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What microphone for vlogging do you need at SYNCO?

Vlogging is becoming increasingly popular as more people use YouTube to record their life. Microphone for vlogging is an important tool If you want to establish a vlogging channel or increase the quality of your footage. Read on to get your ideal vlogging equipment and learn how to achieve better audio.

What microphone to use for vlogging: Top 4 picks at SYNCO

Below are top 4 popular vlogging devices at SYNCO. Read on to check their introduction and pros & cons.

P1: Microphone for phone vlogging with charging case

SYNCO P1 Microphone for phone vlogging with charging case

When you looking for microphone for vlogging with iPhone or Android phone, the SYNCO P1 is a good option for you. It is compact and can be directly plugged into your recording smartphone thanks to the Lightning or Type-C plug on the receiver. Besides, it comes with a charging case that also works to store the TX and RX. The charging case stores 10-hour battery life for the P1, so the mic is always ready to pick up audio whenever you need it.


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Compact and light
  • Charging case included


  • No mic windshield

G2(A2): Wireless microphone for vlogging that is ideal for recording more than one person

SYNCO G2(A2) Wireless microphone for vlogging that is ideal for recording more than one person

If your vlogs need to record sounds from more than one person, the G2(A2) is a good choice. It offers two clip-on transmitters, so you can simply clip it on the talents’ clothes to make two-person vlogging. There are mono and stereo modes for recording. You can capture audio from each TX to separate channels or combine them into a single track. The mute button on the TX, separate gain control button, and display screen allow you to have flexible control over the vlog audio.


  • Dual transmitter wireless system for two-person recording
  • Mono and stereo recording modes available
  • 8-hour battery time


  • More setup needed for using with smartphone vlogging

D30: Camera microphone for vlogging featuring directional pickup pattern to block background noises

SYNCO D30 Camera microphone for vlogging featuring directional pickup pattern to block background noises

The D30 is a go-to option of microphone for vlogging if you make vlogs in the stationary place and want to block background noises. It features supercardioid polar pattern, making it sensitive to on-axis sounds but rejecting sounds from the sides and rear. The supplied shock mount helps reduce handling noise. It also offers a furry windshield in the package for minimizing wind noise when making vlogging outside. It features gain control, low cut, and overdrive protection. This allows you to have more control over the audio and saves efforts of post-production.


  • Block background noises
  • 3.5mm audio monitoring jack


  • Require careful mic placement

Vlogger Kit 2: Vlogging kit with microphone that works well for mobile shooting

SYNCO Vlogger Kit 2 Vlogging kit with microphone that works well for mobile shooting

The SYNCO Vlogger Kit 2 offers a one-stop solution for vlogging. It consists of the M1S directional microphone, a mini LED video light, a smartphone holder, and a tripod. There is a shock mount for reducing vibration noise. The tripod features a 360-degree swivel ball head, so you can adjust it to the perfect shooting angle. Moreover, the mic is fueled by plug-in power from the smartphone while the mini light is powered by 2 AA batteries. This makes it a vlogging kit suitable for on-the-go vlogging without the limit of power supply.


  • One-stop solution for better vlog recording
  • Ideal for on-the-go vlogging


  • Not suitable for camera vlogging

What are types of microphone for vlogging?

Below we list main types and their pros and cons.

Shotgun mic for vlogging: Ideal for close-up shots or interview-style vlogs

This type of microphone for vlogging does not capture background noise. It's ideal for close-up shots or interview-style vlogs since it can focus on a tiny region with minimal off-axis noise.

If you're vlogging outside, where the wind might be rather noisy, a shotgun mic with a windshield can be ideal. Another advantage is that it is an out-of-frame microphone, which means less visual distraction for your audience.

However, this mic should only be used for immobile subjects. A boom operator may be required for a moving subject, particularly to guarantee that it is always facing the subject.


  • Picks up less background noise
  • Can be placed out of frame


  • Only good for stationary subject
  • Additional equipment may be needed

Lavalier: Easy to hide to ensure beauty vlogs

It is a clip on microphone for vlogging that is tiny and often attached to your shirt. This means it's ideal for recording moving objects, especially if you purchase the wireless version.

Use a lavalier mic instead of a boom mic while recording a beauty vlog, for example, when you may be moving around your apartment or studio a lot. You won't need a boom operator to accompany you.

While lavalier vlogging mics are more obvious than shotgun microphones, you can always clip them inside a button-up shirt or disguise them with a scarf. Some people tape them inside their clothes.


  • Tiny and easy to hide
  • Great for moving subjects


  • Rustling clothing may cause noise
  • More likely to pick up background noises

Wireless microphone: Freedom of movement makes it a microphone for travel vlogging

Microphone for vlogging in wireless design has grown increasingly cost-effective and popular in recent years. There is no physical cable connecting this cordless system to the sound recording equipment.

Its greatest advantage is the flexibility of movement it provides. This is particularly beneficial for vlogs in which you will be moving around a lot. Furthermore, the lack of cables means they won't tangle and create a lot of irritation.

Simultaneously, the issue is the possibility of interference from nearby wireless devices. Another disadvantage is the restricted range and battery life.


  • Free movement
  • No cables to get tangled up


  • Likely to be interfered by other devices
  • Limited range
  • Limited by battery life

Things to consider before buying an external microphone for vlogging

Selecting the microphone for YouTube vlogging depends on various factors. We’ve highlighted some important terms below to help you make the purchase.

Form factor

Lavalier mics are the greatest choice for solo vlogs or trip vlogs if you are the only one holding the camera or iPhone. You could also utilize small shotgun mics for interviews or journalism-style vlogging.


You'll need a directional or omnidirectional microphone to record your vlogs. An omnidirectional microphone is ideal for recording music or ambient sounds. A directional one, on the other hand, is better for isolating your voice and reducing background noise.

Audio sensitivity

When selecting a microphone for vlogging, pay close attention to the audio sensitivity. Most decent microphones will easily handle conversational sound levels. However, if you want to capture accurate surround sound with ambience, you need to use higher sensitive microphones.

Build quality

Make sure it has a sturdy build quality and a light weight that allows you to simply place it on your camera or smartphone. To obtain mobility, opt for aluminum construction or alternative ABS plastic construction.


Make sure the vlogging microphone is compatible with device that you use to record vlogs. For example, if you use iPhone to make vlogs, you will need a vlogging microphone for iPhone with Lightning connector. This allows you to directly connect the mic to your phone without any adapter needed.

How to get better audio for vlogging?

Investing in the best microphone for vlogging is the first step to high-quality audio. And below are more tips that you can take to ensure clean and clear sounds.

Place the mic properly

This is the key to getting clear audio. The placement varies by the type of microphone for vlogging you use. For the lav mic, it is advised to place it on the sternum. Make sure that there is nothing in the way to the mouth and no fabric rubbing the mic. For shotgun type, you can position it towards the chest from above or below.

Think about where to film vlogs

If you're in a noisy place, try relocating; if you're shooting in a really windy tunnel, consider changing locations. Nothing is more frustrating than loading your day's footage into editing software and realizing that the audio is unplayable due to a jackhammer in the background. When recording vlogs indoors, keep in mind that hard surfaces like walls and floors will reflect sound. When recording on a tile floor with bare walls behind the subject, all of the extra noise around them will be reflected. You may either soften the surfaces or reduce the ambient noise.

Pay attention to the audio leve

Making sure your audio levels are adjusted appropriately on your microphone for vlogging and on your camera while recording is critical for guaranteeing clear audio. Audio levels are often measured in decibels (dB) on a numbered minus scale, with zero being maximum loudness. The levels of your audio will be shown on a level meter on your camera or recording device.

Remember to turn off AGC

There's one more (very crucial) thing to highlight about audio levels. Many cameras have 'Automatic Gain Control' (AGC) enabled by default. This implies that the camera will change the recording levels on the go. This appears to be a good idea, but it will almost certainly destroy your recording. Remember to turn it off before recording.