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What smartphone microphone is best for vloggers and podcasters?

If you are trying to take 4K videoing, live streaming with your smartphone that needs quality audio, you are really advised to use an external microphone instead of the one in-built. In this article, we would like to share with you 5 tips to choose the smartphone microphone suitable for your audio and talk about 4 high quality SYNCO microphones for smartphones, an intention to help you make a choice during shopping. So let’s get started.

SYNCO G1L mini microphone wireless for smartphone comes with a receiver that can be directly plugged into the charging port.

5 tips to get a best smartphone microphone

Microphone type: There are many types on the market, including wireless mic, lav mic (wired or wireless), handheld mic, and attached mic. They are different in directionality (also known as pickup pattern), audio quality, portability, etc. Make it clear about your target use and choose the right one.

Connector: The external microphone for iPhone or Android phone carries a specific connector to fit into a specific mobile phone. Of this, 3.5mm TRRS, Type-C, and Lightning are the most common ones. Just have a look at your phone and get a proper one OR buy accessories such as a smartphone microphone adapter to get it fitted.

Size: Different size are suited for different uses. Some work better at home, while others can be carried around in your bag or even in you pocket for every run & gun.

Software compatibility: Smartphone microphones are considered to play once plugged in, but keep in mind that some may require software to take action. Generally speaking, smartphone video microphone with TRRS plugs or XLR outputs needs no software while those connect in a wireless way or via charging ports sometimes would have a requirement. Besides, you need to check whether the App you use to do streaming works with the microphone and whether some other functions inside the phone need to be opened.

Budget: It’s always of great importance to stay with your budget. Do the research and choose the best budget phone microphone that best suit your needs.

Here we would like to first make a listing of the SYNCO microphones that are going to be discussed about below according to the said 5 tips so that you could have an overview and make your first step to choose.







Attached/ Directional

Attached/ Directional

Handheld/ Directional

Wireless/ Omnidirectional


3.5mm TRRS

U1T: Type-C

U1L: Lightning

U1P: 3.5mm TRRS

3.5mm TRRS

G1T: Type-C

G1L: Lightning






Software needed or not










SYNCO cell phone microphones recommended

We list a total of 5 smartphone microphones and try to make it clear about their features, advantages and disadvantages so that you could make a better choice. 

Directional microphone for smartphone SYNCO U3

Shotgun microphone for smartphone SYNCO U3 features gain control dial and audio monitoring jack.

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The SYNCO U3 is a unidirectional microphone for both Android and iOS phones and devices. It provides the easiest way for users to get it connected to the mobile devices. It accommodates both TRRS and TRS devices with only one cable thanks to the auto identification function. The magnetic absorption design with 2 metal plates allows it to attach to smartphones, phone cases, or phone clamps.

It is the first small microphone at SYNCO that utilizes interference tube technology to strengthen the directionality. Even if you deliver your voice in noisy surroundings, this phone mic will help reduce unwanted surrounding noise with optional low cut at 75Hz and 150Hz while stepless gain control at 0-15dB plays a role in amplifying your voice.

If you are concerned about your audio quality, the 3.5mm jack is built to connect earphone, making audio monitoring and smartphone microphone test available for you. If you are going to use the microphone for phone vlogging for a long time, just have a try with SYNCO U3. It is capable of taking the job since it can run for 40 hours after a single charge.

Pros: This smartphone external microphone is also available for cameras. It has a headphone jack that offers a way for you to monitor your own voice during recording.

Cons: It focuses on the target voice only without capturing the sounds from all sides to build a wonderful live environment.

SYNCO U3 package contains U3 microphone, cold shoe, carrying bag, metal plate, charging cacle, and Type-C to 3.5mm TRRS adapter.

Mini microphone for smartphone SYNCO U1

Mini plug in microphone for smartphones SYNCO U1 comes in three models to fits Type-C, Lightning, or TRRS jack.

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The SYNCO U1 is compact and light. It has 3 models available for sale separately, U1P is 3.5 mm microphone for smartphone and tablet with TRRS, U1L fitted with iPhone and other Apple mobile devices, and U1T suitable for Android phones and other Type-C devices. It is powered by the smartphone, so just plug it into the phone and start your videoing.

Similar to the aforementioned U3 that is categorized into the same product line, the U1 has a directional pickup pattern. It is use-friendly. You can flexibly capture the sound you want with the help of the 90-degree rotatable connector. In addition, the smartphone microphone is also feasible for outdoor filming since it just weighs 20g and comes with a metal construction to ensure the working in varied weather and shooting conditions.

Pros: It’s very cheap when taking all functions into consideration. It’s also very small in size and can go with you in your pocket.

Cons: The 3 versions are not packed in one package. You need to buy them separately for different connections.

SYNCO U1 package includes U1 plug in microphone for smartphone, wind muff, and mounting bracket.

Smartphone microphone kit SYNCO vlogging kit 2

SYNCO phone vlogging kit 2 is made up of small microphone, mini tripod, and video light.

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The SYNCO Kit 2 is a complete shooting pack including every necessary piece of equipment you need in phone video making.

The small microphone for phone is directional to pick up the sound in the front and deliver clear results. The mini video light is simple to control. Just rotate the dial and you can turn on/off the light and adjust a perfect lighting for your phone shooting.

If you are not in the perfect mobile video making condition, don’t worry. The Kit 2 upgrades the shock mount to guarantee better capacity of the microphone for smartphone recording. And it provides a lightweight phone holder which is compatible with phones 66-80mm wide and owns 1 cold shoe mount and 2 1/4” threads for you to connect phones, light or tripod as you like.

Once you plug your phone, the vlogging kit for phone will start to work immediately. It is ready to go anytime you need it.

Pros: The absolute advantage of this pack is “buy one and get four” with no worry about any accessories that are always needed in vlogging and podcasting.

Cons: It works as a whole and may not allow to hold microphone that is too big in size OR to change the small light into a large one.

SYNCO Kit 2 package provides M1S microphone, shock mount, video light, mini tripod, phone holder, and 3.5mm TRRS phone cable.

2.4G smartphone wireless microphone SYNCO G1T/L

SYNCO G1L is an external microphone for android smartphone with Type-C receiver and G1L works for iPhone with Lightning connector.

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The SYNCO G1T or G1L is a high quality wireless lavalier microphone for smartphone at 2.4GHz bandwidth. Each of them provides a connector. USB C smartphone microphone G1T carries a Type-C for Android mobile devices, while G1L features a Lightning to connect iOS ones. It’s notable that the connectors are on sale separately - you could buy one to extend the use of your device.

They are both built with voice changer, capable of making audio girly, deep, reverberate, electronic, etc. This is an industry-leading innovation that allows smartphone players to change their voices at will and move into the roles quickly during filming, game playing, and live streaming.

The in-ear monitoring system which is for the first time built in the SYNCO products, offers convenience for vloggers, podcasters, and other liver performers to monitor the sound that is a mix of microphone (recording) and mobile devices (backgrounding).

With regard to power supply, the receiver is device-powered and boasts a Type-C port for the working device to get charged during recording. This is a perfect solution to remove the “Low Battery Anxiety” of mobile content creators and enable them to do recording whenever and wherever.

Pros: The voice changer and in-ear monitoring function are 2 great additions for mobile videographers to have more fun and do the recording thing more professionally. As a smartphone microphone for Android or iPhone, the SYNCO G1T/L is very budget-friendly and is really use-friendly.

Cons: The transmitter weighs 35g and may be a little bit heavy when it is clipped onto the target speaker’s collar.

SYNCO G1T OR G1L package includes transmitter, receiver, mic windshield, charging cable, and a carrying bag.

Key specs of each smartphone condenser microphone for smartphone




Kit 2


Pickup pattern





Audio processing

Low cut: 75/150Hz;

Gain control: 0-15dB



Low cut: 150Hz;

Gain control: 0-15dB

In-ear monitoring





Power requirement




Receiver: device-powered

Transmitter: battery

Power durability

40 hours per full charge



Transmitter: 8 hours per full charge




Total: >70g

Microphone: 35g

Phone holder: 35g

LED light: to update soon

Receiver: 12g

Transmitter: 35g



U1P: USD29

U1L: USD45

U1T: N/A


G1T: USD69

G1L: USD79

G1T+L: USD89

Brandnew external microphone for phone SYNCO P Series for retail sale soon

The SYNCO P Series is a new collection to be professional phone microphone. It shares all features carried by the SYNCO G1T/L, such as wireless transmission based on 2.4G digital technology, separate connector for either iPhone or Android smartphone, voice changer for 9 sound effects, and in-ear monitor to control ongoing recording and backgrounding. The main differences include:

  1. A charging case to store the transmitter and receiver, support one-tap pairing, and provide 15 hours in total recording time.
  2. The latest Syncoder™ Encrypted Transmission Algorithm to guarantee signal stability and transmission security within 150m distance at max.
  3. The Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) technology to enable the phone external microphone of lightweight, tiny size, and good stability. That is why the SYNCO P1 or P2 is much smaller than the G1T or G1L and much easier to clip on the collar.
  4. Two totally different colors: The P Series offers the Pearl White and Stone Blue while the G1T/L continues using the classic SYNCO color - Black.
  5. The dynamic light strip to enhance the sense of rhythm.
  6. The SYNCO P1T/L or P2T/L is a mobile microphone for sale as a whole. The Type-C and Lightning conenctors are built into the receiver, and no separate connectors are available for sale.

Pros: The SYNCO P Series is finely crafted to go with smart phones. The mini size, auto setup, wireless charging, and in-ear monitoring are combined to provide a great solution for mobile recording. The 9 funny voice effects and 2 uncommon colors are intended to fit into more uses.

Cons: No separate connectors are available. You may spend more on buying the other mobile recording rig. But don’t worry - SYNCO microphones are priced to value!

Note: Cover photo by appletech2.0 and other photos in this article by SYNCO.