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What is shotgun mic for iPad and how to choose and use it?

Being portable and light, the iPad grew increasingly involved with commercial potential. However, it was left to others to create microphones capable of recording audio of high quality. That’s why shotgun mic for iPad comes into play. In this article, we will talk about the following topics to help you dive into it.

  1. How does it perform in audio recording?
  2. How to choose a shotgun mic for your iPad?
  3. How to connect it to iPad for audio recording?
  4. Some FAQs you may encounter.

Video: What is iPad recording shotgun mic & its audio example?

An iPad shotgun mic is designed to pick up sounds at a distance. It is ideal for large rooms or for use outside. It filters out background noise while picking up the audio you want others to hear. It also handles weather-related noise better, especially when used in conjunction with a windshield. It is plugged into the audio jack and can be mounted on or off your iPad.

Below is a review video of SYNCO D30 by YouTuber Learn Online Video. He tested the mic indoors and outdoors. Check the video to see how shotgun mic performs in audio recording.

How to choose shotgun mics for iPad?

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the best shotgun mic for iPad:

Portability: Consider if you need a studio microphone that stays in one location or a portable microphone that goes with you. "Are you conducting a lot of intensive, distant field recording?" Or will you primarily record at home?" Answering that question will direct you to the proper microphone.

Durability: Do you really want a super sensitive microphone that might break if dropped or gets wet if you're going about and recording things on an iPad? The answer is no. Whether you recording at home or outsides, a durable mic enables you to capture sounds at ease.

Connector: Different generations of iPad are built with different audio jacks, including TRRS headphone jack, Lighting port, and USB C port. To guarantee convenient connection, it is advised to figure out what kind of jack your iPad has and look for the mic with the corresponding connector.

Build quality: You could desire a flawless and stunning iPad mini shotgun mic that motivates you. Poorly made items with poor audio will sap your creativity and emotions and quickly kill your enthusiasm.

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How to use a shotgun mic on iPad?

To begin with, you should recognize the connector and check to see whether the port on your iPad matches. There are typically three types:

  • TRRS: It stands for "tip, ring, ring sleeve" and is different from TRS in that it carries two signals and has three black rings. If there is a headphone jack, you may directly connect it to the iPad.
  • Lightning: It is an 8-pin connector that can be plugged either face up or face down and transmits digital signals. It fits both iPad and iPhone. Just plug the microphone into the charging port of your iPad, and it will function as the default audio capturing device, allowing you to capture high-quality sounds.
  • USB-C: It is easy to recognize due to its oval shape, which is a rectangle with rounded edges. There is USB C port on iPad mini/Air/Pro so you can get plug-and-play recording if your mic has Type-C plug.

There are two ways of connecting based on the connector and mic input port. If you have a shotgun mic for iPad with a plug that matches the input port, you can plug it straight into your iPad. If this is not the case, an iPad microphone adaptor is necessary. A functional adaptor should be "connector-to-input port." Keep in mind that not all adapters are workable; it is best to test them out in a physical store.

Once the iPad air shotgun mic is attached to the audio socket, you must configure the iPad to use the external microphone. To do so, open the Settings app and go to General > Accessibility > VoiceOver > Audio/Visual. There is an option for "External Microphone" in this section. Choose the one you wish to use from the list of available devices by tapping this option. When you've set it up, you can put it to the test by opening any app that makes use of the device's microphone. For instance, you can use the Voice Memos app and record a quick message. After that, check the recording to check if it is working properly.


Shotgun mic is a complicated world. You can find the answers to some complex problems below.

Q: Can I use the shotgun mic with an iPhone?
A: With only a few steps, you can utilize shotgun mic for iPhone. First, check the microphone. Then, connect the mic to the iPhone through the charging connector. If it doesn’t match, adapters are available.

Q: How far away can a shotgun mic for iPad pick up sound?
A: It somehow depends on the price. High end products feature pickup distance of 10 feet at max. As for cheap shotgun mic for iPad, the figure falls between 3 and 4 feet.

Q: Can I use it for singing?
A: Yes, it can be used to record music. If you pick the correct device with supporting features, such as the ability to monitor the sound or make rapid adjustments, the recording quality will be substantially improved.

Q: Is it good for YouTube?
A: The shotgun mic is capable of recording a wide range of jobs, including vlogs, interviews, and so on. It's ideal for creating YouTube videos.

Q: Are shotgun mics good for streaming?
A: The shotgun mic can record directionally and has great noise cancellation. As a result, if you do not move much when streaming, shotgun mic is a better choice compared to a a fixed device on your camera or computer.