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Beginners’ guide to wireless microphone for camcorder

Camcorders have evolved from gadgets capable of taking high-quality images to potent movie studios capable of producing professional-grade video. However, if you want to record high-quality audio, you should not rely on the camcorder's inbuilt microphone. Not only are they of average quality, but they also capture camera noise. For those who aim to pick up clear and clean sounds in a convenient and portable way, wireless microphone for camcorder is a good choice.

SYNCO G2(A2) dual wireless microphone for camcorder is used to record two-person fitness video.

Do you need a wireless microphone system for camcorder?

The answer is yes. A camcorder (camera recorder) is a portable digital recording device that can capture live video and audio and save it for later replay. Camcorders are made up of three basic components: a lens for gathering and focusing light, an imager for converting light into an electrical signal, and a recorder for converting electrical signals into digital video and encoding them for storage.

Most camcorders were not designed to provide high-quality audio recordings. Manufacturers have spent time and effort developing a gadget that takes superb video but not always terrific sound. The sound quality may be poor, and the volume may be low, especially if your subject is not close to the camera. And if there is undesirable background noise, all bets are off!

In this situation, using a wireless lavalier microphone for camcorder enables you to get a mic up close to the subject and pick up the target sounds without cable hassle. It also offers you the following benefits:

  • You can move freely without fear of tripping since there is no cable.
  • Fewer cables in the recording field give a clean look to your viewers.
  • It is more durable than wired one without the need to replace the damaged cable.

What makes the best wireless microphone for camcorder?

This involves several factors to consider. Let’s take a look at the top 4 features and they can help you make a wise decision when shopping for the best camcorder microphone.


The wireless lapel microphone for camcorder you purchase must work with the mic input port on your camcorder. Consumer camcorders include a 3.5mm jack for connecting an external microphone, whereas higher-end camcorders have an XLR jack. Before purchasing an external microphone, determine what type of input your camcorder has and select the one that will fit the jack.

Accompanying accessories

Accompanying accessories in the product package are equally important as they can make your recording more simple to some extent and help you decide which product is more cost-effective when they are at a similar price.

For example, besides two transmitters and a receiver, the SYNCO dual wireless microphone for camcorder G2(A2) also includes the following accessories in the package:

  • Two mic windshields to ensure clean audio recording in outdoor environments
  • Two external lav mics with wind muff to enable you to hide the whole system for cleaner frame
  • A carrying bag to keep the wireless system in place especially for mobile filmmaking.


Diversity refers to the capacity to fend off dropouts. You need a robust wireless microphone for camcorder to resist these disruptions and provide you with a clean audio output since indirect waves will always be present in the location where you are recording. A decent microphone will include a switch that automatically detects the signal strength and adjusts to it. You can also eliminate reception noise and concern about data loss by using a versatile microphone.

Frequency agility

The top wireless microphones are agile at high frequencies. They can assist you in taking use of a variety of frequency pathways to suit your preferences. They also allow you to utilize various wireless devices in a space where there are a lot of conflicting signals. Additionally, frequency agility is able to improve smooth transmissions and reception. The intermodulation is also reduced.

If you are keen on mini wireless microphone for camcorder, just check the article Buyer guide: Top 4 wireless mini microphone at SYNCO. And you can watch the videos of wireless microphone for camcorder reviews to help you make the choice.

How to connect wireless microphone to camcorder?

This is quite simple and you can achieve successful connection by following the steps below:

  1. Unclip the wireless receiver a bit, feed it on the camcorder hot shoe and slide it on, making sure it is clipped on the right place.
  2. Take out the included cable, plug one end into the output port on the receiver and the other end to the mic input port on the camcorder.
  3. Turn on the transmitter and receiver and make them pair with each other successfully.
  4. Test the sound. Go to the setting menu of your camcorder, make sure the audio level is always in the green zone, which is in the range of minus dB.


Wireless microphone for camcorder is handy and you can record target sounds that are far away from your camcorder. SYNCO has launched a lineup of suchlike products to help achieve high quality audio recording. If you want to level up your recording devices, just go to our Amazon Store to get a purchase.