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Buyer guide to microphone for iPhone live streaming at SYNCO

Streamers no longer have to rely on their iPhone's built-in microphone. Most streamers will always recommend a microphone for iPhone live streaming. It is really simple to set up, is available at several pricing points, and will make a significant impact in your stream. No matter what platforms you have live streaming on, you should be prepared to enhance your setup with an external mic. In this article, we walk you through what factors to consider to make an informed decision and will cover the following topics:

  1. How to choose microphone for iPhone live streaming?
  2. A specs table of SYNCO products for quick view.
  3. Recommend SYNCO P1L, G3 and U1L for different types of live streaming
  4. How to get high quality iPhone live streaming?

SYNCO P1 is used for iPhone live streaming.

How to choose the best iPhone live stream microphone?

Depending on the device you're using to live stream, the built-in mic should be workable in most cases. An external phone microphone, on the other hand, is a perfect addition to your streaming equipment setup if you want to eliminate background noise and have better control over your audio output. There are several options available. And it is not a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment.

Before we get into our recommendations, let's go through the important factors that you should take into consideration:

Frequency response: Simply said, it demonstrates the spectrum of sound that a microphone can handle. It ranges from low to high frequencies and is measured in hertz (Hz). The standard lies between 20 and 20,000 Hz. Everything below or beyond these spectrum extremes is worthless since neither the human voice nor the human ear can deal with such frequencies. This is less important for a streamer than it is for a vocalist. Nonetheless, it is best to choose microphones with a wide frequency range.

Polar pattern: The polar pattern tells which direction(s) or angle(s) the mic captures the most sounds. The main type is:

  • Omnidirectional: As the name implies, it gather up sound everywhere around the mic. The only thing to keep in mind is that, in addition to your voice, it is susceptible to taking up undesirable background noise.
  • Bidirectional: They capture sound from two opposing sides, front and rear, making them perfect for streaming in pairs or interviews.
  • Cardioids, hypercardioid, and supercardioid: These are the most typical microphones for streaming and only take up sound coming from one direction. The cardioid profile is shaped like a heart and picks up some sound from the sides as well as the front of the microphone.

Build quality: Build quality affects your microphone's functionality and endurance. In general, you should seek out a high-quality microphone that is meticulously built from high-quality materials since this will be audible in the final result. Also, you should seek for a mic that won't be sensitive to some hard treatment if you frequently live stream while on the go.

Mic controls: Some microphones—but not all—come with built-in controls that let you adjust the audio as you record it. Depending on the mic, you can adjust things like mute, gain levels, and output volume using these various buttons and knobs.

Table: Quick view on SYNCO microphone for iPhone live streaming

SYNCO has launched several models of iPhone external microphone to help achieve high quality audio during live streaming. Check the table below to have a quick view and find the one that interests you.





Frequency response




Polar pattern








Mic controls

Voice effects switch

  • Monitor volume control
  • Recording button
  • Gain control
  • Sound effect
  • Recording modes






Top 3 SYNCO picks for microphone for live streaming on iPhone

There are several SYNCO products to choose from for iPhone live streaming. Read on to have a full view. If you find the one that interests you and meets the requirements of your live streaming, feel free to click the link and go to our Seller Moman PhotoGears Store to make the purchase.

P1L - iPhone live stream microphone in really compact design with light strip

SYNCO P1L wireless microphone for iPhone facebook live includes a clip-on transmitter, and Lightning receiver, and a charging case.

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The SYNCO P1L is a wireless microphone for iPhone Facebook live and live streaming on other platforms. Its receiver has a Lightning connector that can be directly plugged into the port on your iPhone.

The P1 is a microphone that includes a voice changer and an in-ear monitor. Yet, one feature distinguishes P1 from other SYNCO products. For the first time, it comes with a charging case. The drawer-style design allows you to open the case with a single touch, and the transmitter and receiver will immediately pair. It includes two more charges for the microphone, allowing you to use it for up to 15 hours. You may also charge your phone via the Type C port on the receiver. Both work together to ensure an extended recording time.

Moreover, the P1 is a compact clip-on microphone that measures 49x19x19mm and weighs 10g. Hence, even if you wear soft clothing, such as a T-shirt, the transmitter will not cause the collar to drop.

Utilizing P1 for live streaming can make you appear fashionable. It has a dynamic light strip on the front of the transmitter, so you can add exciting light effects to your video. Unlike the black U1L, the P1 is available in two colors. Both Pearl White and Stone Blue will make your video visually appealing.

G3 - Best microphone for live interviews on iPhone and other devices

SYNCO G3 iPhone live stream microphone has two transmitters and a receiver with display screen.

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The SYNCO G3 is a wireless recording microphone for iPhone, android phone, camera, etc. The "3" signifies three-way input from two transmitters and a receiver. It also consists of three distinct output types: Type-C, TRS, and TRRS.
If you need to talk to the talent but are a bit far away, the G3 is an excellent choice. This wireless technology also serves as a communicator, enabling you to communicate with the talents without yelling or interrupting the live streaming.

The receiver may be used as a charger. After a 2-hour charge, the transmitter may pick up sounds for 5 hours. When Recorder Mode is activated, each transmitter becomes a stand-alone audio recorder capable of storing an 8G 16bit/48KHz CD-quality audio file for up to 22 hours.

If you want to have live interviews on iPhone and create videos by using different types of recording devices, the SYNCO G3 is the best microphone for live interviews on iPhone to meet all your needs and work well with various devices.

U1L - Directional plug in microphone for high quality outdoor iPhone live streaming

SYNCO U1 plug in microphone for iPhone features Lightning connector.

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The SYNCO U1L can be a YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram live external microphone for iPhone. It is small and light, and it is compatible with iPhones and other Apple mobile devices owing to its Lightning plug. It is powered by the smartphone, so simply plug it in and begin filming.

It has a directional polar pattern that allows you to capture target sounds clearly while blocking noise, which is extremely useful in loud environments. The 90-degree adjustable connector makes live streaming more versatile because you may vary the angle to your liking.

The U1L is ideal if you want high-quality sounds with a clean frame. It's small and mounted on the phone, so it won't be seen in the live stream. It may also be used for outdoor recording. It's tiny and light, so it won't weigh you down in your bag. Its sturdy structure allows it to work admirably even under adverse weather conditions.

Additional Tips to ensure high quality iPhone live streaming

Going live on Facebook with your iPhone is simple, but there are a few tips you can do to optimize your broadcast besides ensuring proper Facebook live microphone settings on iPhone.

  • If you don't want the video to be in portrait, you could stream it in landscape mode. Just turn the phone over until the video occupies the whole screen in landscape mode. Nevertheless, before you begin your broadcast, you must decide on the direction of your video. You won't be able to update it while your broadcast is in progress.
  • Once you're live, you can view people's profile images and comments on your screen. This is an essential element for engaging your audience. But, if you want to speak to your audience without being distracted, slide to the left to hide the comments area.
  • Before going live, click the wrench and screwdriver icon in the lower right corner of the screen. It will assist you in changing the lighting and flipping your screen horizontally or vertically.
  • Are individuals spamming or interfering with your live stream? To remove someone from the live, click on their profile image and then seek for the Block button.
  • After the live stream ends, it immediately saves as a video for friends to view later. You may also choose to upload the video in high definition.
  • Share the video on other pages or platforms to expand your reach. Facebook has made it easier to share by including a Share option after the live video has ended.