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SYNCO M Series is a lineup of 3.5 mm camera microphone in compact and light design.

M Series Camera Microphones

SYNCO camera microphones are a compact, light series of camera directional microphone that delivers clear, detailed sound to DSLR in particular, as well as mirrorless, video cameras, and mobile devices. “Ready-to-go” is definitely the keyword.

The unique shockproof design is the solution. It allows the mic to suspend over other components and completely protect the mic from collision with other components. The robust shock mount included in all camera mic packages isolates the mic from vibration noises. All this keeps the microphone for camera securely fastened in place while on the go.

SYNCO is developing microphones for beginners and professionals. Find the best suitable microphone for your needs - whether it is a camera mic, wireless mic, lav mic, shotgun mic, or instrument mic. 

SYNCO M1S vlog camera microphone comes in a short shotgun barrel design.

Small camera microphone Mic-M1S

SYNCO Mic-M1S is a small camera microphone to provide mobile vloggers, video creators, and journalists with easy use experience and excellent sound performance.

SYNCO M2S camera microphone for YouTube has buttons for audio adjustment and includes a shock mount in the package.

Camera mount microphone Mic-M2S

SYNCO Mic-M2S is a camera mount microphone well suited for outdoor shooting, thanks to the focused pickup, highly restored signal details, minimized vibrations, noises, and interference, long working time...

SYNCO M3 on camera microphone for DSLR is built with a headphone jack for real-time monitoring and a button for gain control.

DSLR camera microphone Mic-M3

SYNCO Mic-M3 is a DSLR camera microphone to capture brilliant sound, thanks to its directional sound pickup, selectable signal level, and noise roll-off.