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Why and when to use monitor microphone?

Do you want to create a high quality video? Do you want to take everything under control when shooting? Besides scheduling your content with a script, a monitor microphone also plays a role. Besides helping record clear audio, it also enables you to hear what the microphone is capturing through an earphone. Maybe you are not familiar with it. Today let’s briefly talk about it.  

Use monitor microphone SYNCO G1Four reasons to use microphone for monitor

The thing is, monitoring microphone does exist for some time, but not many people have realized the merits of it. Actually, if you apply it to the right recording scenarios, it can be really helpful. The followings are some reasons why you can’t say no to it.

Control the volume

With a monitor lapel microphone we can hear what we speak and feel the volume clearly. This is incredibly important when you record you video in a noisy environment. In most cases, loud surrounding sounds can subconsciously make you to raise your voice as you want to enable yourself to be heard. And this may destroy your video creation. With a microphone to record and monitor your volume, you can control your voice in an ideal level and provide an excellent listening experience. So it is the best microphone for noisy environment indeed.

Reduce strain

When we are recording and can’t hear what we are speaking, we tend to be lack of confidence and this has an impact on the output. A monitor microphone allows us to hear what is going on. The more we hear, the more relaxed we are. And this helps us perform well.

Allow real-time troubleshooting

Clear audio is a necessity for filmmaking. And this can be influenced by many factors such as shooting surroundings, mic placement. In this way, monitor with microphone can be handy.

It’s easy to determine whether you’re cutting off or if there's too much noise since you can hear yourself. You are capable of spotting the issue and adjust the recording accordingly without anyone prompting you.

Ease the post-production

Monitoring with mic also leads to the simple post production. You volume is in a nice level, the background sounds fit your video perfectly, there are no mistakes in what the mic captures... All of these simplify the editing procedure, and you can get more time for making shooting plan.

When to use it?

From the above we know that a monitor microphone features some advantages, and it can play an definitely important role in some situations. But when?

If you are going to have outdoor recording, you can use the mic. Noisy surroundings usually turn up when you take up outdoor shooting. The hook of cars, the chatting among people, and the music from the mall will cause trouble to your filming. A monitor lapel microphone allows you to hear the microphone’s volume as well as ambient noise. This function helps you listen to yourself more precisely, making it easier to identify errors and adjust the audio level. So it is an ideal microphone for vlogging and suchlike outdoor activities.

An in ear monitor microphone combo plays a big role If you are going to have live streaming. Live streaming usually requires background music and voice effects to add more fun. This demands a high level coordination with the background music, otherwise it will be a failure. With a monitor mic, you can get aware of the overall effect and make instant reaction to it. In addition, it can be one of the best audio solutions to gaming.

When you play games on your computer, it also helps. Since there are two commonly used system, Windows monitor microphone and Mac monitor microphone are both available for you. You can observe what you say and stay smooth communication with your game mates so as to achieve excellent cooperation and win the game. 


To make a popular video, monitor microphone is one of the best equipment to make use of. It assists in monitoring audio level, reducing the stress, and simplifying the post editing. What you need to do is to plan your video and finish shooting according to schedule.