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How to choose and set up voice recording microphone for PC?

Are you looking for a microphone for video calling, podcasting, gaming, or streaming? Or are you attempting to replace the default PC mic with an external one that is considerably louder and clearer? You should carefully select the voice recording microphone for PC you're going to use since it has a significant impact on the outcome. In this guide, we will cover the following topics:

  1. Four ways to add an external microphone to your computer.
  2. What to consider when choosing a product for your needs?
  3. How to set it up and test it on Windows 11?
  4. FAQs that are related to computer recording issues.
The SYNCO D30 is used for recording voice on PC microphone.

    Can you add a microphone to your personal computer?

    Yes, you can connect a microphone for voice recording on the computer in a variety of ways.

    1. Through the USB port

    The built-in USB port on your computer can be used to connect a USB microphone. It is also feasible to add a Dynamic XLR microphone to your PC with an XLR to USB cable.

    2. Through an audio interface

    An audio interface can help you make the connection. For example, if you want to use an XLR shotgun mic, you can use an XLR cable to connect the mic to the audio interface. And then connect the interface to the computer with a USB cable.

    3. Using the headphone/mic port

    This allows you to connect microphones that come with 3.5mm TRRS cable. You can also use an adapter if the connector doesn’t match.

    4. Through Bluetooth

    It allows you to have a wireless connection with Bluetooth mics.

    How can you choose the best microphone for PC voice recording: 4 shopping criteria

    A good voice recording microphone for PC will save you time and money, make business and personal relationships easier, and improve the quality of virtual communication. And we want to offer you the most crucial elements to think about while looking for the best one. While testing a product before purchasing it is usually recommended, it is not always practicable. Nonetheless, these criteria will assist you in making an appropriate decision. These, in our opinion, are the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a computer microphone.

    • Intended use
    • Polar pattern
    • Compatibility
    • Quality

    Intended Use

    The overall quality, particular features, and type of your PC recording microphone for voice will be determined by where and how you want to use it. Investigating what each microphone excels in can assist you in selecting the best model for gaming, recreation, communication, or professional use. Different models are tested for certain applications, so consider where you will be using it, since this may influence the required quality of the microphone.

    Polar pattern

    The polar pattern shows how effectively a mic can capture and distinguish sound coming from different directions around its central axis. The following are the three main types.

    • Omnidirectional
    • Bidirectional
    • Unidirectional

    The omnidirectional has a 360-degree polar diagram, whereas the unidirectional is only sensitive in one direction. The bidirectional captures sound from the front and rear. Before making a purchase, you should either decide what you need from the device and/or try out the various directionality modes.


    Whether it's Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox, or your mobile devices, make sure the voice recording microphone for PC you pick has been tested for compatibility with the operating system with which you'll be using it. The majority of microphones are compatible with the most common operating systems nowadays.

    Verify whether the connection requirements are easy or whether any additional software or drives are needed. Higher-quality, professional microphones can cost more to purchase and take longer to set up. It's a good idea to test your tools first. Before purchasing a product, it is important to compare this aspect to prevent any unwanted problems.


    A product that is really affordable typically ends up costing us more money over time. If we wish to prevent disappointment and setbacks, good quality is non-negotiable. To do this, we must inform ourselves on the construction and estimated lifespan of each product. Make careful to select well-known, reliable companies that have a reputation for making durable, high-quality microphones. You can also assess the quality via the test recordings offered by manufacturers.

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    How to set up and test voice recording microphone for laptop in Windows 11?

    You may wonder how to record voice on PC with microphone. Firstly, you should ensure the mic is installed properly and works well.

    Follow the below steps to install the mic:

    • Make sure the mic is successfully connected to your PC.
    • Select Start > Settings > System > Sound.
    • Go to Input to see the connected microphone. If you use the Bluetooth one, select Add device.

    To test the already installed microphone :

    • Make sure your microphone is connected to your PC.
    • Select Start > Settings > System > Sound.
    • In Input, select the one that you want to run a test.
    • While speaking into the microphone, check the input volume under the input settings. If the bar changes while you talk, your microphone is in good condition.
    • If the bar doesn’t move, go to Test your microphone and select Start test.


    What are computer microphones used for?

    It can be used for a variety of purposes in various fields, which include mass media (film and television), live production, radio, professional audio recording, online teaching, sound development engineering, etc.

    Which specifications should be assessed in a voice recording microphone for PC?

    We may choose the PC recording microphone that best meets our demands by comparing the key features of the various models. In any case, we want to pick a microphone that enables us to channel and reproduce the loudest and clearest sound possible. Since it is not always feasible to test the product before making the purchase, you can check the following specs to have a general understanding.

    • Maximum sound pressure level: It tells the highest volume at which microphone distortion starts to occur. The performance will be better the more pressure support there is.
    • Proprietary noise level: This is the sound made when air molecules collide with microphone membranes as a result of thermal movement. The lower the unit level, the better in this scenario.
    • Signal-to-noise ratio: Subtraction of the self-noise level from the maximum pressure level. The higher the grade, the better the sound quality the microphone will record and create.
    • Sensitivity: Indicates the efficiency with which faint sounds are captured. The greater the sensitivity, the easier it is to detect distant or extremely faint sound waves.
    • Impedance: This is the amount of resistance to the flow of alternating current or electric current. This will have an effect on the frequency functions of a microphone.