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Microphone for teaching: 3 things to know for better classes

It is necessary to invest in a microphone for teaching. The breakout of COVID-19 has greatly changed the way of teaching. For classroom teaching, both teacher and students wear masks to have lessons. Hybrid and online teaching are increasingly adopted to guarantee that more people could receive education. And it is really important to make teachers heard clearly so as to enable people can totally concentrate on what they say. This is why we talk about the microphone today.Use microphone for teaching fitness SYNCO P1

Benefits of using microphones for teaching

In general, the use of mic leads to clear audio. This is really important in educational environment. The benefits can be followings.

Improve attention

By using a microphone for teaching in classroom or online, students are able to pay more attention to the lessons. Your pronunciation, tone and inflection will be enhanced, so they can better understand what you say.

Increase classroom participation

Thanks to improved classroom acoustics and a better understanding of the idea, students will be encouraged to make more contributions in the class. When a student cannot hear or understand anything accurately, he or she may be hesitant to participate in a discussion or seek for clarification. 

Manage classroom better

Enhanced audio in the classroom can lead to reduced stress and fewer discipline issues. Teachers may now teach their classes in their natural, soothing voice, and students no longer feel as if they are being screamed at, thanks to audio amplification.

    If you are a creator who posts tutorials in the Internet, using a microphone for teaching is also necessary. It helps you record better audio. As is of the case, audio is the half of the video. A clear and crisp audio provides excellent viewing experience thus attracting more followers to your channel.

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    How to choose good microphone for teaching?

    There are some factors that you need to take into consideration. And the followings are some key points.

    1. Decide on type of microphone according to the teaching environment

    The suitable mic is varied by the type of teaching. As we all know, learning can be conducted in various environments. So which is the best for you? We will talk about different types of teaching and the microphone they require.

    Classroom teaching

    The key to microphone for classroom teaching is that it is capable of spreading your voice around the classroom so even students at the back can hear clearly. It is also better to be handheld so you can point it to your students and make them heard when they are answering questions.

    Hybrid teaching

    Hybrid teaching means that there are students at the classroom while others have lessons online. As a result, teachers need a microphone for teaching that enables student from any location to hear what the teachers are saying.

    Teachers will not only confront the new obstacle of presenting the same material in two mediums at the same time, but they will also be wearing masks and face shields that muffle their voice and make it difficult to understand.

    Using a microphone stayed close to the mouth is a perfect way to overcome the difficulty. A wireless lavalier microphone can serve as the microphone for teaching with mask. First of all, it can be positioned close to the mouth, capturing all the sounds clearly. In addition, teachers can move freely without the restriction of cables so they can better master the situations of the class.Use wireless microphone for teachers SYNCO G2(A1)

    Online class

    If your lesson is entirely online, you'll need to find an approach to update your workspace so that you can broadcast high-quality audio. In general, your earphones with a mic are not able to cover the work. A lavalier microphone and suchlike is a good choice.

    We all know that private work rooms aren't always available because everyone's living and family situations are different, but that doesn't imply that the quality of an online lesson has to suffer. With correct placement and a good microphone for online teaching, you can achieve excellent results without spending a lot of money.

    Usually, you may use computer to give lessons. So one that fits computer can be your perfect choice, including USB and 3.5mm microphone. And the microphone for zoom teaching can be desk-mounted, lavalier, etc. as you like.

    For example, you can use the SYNCO G2(A2) as the microphone for teaching. It is a wireless lapel microphone. It features 3 level gain control and low cut, even you are having classes in not so ideal environment, the sounds can be clear. What’s more, it supports working for 8 hours after a full charge, so you can finish your lesson without charging trouble. And the display screen enables you to see the recording mode, battery status, and audio level of the mic so you can adjust it for better lessons, making it the best microphone for teaching online.

    But what if you are an online teacher who teaches fitness? In this situation, a really compact and light one can work as the wireless microphone for teaching yoga online and suchlike. Actually, SYNCO has recently released such kind of mic called P1. The transmitter is in the size of 49x19x19mm and weighs 10g so it can be clipped on your clothes without being noticed. And 5-hour recording time enables you to make an entire shooting.

    2. Determine the way to connection

    There are various options to connect a microphone to recording devices. There are wired and wireless condenser microphone for classroom teaching, and they features different connectors. If you use it with PC, a microphone with TRS or USB output is perfect. So you should think about which device you will use frequently. 

    Moreover, when using microphone for teaching, it is ideal that just plug it in your devices and then it starts to work immediately. this will save your time to set up the microphone and leave more time for your teaching preparation.

    3. Make sure the compatibility

    When choosing a microphone for virtual teaching, make sure it works with your systems. A microphone that is software agnostic gives your institution and lecturers the ability to be conducted online with no difficulty. For example, if you use the microphone for zoom teaching, it is significant to use a mic that can be identified as recording device by zoom.

    4. Stay within budget

    It is critical to plan your budget based on your needs and income. This will assist you in obtaining the most cost-effective microphone for teaching online or at classroom.

    SYNCO has different types of wireless microphone for teaching. They are sold at Moman PhotoGears Store.

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    How to use it for better teaching?

    After investing in an ideal microphone for teaching, there are also some tips to make your teaching better when using the mic. No matter you are giving online lessons or recording tutorial videos, the tips mentioned below are helpful.

    • Place the mic properly. No matter what kind of microphone you use, it is important to place it at a proper position. You can test the recording effects in different distances before class begins. Then keep the suitable distance in mind and fix it for every lesson.
    • Set the gain. You need to set a right gain. Make sure the mic's signal bounces up high but never turns red or reaches the maximum achievable.
    • Make sure the classroom is quiet. The teaching environment also influences the output of your voice. When you use the microphone for teaching in classroom, it is essential to keep the room quiet, which means there is no echo inside and ambient noises from outsides. But how can we achieve it? Actually, it is feasible to close the doors and windows and use curtains or carpets to absorb noises.
    • Don’t bump or drop the mic. You should be careful with the mic during the class. A sudden bumping or dropping of the mic will cause really harsh noise and affect your lessons.
    Besides the aforementioned tips, mic monitoring is also important in teaching. Check the article Beginners' guide: Why does mic monitoring matter? to get more information.