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Best digital wireless microphone for vlogging and podcasting

Benefits of a dedicated wireless microphone for vlog and podcast

Using the best wireless microphone for vlogging and podcasting is one of the most efficient ways to improve audio quality. It is universally acknowledged that the quality of the sound captured by the in-built microphone of a camera is inferior to the one of an external microphone, which is mainly reflected in the sound articulation and ambient sound. Therefore, a dedicated microphone matters.

By bridging the distance between the microphone and the sound source with a dedicated microphone, the desired voice will be isolated from the background noise, which can improve the audio quality to a great extent. Different types of microphones are now available on the market.

To improve the video quality doesn’t mean that it is essential to utilize a lot of cumbersome voice recording equipment. For vloggers and podcasters, a professional digital wireless lavalier microphone is enough to capture crisp sound, reduce ambient noise and provide great recording experience. Among the numerous microphones on the market, digital lavalier microphone system from SYNCO is a good option.

Outstanding mic system: SYNCO G series

Whether it is used for vlogging, podcasting, filming, or interviewing, SYNCO G1(A1) is the best digital wireless microphone choice. Featuring great versatility and portability, SYNCO G1(A1) is a high-quality 2.4GHz wireless lavalier microphone designed for diverse applications.

Encrypted technology, confidential audio signal

When it comes to 2.4GHz microphone, UHF (ultra-high frequency) microphone is a concept which is usually mentioned. The operation frequency band of 2.4GHz wireless mic system is between 2.400GHz and 2.483GHz while the one of UHF is between 470MHz and 698MHz. Generally speaking, the differences of 2.4GHz and UHF lie in the channel count and the frequency constraint. UHF offers more wireless channel options while the 2.4GHz has less constraint that it can be used in almost every country in the world. For users who utilize wireless mic for vlogging or other daily activities, 2.4GHz digital mic is sufficient while UHF microphone is a better choice for professional broadcasting. For more information, please see Wireless microphone systems: UHF or 2.4 GHz?

Using the 128-bit encryption technology, 2.4GHz digital wireless mic G1(A1) is qualified for precisely and safely transmitting crisp audio in any situations. For those who care about signal security, G1(A1) is the best wireless microphone for vlogging since it can guarantee the confidentiality of audio information.

Low latency, wide working range

It is widely believed that 15 milliseconds is the threshold that people begin to recognize the latency of the sound. The latency of SYNCO G1(A1) is only 12.5ms, which makes it the best wireless microphone for YouTube vlogging, podcasting, teaching, and interviewing.

Working range is another key factor that should be concerned when choosing a microphone, especially for those who need to utilize a mic in a complicated and broad environment. The working range (line-of-sight) of G1(A1) reaches 70 meters without obstruction. For G1(A2), the transmission range is 50m at max. Compared with similar wireless microphones on the market, the transmission coverage of G1 is large and reliable.

Excellent battery capability, protracted working time

G1(A1) is furnished with a 400mAh rechargeable lithium battery which enables the microphone to work for approximately 8 hours after every full charge. Moreover, G1(A1) is capable of working and being charged at the same time. Its electric quantity can reach 50% within 40 minutes. Comparing with homogeneous lavalier mics which generally require more than two hours for a full charge, the battery capability of G1(A1) is remarkable for it just requires an hour and a half. For those who need to record for a long time, G1(A1) is the best budget wireless microphone for vlogging which guarantees protracted recording.

SYNCO G2(A2) best wireless lapel microphone for vlogging has two transmitters that can be clipped on the clothing of talents.

Intuitive indicator, comprehensible operation

G1(A1) is equipped with an indicator that shows the different working situations of the mic system. Users can easily know the connection stage and electric quantity of the mic through the color of the indicator. The automatic pairing of the transmitter and the receiver can be finished within 3 seconds that users can use them at any moment without troublesome procedure.

Good versatility, compact size

G1 has two recording modes, one is directly using the in-built mic of the microphone transmitter, the other is using an external lavalier microphone. G1(A2) that has one receiver and two transmitters is a perfect solution for those who need two microphones to record simultaneously.

It is amazing that all of the great features mentioned above are concentrated into an incredibly compact microphone system. The weight of the microphone receiver and transmitter are both 35g. The simplicity and portability of G1 allow users to have quite a comfortable and convenient recording experience.

Upcoming release of SYNCO G2

Having the great features of G1, the SYNCO G2 is worthy of looking forward to. Major headway has been made in the versatility and usability of G2. Furnished with a color display screen, G2 is more user-friendly that the working parameters and connecting situation of the system are more intuitive.