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Meet SYNCO at IBC show

SYNCO is in full preparation mode for the IBC show. With the event quickly approaching, we wanted to offer you a brief synopsis of what you can expect to discover at booth 12.A12 this year. And firstly, we will introduce the basic information of IBC to you.

SYNCO invites people to visit its booth at IBC show 2022.

What is IBC?

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) is the most inspiring technology and content exhibition, focusing on Empowering Content Everywhere to inspire thought leadership and innovation throughout the broadcast and electronic media industries. IBC show will assist guests in gaining the information, contacts, and insight that will determine success today and in the future, amidst continuous fast change throughout the media and technology sector. IBC 2022 genuinely represents the revival of the media and streaming tech business, which is currently transforming into an interactive, direct-to-consumer compelling storytelling ecosystem.

In order to cater to a wider range of attendance choices, the IBC 2022 will offer a simultaneous live stream. The 250 000 IBC 2022 participants will network via the AI-powered IBC digital of the future or they will drive sales in person on one of the floors of the Amsterdam RAI exhibition.

Each IBC edition promises that start-ups and streaming business owners will collaborate and inspire in the many open-access exhibit floor theaters. If you are a content owner who wants to achieve your business objectives of locating the ideal technologies or working with world-class media partners, the IBC show is a good choice for you.

If you are interested in audio recording, you can go to our SYNCO Booth to try and test various types of microphones:

  • IBC show dates: Sep. 9, 2022 -- Sep.12, 2022
  • Address: RAI Amsterdam, Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Booth No.: 12.A12

CLICK HERE to register to attend IBC show 2022 and visit SYNCO booth.

Several SYNCO products and one new launch will be displayed at the IBC show in Amsterdam.

Different types of SYNCO microphones are displayed at IBC show in Amsterdam

The market-leading audio recording solution, SYNCO company makes it clearer, easier, and less costly to prepare, capture, and output audio content with powerful microphone technology and user-friendly features. SYNCO is available in recording microphones and audio accessories. The following products will be exhibited at the IBC show 2022 and you can test the recording experience for yourself.

SYNCO wireless microphone

SYNCO displays two types of wireless microphones at IBC broadcast show. One adopts 2.4GHz digital band and features omnidirectional pickup pattern, audio monitoring, and clip-and-go function. The other is the UHF band which offers long and stable transmission with less interference.

Type  Features
SYNCO G1 2.4GHz wireless microphone
  • 1-trigger-1 and 1-trigger-2 models
  • optional low cut
  • 0-4Level gain control
  • real-time monitoring
  • long battery life of 8 hours
SYNCO G2 2.4G, TRS/TRS cable
  • 1-trigger-1 and 1-trigger-2 models
  • TFT display screen
  • mic mute button
  • optional low cut
  • gain control
  • real-time monitoring
  • long battery life of 8 hours
SYNCO G1T & G1L 2.4G, Type-C/Lightning connector 9 preset voices effects
SYNCO P1 2.4G, Type-C/Lightning connector Come with charging case for wireless and quick charging
SYNCO P2 2.4G, Type-C/Lightning connector Advanced version of SYNCO P1 for recording two sound sources at the same time
SYNCO TS UHF wireless microphone
  • best-quality channel
  • unique Noise Blocker
  • innovatively 180°foldable antennas
  • high/low output power

SYNCO shotgun microphone

Shotgun microphone is the type to choose if you want to record clear audio from a distance. You can see different directional microphones that work for different recording devices.

Product Type  Features
SYNCO Mic D2 Off camera, hypercardioid
  • solid brass construction
  • low self-noise
  • flat frequency response
  • gold plated XLR connector
SYNCO D30 Off camera, supercardioid
  • stepless analog gain knob
  • overdrive protection system
  • real-time monitor
  • 75Hz/150Hz low cut filter
SYNCO M2S On camera
  • 100Hz high-pass filter
  • SNR of 76dB
  • 4-day long working life
SYNCO U1L For iOS devices
  • Lightning connector
  • 90-degree rotatable
SYNCO U3 For mobile devices Magnetic back

SYNCO lavalier microphone

If you are keen on compact and wired lav mic for interviews, filmmaking, podcasts, etc. you can also find two ideal products at IBC SYNCO booth.

 Product Features
  • 6m audio cable
  • automatic identification system
  • noise reduction circuit
  • low cut
  • gain control
  • real-time monitoring

Condenser microphone

For studio recording, SYNCO producer introduces two mics below.

Product Type Features
SYNCO V2 Cardioid
  • real-time monitor
  • mute button
  • included pop filter
SYNCO V10 Hypercardioid
  • sensitive to musical and vocal sounds
  • inbuilt amplifier
  • switchable 10dB attenuator
  • low-noise circuitry

Vlogger kit

We also provide products for video creators who look for a one-stop solution to mobile video making.

  • SYNCO Vlogger Kit 1: It consists of a mini shotgun microphone, a video light, a smartphone video rig, and a tripod.

Audio accessories

Accessories also play a big role in professional audio output. SYNCO offers two essential devices for IBC attendees.

Product Type  Features
SYNCO SM5 Cold shoe extension A single cold shoe mount to attach two microphones or other recording devices to camera and tripod
SYNCO MC3 LITE Small audio mixer Three types of input and four output ports

Get early access to the newest SYNCO microphone at IBC show 2022

The newest SYNCO product will first show up at the IBC exhibition. It is a revolutionized wireless microphone that switches SYNCO audio to the next level. Just come to booth 12.A12 to experience what is new in it.

Not attending IBC show? Meet SYNCO online!

If you have an interest in what SYNCO exhibits at the IBC 2022 but have no time to show up on the scene, don’t worry. Karim Yatrib, a content creator at Facebook, will make live streaming on SYNCO official Facebook account. Just follow the account and watch the live streaming at 2PM UTC on Sep. 10, 2022. He will introduce the newest product and answer the questions of SYNCO products.