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Buyer Guide: Which one is the best wireless camera microphone at SYNCO?

For vloggers, podcasters, filmmakers, and speakers, choosing the best wireless camera microphone matters because it can make a great difference to the audio quality and the whole performance. This article is intended to present three SYNCO options and tell you how to choose such types of wireless microphone.

Benefits from using a wireless microphone

A professional wireless lavalier microphone is essential for vlogging and filmmaking because it helps present a clean scene as well as high sound quality. In some cases, audiences maybe likely to be distracted by the visible microphone cable. Then a wireless lavalier microphone could be a good solution. It provides much better audio quality than the in-built one of the devices such as a camera. It can reduce the ambient noise and capture the desired voice, conducing to crisp audio quality.

Unlike wired mic that restricts the movement of talents, wireless camera microphone offers undeniable freedom for performers to move around. When using a cordless microphone, the performers can concentrate on their performance without worrying about the embarrassment of being tripped. Besides, there is no need to maintain or replace the frayed cable, which means less maintenance cost.

Professional video camera wireless microphone from SYNCO

SYNCO offers two typical types of such microphones. They are G Series - 2.4GHz wireless digital microphones and T Series - at UHF band.

SYNCO has three lineup of wireless microphone for camcorder, including G1, G2, and TS.

SYNCO G1: Best budget wireless microphone for camera

Released in 2020, SYNCO G1, the first product of the G category, is a compact wireless system at 2.4GHz that features excellent portability and versatility. It was launched in two forms. One is the SYNCO G1(A1) composed of a receiver and a transmitter, and the other is G1(A2) consisting of two transmitters and one receiver. They both carry in-built microphones and external lavalier mics, providing more ways for users to start their recording. Such wireless microphone for DSLR camera can be used for various applications including vlogging, filmmaking, and education.

Key features of SYNCO G1:

  • Unique 128-bit encryption technology: Syncoder™ Encrypted Transmission Algorithm
  • Ultra-compact size: At 52*42*16mm, the transmitter and receiver both weigh 35g
  • Low latency: 12.5ms
  • Flexible gain control: 0-4 Level, 8dB-range gain control
  • Long working distance: Up to 70m for G1(A1)
  • Two forms: G1(A1) for one-person performance and G1(A2) for simultaneous recording of two sound sources

If you would like to get more about SYNCO G1, you may see the SYNCO G1 review article. There is a video review made by Moritz from Fenchel & Janisch who tests our SYNCO G1(A2) wireless lapel microphone for camera while walking around a forest, a cheerful situation to check the real performance of G1(A2) under natural environment where obstructions and interference are unavoidable.

SYNCO G2 wireless lavalier microphone system for DSLR differs from the G1 in the TFT display screen.

SYNCO G2: Camera wireless microphone systems at 2.4GHz

The newly-released SYNCO G2 is an ultra-compact and versatile digital on camera wireless microphone at 2.4GHz. Similar to G1, it also comes in two types: G2(A1) with one transmitter and one receiver and G2(A2) two transmitters and one receiver. The transmitter and receiver are both equipped with a true-color TFT display screen, allowing users to intuitively know the working condition of the device. G2 performs well in wide range of signal transmission that its effective range reaches up to 150m (line of sight), suitable for complicated video production in large space. There is a mute button on the transmitter that enables users to mute the mic instead of turning it off for a short break. Such function makes G2 the best wireless lav mic for interview and vlogging.

Key features of SYNCO G2:

  • True color TFT display screen: Information like battery status, connection status, and recording mode are seeable
  • Upgraded Syncoder™ Encrypted Transmission Algorithm 2.0 for more stable audio transmission
  • Long working distance: up to 150m (line of sight)
  • Outstanding battery life that reaches 8 hours
  • Pocket size: At 52*42*17mm, the transmitter and receiver are both 39g
  • 0-5 Level gain control, more adjustment convenience
  • Two forms including 1-trigger-1 G2(A1) and 1-trigger-2 G2(A2)

See how the digital wireless microphone SYNCO G2(A1) runs signal-stably even at a distance of 200 meters! Our Ambassador Richard Wong makes it in an open space! In addition, Richard also makes a simple comparison between G2 and G1 that he also tested last year. 

SYNCO WMic-TS: Unique UHF wireless technology

Using the unique SYNCO Wireless LinkLable UHF technology, the 1-connect-2 SYNCO WMic-TS is a UHF professional wireless microphone system that can effectively resist radio interference. It is equipped with 180° foldable antennas that can guarantee a wide range of signal transmission and great portability simultaneously. Its integrated 100Hz high-pass filter conduces to less wind, current, and traffic rumble noises.

SYNCO TS contains two transmitters and a receiver. Each carries external antenna.

Having these features, WMic-TS is capable of providing excellent recording experience. It meets the need of high-end video production that requires low ambient noise. This wireless lavalier microphone system is ideal for interview, podcasting, and filmmaking. It also provides a mini type, namely SYNCO TS Mini with one transmitter and one receiver, for one-person recording.

Key features of SYNCO WMic-TS:

  • Unique SYNCO Wireless LinkLable UHF technology
  • Convenient 180° foldable antennas
  • Adjustable gain control: 0-15 level
  • Wide transmission range: up to 150m (line-of-sight)
  • Long battery life: 8.5h after 3h full charge
  • 60 optional channels, less radio interference

In the video, Richard Wong tests both outdoor and indoor performance of this SYNCO wireless UHF microphone WMic-TS and provides detailed setup guide. Come and see how TS improves the audio quality!

Which one is the best wireless lavalier microphone for camera?

The table below tries to summarize some key parameters of the aforementioned products from SYNCO.

Table: SYNCO UHF vs digital wireless microphone

Wireless microphone




Transmission type


Digital 2.4 GHz

Digital 2.4 GHz

Working distance

Both at 492ft/150m

G1(A1): 230ft/70m

G1(A2): 164ft/50m

Both at 492ft/150m

Display screen

OLED screen


Clear TFT display screen

Gain control





TX: 62g RX: 72g

All at 35g

All at 39g

Battery life




Mute button



One-button mute


TS: USD159

TS Mini: USD129

G1(A1): USD99

G1(A2): USD149 (Discounted)

G2(A1): USD129

G2(A2): USD199

For users who want to improve audio quality in a simple way, G1 is a good option. Its transmitter and receiver can pair automatically within 3 seconds. Users just need to clip the wireless microphone for camera on clothing and start recording. G1 is the best budget wireless microphone system that combines good quality, simplicity, and affordable price. The current price of G1(A1) is just $99 and the one of G1(A2) is $149 which is a discounted price at SYNCO Amazon Store while the prices of homogeneous wireless mic systems on the market are generally close to $200.

For those who has a need to monitor each device of the system in real time, G2 is a good alternative because its true-color TFT screen provides intuitive working information. It’s easy for users to adjust the gain control and mute the digital microphone accordingly. And the 8-hour battery life and up to 150m working range make it ideal for long-time outdoor shooting.

Compared to microphones at 2.4GHz that are potentially influenced by other electric devices, the UHF one are more anti-interference. For those who care very much about the signal stability, the UHF mic SYNCO TS is the best choice. It can provide studio-grade sound quality and 15level gain control, well-suited to professional video production and broadcasting. The integrated 100Hz high-pass filter of TS efficiently reduces wind, current, and traffic rumble noises. If you need to shoot or interview people on the street, it could be a perfect solution.


Having the best wireless camera microphone can undoubtedly improve the audio quality. We really hope that this article could help you to make a decision and get the best SYNCO product for yourself. After all, the right one is the best one.