developing more wireless devices with powerful transmitters, receivers, and great in-ear monitors that allow every active performer to stay true to their sound, take everything into optimum control, and move without any restrictions. Join our team and become a dealer to offer your customers the best sound experience. 

SYNCO G2 Mega 1-trigger-2 version includes two transmitters, a receiver, and a charging case.

Wireless Microphones for Filming G2 Mega

SYNCO G2 Mega is a wireless microphone for filming at 2.4GHz. It features onboard recording for audio backup and comes with a charging case for long-lasting filmmaking.

SYNCO G2 Max 1-trigger-2 version consists of two transmitters and a receiver.

Wireless Microphones for Video G2 Max

The SYNCO G2 Max wireless microphones for video come in the 1-trigger-1 and 1-trigger-2 versions. Its compact transmitter offers 5 hours of recording time with 8GB internal memory, allowing content creators to freely move and record outdoor vlogs or YouTube videos.

SYNCO G2 Pro 1-trigger-2 version consists of two transmitters and a receiver. Each carries a screen.

Long Range Wireless Microphone G2 Pro

The SYNCO G2 Pro is a long range wireless microphone at 656ft/200m (LOS). It delivers crystal-clear audio with one-click noise cancellation. The gain control, optional recording modes, TFT display, and monitoring jack ensure flexible and simple audio adjustments.

SYNCO G1 Pro 1-trigger-2 version consists of two transmitters, a receiver, and a charging & carrying case.

Wireless Tie Clip Microphone G1 Pro

The SYNCO G1 Pro is a wireless tie clip microphone including 1-trigger-1 G1A1 Pro and 1-trigger-2 G1A2 Pro. It upgrades from the original G1 with extended 200m transmission distance, noise reduction, digital output, safety channel mode, and contact charging.

SYNCO G3 in white color has two mini transmitters and a receiver carrying a display screen.

Wireless Recording Microphone G3

The SYNCO G3 is a wireless recording microphone with 2 transmitters and 1 receiver. It creates a 250m long-distance and 2-way communication system, offers great flexibility for content creators to control the sound tracks and store their copies and elevates the audio quality using the unprecedented Sound Curve Optimization. 

SYNCO G1T & G1L phone lavalier mic wireless for recording includes a transmitter and a receiver of Type-C or Lightning connector.

Mini Microphone Wireless for Smartphones G1T & G1L

The SYNCO G1T or G1L is a mini microphone wireless for smartphones which combines sound recorder with voice changer.

SYNCO G2(A1) wireless lavalier microphone for DSLR consists of one transmitter and one receiver. Each caries a TFT display screen.

Portable Wireless Microphone G2(A1)

The SYNCO G2(A1) is a portable wireless microphone that is reborn to feature a display.  

SYNCO G2(A2) is dual lapel microphone wireless for recording including two transmitters and a receiver.

Best Budget Dual Wireless Microphone G2(A2)

The SYNCO G2(A2) is a dual wireless microphone of the 2nd-generation SYNCO G series. 

SYNCO G1(A1) portable clip on microphone works wirelessly for filmmaking and includes one transmitter and one receiver.

Professional Wireless Clip On Microphone G1(A1)

The SYNCO G1(A1) is a 1-trigger-1 wireless clip on microphone at 2.4 GHz. It has no display but provides four color choices. 

SYNCO G1(A2) wireless lavalier microphone system for video camera includes two clip-on transmitters and a receiver and comes in black.

Dual Channel Wireless Stereo Microphone G1(A2)

The G1(A2), the tiny, rechargeable wireless stereo microphone at SYNCO, differs from G1(A1) by packing two transmitters.