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What vlog microphone for iPhone do you need?

It's referred to as vlogging when you create a blog in video format. These days, you may make vlogging with ease by using your iPhone in conjunction with a reliable audio capture device. Because a vlog is usually more enjoyable to watch with decent audio and less ambient noise. However, picking a vlog microphone for iPhone can be tricky. In this article, we will dive into it and discuss the following topics.

  1. How to choose the best microphone for iPhone vlogging?
  2. What vlog microphones can you get at SYNCO?
  3. What other accessories do you need for vlogging?
  4. How to create vlogs with better quality?
SYNCO P1 vlogging microphone for iPhone is used for outdoor recording.

How to choose the best vlog microphone for iPhone: Four factors to check

Here are some key factors to consider.

Form factor

Lavalier mics are your best option if you want to create solo or trip vlogs in which you are the only one using the camera or iPhone. Additionally, if you want to conduct interviews or engage in journalism-style vlogging, you may utilize compact shotgun mics.


You'll need a directional or omnidirectional microphone to record your vlogs. The ideal microphone to use while recording background sounds or music is an omnidirectional one. A directional microphone, on the other hand, is best for isolating your voice and reducing background noise.

Audio sensitivity

The audio sensitivity of the microphone you choose for vlogging must be carefully considered. Most effective microphones can operate at conversational sound levels (up to -70dB) with ease. Though you should choose higher sensitive mics if you want to record accurate surround sound with ambience. 


A vlog microphone for iPhone in wireless type may provide you with an additional mobility benefit when utilizing one for vlogging. The wired ones, however, also function quite well. So, according to your use case, pick the vlogging mic that most match your comfort and mobility.

What other accessories are needed in iPhone vlogging kit with microphone?

Here are three accessories every iPhone vlogging kit should have:

  • Gimbal: For steady shots and panning motions, a gimbal or tripod is required. There are gimbals designed exclusively for iPhones that are compact and lightweight for mobility.
  • Microphone: While the inbuilt microphone on the iPhone is adequate, installing an external microphone may significantly improve the audio quality of your vlog. You have the choice of using shotgun microphones or lapel mics that attach to the lightning port of your iPhone.
  • Lighting: For high-quality video footage, proper illumination is essential. Natural light is optimal, but if you're filming indoors or in low-light environments, you may need to invest in some basic lighting equipment, such as ring lights or LED panels.

What iPhone vlog microphone can you get from SYNCO?

Like other brands, SYNCO offers several types of microphone for iPhone to make vlogs for content creators.

If you want to use a wireless microphone for iPhone vlogging, the P1 is an ideal choice. It is compact and lightweight, making it portable for vlogging. The clip-on transmitter is in the size of 49x19x19mm and weighs only 10g. The receiver features a Lightning connector that matches the iPhone’s charging port, offering plug-and-play recording. The carrying case is also a charging case, which supports fast charging and offers two additional charges to the whole system. Check the video below to see how the P1 performs in audio pickup.

If you are looking for a vlogging kit, the SYNCO Vlogging Kit 2 will be a good choice. It includes a compact directional microphone with upgraded shock mount, a mini LED video light, a smartphone holder, and a tripod. It is a one-stop solution for your vlog recording.

For more options of microphone for vlogging with iPhone, you can check the article What smartphone microphone is best for vloggers and podcasters?

How to record vlogs with iPhone?

Besides investing in vlog microphone for iPhone to improve the audio quality, there are many things you can do to improve the overall quality of you vlogs. Here are some tips that you can follow.

  • Make a plan for your content: Before you begin creating your vlog, consider which story you want to convey and which video components should accompany it. Make a note of the important topics so you don't forget them.
  • Record in landscape mode: Keep your phone horizontal when filming in landscape mode to prevent having black bars on the right and left sides of your video. Not only does it appear more attractive, but it also lets you catch more of your surroundings.
  • Record in high resolution: Ensure that your phone is set up to record in the highest resolution available. All the newest iPhones can capture 4K video, which is great for a vlog. 4K footage is a joy to view. It also lets you zoom in or out of a video without sacrificing visual quality. Just make sure you have enough storage space.
  • Activate video stabilization: iPhones have video stabilization built in. However, this is not usually enabled by default. Check your settings, especially while conducting handheld recording, to ensure it is turned on.
  • Put your phone in flight mode: Nothing is more frustrating than someone phoning or receiving message notifications while you're filming. This can disrupt your mood or, worse, spoil your film. Remember to turn on flight mode if you want to make a vlog with your phone in peace.
  • Do trial recordings: Before you begin your first vlog, do a few trial recordings. This can assist you to assess whether you have decent illumination, clear audio from vlog microphone for iPhone, and so on. You may then modify your camera angle, speech volume, and video settings to achieve the greatest recording possible.