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Best microphones for recording from SYNCO

Having the best microphone for recording can really take your project up to the next level, whether it’s a film shooting or a live streaming. The problem is how to figure out which microphone is best for your project.

SYNCO intend to provide the best recording microphones for each of you, from an easy-to-use USB microphone that plugs directly into a computer for singers or gamers, to a use-flexible shotgun microphone for content creators. Just take a look at some awesome microphones from the SYNCO range!

SYNCO CMic-V1 - The easiest way to record incredible audio

The CMic-V1 is the first SYNCO desktop USB condenser microphone. It carries a large diaphragm condenser capsule to accurately pick up sound and deliver higher-than-CD audio directly to a computer, phone or tablet. It’s very easy to use - just plug it in and it will be recognized by the computer immediately. It also features a headphone output, allowing you to monitor your audio in a real-time way and guarantee the delivery of crystal-clear sound. It’s perfect for every recording from podcasting to gaming.

SYNCO CMic-V1 key features:
  • Best budget USB microphone that delivers higher-than-CD audio to a computer, phone, or tablet directly
  • Widely compatible USB output
  • Headphone output for zero-latency monitoring
  • Handy gain control & mute buttons for instant modification
  • Unique detachable desktop holder
  • Compact and sleek design
Go and see it here.SYNCO Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone CMic-V1

SYNCO G1 - The most versatile wireless microphone for vloggers & YouTubers

SYNCO G1 is a lightweight and ultra-compact wireless microphone system at 2.4 GHz. It provides both high-quality inbuilt microphone into the transmitter and included external wired lavalier microphone so that you can change your way of recording at any moment. It’s incredibly easy to use - the transmitter and receiver pair automatically in about 3 seconds - and no complicated setup is needed for your camera. Just clip it on and start recording! The digital wireless microphone also comes in either 1-connect-1 or 1-connect-2 form.

SYNCO G1 key features:
  • Ultra-compact microphone wireless at 2.4 GHz – transmitter and receiver weigh just 35g each!
  • High-quality inbuilt microphone and included external omnidirectional microphone for truly wireless audio
  • SYNCO SyncoderTM Encrypted Transmission Algorithm to achieve accurate audio signal pickup and DSP technology to make real-time audio optimization - studio-quality audio performance is ensured!
  • Up to 70m range (line-of-sight, G1(A1))
  • 0-4 level, 8dB-range gain control
  • In-built rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours
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SYNCO Wireless Lavaliere Microphone System G1

SYNCO Mic-D30 - The most feature-packed shotgun microphone for content creators

SYNCO Mic-D30 is a professional highly directional microphone that delivers incredible audio in a huge variety of applications. It can be used on a camera or boom pole for recording broadcast-grade sound for filmmaking, or on a smartphone for capturing high-quality audio on the go. With easy controls and heaps of features, it’s a excellent tool for content creators. 

SYNCO Mic-D30 key features:

  • Revolutionary acoustic design for outstanding audio in any recording situation
  • Low-cut filter and doubled sound track protection
  • Stepless gain knob for precise control over either input or output level
  • Headphone output for real-time monitoring
  • Patented Type-C interface for both analog and digital signal output

Go and see it here.SYNCO Camera Microphone Mic-D30

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