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What could be your wireless microphone for wedding to make the video stand out?

Audio makes up the half of your wedding videos. Learning how to use audio in your wedding film to assist tell the tale can set your films apart from the others in your area. And using wireless microphone for wedding is one of the keys to helping your wedding videos stand out. In this article, we will tell you:

1. Why is important to stay wireless during wedding video filming?
2. Top recommendation at SYNCO and introduction
  2.1 Introduction to specs, features, and package list
  2.2 How to use it for your videography?
  2.3 FAQs that help you further learn about it

Why do you need wireless microphone for wedding videography?

It is ideal for recording the audio of the bride, groom, and officiant throughout the wedding ceremony. As your first audio purchase, a wireless lapel device is advised. Wireless audio will never be as good as a cable connection, but wedding videographers don't have the time on wedding day to grab a C-stand and mic up the speakers like you would for a commercial interview. Having said that, a wireless system is the greatest method to fast acquire nice clear audio.

You may utilize a wireless lavalier microphone when your bride and groom are writing letters to each other. What a wonderful chance to have them read these letters aloud so that you can utilize their narration to assist tell their story. It will bring a lot of depth and emotion. You can't miss it.

You may also use this mic to catch the message from the officiant during the wedding. If you have many microphones, you may want to mic the bride and groom as well, especially when they are speaking their own vows.

Top recommended wireless microphone for wedding at SYNCO

The high quality camera is not only the most important part of wedding videography. Also, the high quality audio makes or breaks the final video product, which is why it’s so important to choose the right wireless microphone for wedding ceremony before you start shooting. Investing in the SYNCO G3 is a great way to get clear and reliable audio for the high end wedding and reception videos. Read on to get more information.

Basic information: Specs, features, and package list explained


The SYNCO G3 comes with 2 transmitters and 1 receiver.

The SYNCO G3 wireless recording microphone for wedding comes with two transmitters and a receiver with an LCD screen.

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Color White, gray
Connectivity TRS, TRRS, Type-C, Lightning
Weight TX: 15g; RX: 74g
Working distance 820ft/250m(LOS area)
Battery life 5h
Charging Time 2h
Compatibility Smartphone, camera, laptop, PC, etc.


  • Two-way communication between transmitter and receiver end
  • 3 ways of ins and outs make it a good mic to use on various devices
  • Each transmitter is a recorder to hold backup audio for 22 hours
  • Extended working distance of 820ft/250m(LOS area)
  • Receiver works as a charging station for transmitter
  • 5 environment scene sounds
  • In-ear monitor to assist real-time audio adjustment
  • Gain control

What are in the box?

  • RX Receiver x1
  • TX Transmitter x2
  • Mic Windshield x2
  • Lighting to Type-C Adapter x1
  • Type-C to USB-A Adapter x1
  • TRRS to TRRS Cable x1
  • Type-C to Type-C Cable x1
  • Carrying Bag x1
  • User Manual x1

SYNCO G3 package list

Besides using wireless microphone for outdoor ceremony or indoor, the shotgun mic is another mic option to help improve audio quality. Click Here to learn more about it.

How to use G3 wireless microphone for wedding videography?

The G3 wireless lavalier microphone connects quickly and simply to any camera, allowing you to film great wedding videos. it has 2 transmitters and 1 receiver. And they are paired automatically by default. The receiver comes with 1.8-inch LCD display to show everything you want to see during recording. With four onboard buttons, you can set up the whole system with awareness.

To use the SYNCO G3 wireless microphone for wedding, first you need to remove both transmitters, which will power on automatically, from the receiver and long press the switch button on the front of the receiver to turn on the whole system.

Attach the transmitter to clothes using the back clip. And connect the receiver to the camera's microphone port using the camera audio cable included in the package.

Set it up by pressing the buttons on the receiver and all setting messages will be displayed on the LCD. Then, on the transmitter, long press the record button for 3 seconds until the red light on to begin recording the audio. The red color indicates that the transmitter is in recording mode, whereas no color indicates that it is off.


Q: Can I replace the batteries in this wireless microphone system for wedding ceremony?
A: No, the batteries are built into the device and cannot be changed or switched. But the receiver has a USB-C port, using it will keep the inbuilt batteries charged. And two transmitters can be charged when they are attached to the receiver.

Q: How to pair transmitter and receiver if disconnected?
A: Method 1: After the RX turns on, enter the setting panel for pairing without taking out the transmitter,
Method 2: Take out the TX and reset it first. Enter the setting panel for pairing when the receiver powers on.

Q: Does the G3 wireless lavalier microphone for weddings have storage or support any storage?
A: The G3 transmitters do not support any external storage such as SSD cards. However, each of them has in-built storage of 8GB.

Q: Which format is the audio file recorded in ?
A: The transmitter audio is recorded in 16bit/48KHz WAV.