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[Video Tutorial] How to use SYNCO D30 mic for camera?


The SYNCO Mic-D30 is a professional supercardioid mic for camera. It features a sophisticated microphone amplifier to boost the sound signals, provides transparent sound performance, and boasts flexible functionality diversification. It fits cameras, camcorders, smartphones, recorders, laptops, tablets, and bodypack transmitters well.

What are contained in the D30 box?

It contains 1 x D30 mic for camera, 1 x furry windscreen, 1 x shock mount, 1 x Type C to 3.5mm camera cable, 1 x Type C to 3.5mm phone cable, 1 x Type C to USB charging cable, 1 x user manual, and 1 x packing box.

How many steps you should take to start the SYNCO D30 camera microphone?

In the video, we clearly show you how to use the microphone. See the video and check the following steps for practical use.
1. Install the shock mount to camera;
2. Insert the directional microphone into the windscreen;
3. Insert the D30 into the shock mount;
4. Connect the external mic to camera with the Type C to 3.5mm TRS camera cable for output;
5. Charge the mic via the Type C port with the Type C to USB charging cable;
6. Long press on/off button to turn on or off the mic;
7. Short press on/off button to turn on the overdrive protection function;
8. Press the 75Hz or 150Hz low cut directly to get a proper filter;
9. Use the stepless analog gain knob to control the gain level for proper input and output signals;
10. Use the 3.5mm TRS headphone output for audio monitoring if necessary.
Now it is the time for you to start your recording journey!

Some Q&A you may concern

1. What to do if the self-noise is too obvious?

First you should make sure that you are recording with the D30 external microphone instead of the device's inbuilt microphone; Second, adjust the gain of the directional microphone to an appropriate level (Please kindly note that if the gain of device is too high, the self-noise will be even more obvious); Third, use the 75Hz/150Hz low cut to run off unnecessary environmental noise if needed.

2. How long it would take to fully charge the D30 and how long it could be used when fully charged?

It takes around 3.5 hours to fully charge the camera mic and 30 hours is the time to use.

3. Can the D30 transfer the data to computer using USB-USB cable?

No, it can't. The shotgun microphone does not have a built-in sound card and cannot support digital transmission.

4. What would happen if the sensitivity stays high?

When the sensitivity is too high, the output voltage would also be too high, easy to cause distortion. It's known that high sensitivity would help improve the input level to the mixer, as well as the signal-to-noise ratio. But please make adjustments based on real conditions.

5. The external microphone is recognized by the mobile phone but can't start recording.

Make sure you use the Type C to 3.5mm TRRS cable with smartphone. The Type C to 3.5mm TRS cable is compatible with cameras not phones.