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Four factors to consider when buying USB-C microphone for android

There are a lot of Android smartphones on the market nowadays. While some of them have the ability to capture sounds, they are not good enough to make audio recording for your video or podcast. The ideal solution is to utilize a USB-C microphone for android, which can provide higher sound quality than your smartphone's built-in mic. We'll go through what features to look for in the following parts. This way, you may get the best USB C microphone for Android without wasting money on something you don’t really need.

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Decide the type of USB C microphone for android

Before you start searching for a USB C phone microphone, it is of great importance to know the different types and their pros and cons so you can decide which is suited for you.

Wireless system - Good choice for free movement

As the name suggests, it is a microphone without a physical cable and consists of transmitter and receiver. The apparent advantage of utilizing a USB-C wireless microphone is total mobility and the elimination of the risk of being tangled in the cables. But you should be aware of the potential drawbacks. There may be radio interference from other transmitters, such as taxis, and other wireless microphones running on the same frequency or even an adjacent frequency.

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Shotgun - Performs well in focusing on one target sound

It's the type of microphone you'll find on top of a DSLR or mirrorless camera, but they're also perfect for other mobile devices, like your phone.

USB C shotgun mic has the advantage of being very directional, making it ideal for podcasting, recording instruments, foley noises, etc. Another advantage of mobile recordists is that it is often light and portable, making them ideal for sliding into a backpack or even a laptop bag. Even better, there are some mobile-specific choices that are of excellent quality.

Lavalier - Stands out with unobtrusive and hands-free design

The obvious advantage of a lapel mic is its small size. This USB-C microphone android is ideal for presenting to the camera because of its discreet profile, which allows them to move about while keeping consistent audio quality. It's absolutely worth carrying one of these in your backpack if you're an aspiring TikTok or YouTube maker.

The biggest disadvantage is that they can only record the person to whom they are linked. If you are making two-person recordings and only one of them is wearing a microphone, you'll only obtain excellent audio for one-half of the conversation. For multi-person recordings, you'll need a mic for each talent. In this way, the cost may rapidly add up.

Besides USB-C connection, there is also TRRS connection for your android phone. If you want to get further in the choice of your microphone for android phone and get some products recommended to save the time of searching in the market, just check the article Microphone for android phone: Features, choosing tips and mic recommendation.

Pick the polar pattern

The choice of USB Type C microphone for android is also affected by the polar pattern. There are roughly two types to choose from.

Firstly, you can look into the omnidirectional pattern. This means it picks up sounds from every direction equally. Lavalier mics are usually omnidirectional because they are clipped on the clothing and are not placed in front of the talents’ mouth directly.

If you are recording with a few people around a table and the mic was in the midst of everyone, you may use USB-C microphone for android with omnidirectional polar pattern. This solution won't provide the same audio quality as having a mic for each individual, but if it's your only choice for now, it'll suffice. In addition, if you want to record the background sounds to make your audio richer and more immersive, it is also your ideal choice.

A USB C directional microphone is designed to capture sounds from the front while rejecting sounds from the sides and rear. Because they may be aimed in the direction of sound sources, cardioid and its derivatives are also known as 'directional' patterns.

Traditionally, the cardioid pattern is used when there is only one person talking to the mic. If you are having filmmaking in a space that isn’t sound-treated/dampened, the cardioid pattern plays a big role. It is fairly effective at minimizing the impacts of reverb.

Take USB C microphone frequency response into consideration

The frequency range is another important factor to consider while buying a USB-C microphone for phone. It defines the frequency range of the sounds to which a microphone is sensitive. Mics reproduce sounds and the output varies within this range. It is the most important aspect in determining a microphone's sound characteristic. You may capture a better audio stream with larger frequency response. However, different types of microphones have varying frequency sensitivities, so keep that in mind.

Choose the right accessories for your USB-C android microphone

The majority of android external microphone with USB C include important accessories such as a windscreen, cord, and carrying bag. To avoid any problems later on, make sure you purchase a USB C microphone that has all of the necessary components.

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A USB-C microphone for Android is ideal for recording gaming sessions, podcasts, and live streaming on any online platform. After reading this article, we hope you have a better understanding of the various types and are able to select the appropriate one for your Android smartphone and begin recording high-quality audio.

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