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How to choose best microphone for fitness instructors?

Microphones play an important role in music production, live performance, video recording, etc. There are thousands for sale and each is designed for different purposes. So if you are a fitness instructor, how can you choose a fitness microphone that meets your need? Today we are going to offer some tips.

Use microphone for fitness video SYNCO P1L

Invest in wireless microphone

When choosing a microphone, the first question is, should it be wired or wireless? In most cases, you definitely need a wireless mic. Mic cable can be annoying, especially when you are going to move around to give guidance. It restricts your movement and may cause the tripping hazards. So it is good to use the microphone for zoom fitness class. Although it may perform a bit worse in sound quality, it is still standard and offers more convenience to fitness instruction.

Decide the type of fitness wireless microphone system

When you are looking for wireless microphone for fitness, you may find that there are different kinds such as handheld, headset and lavalier mic. Which is the best one for you? In the following part, we will talk about the pros and cons of using it, and you can decide which one to use accordingly.

Handheld mic

It is one of the fitness wireless microphone that you can consider. It is the most durable, which is an attractive point for fitness instructors since they have motions like jumping. In addition, it is convenient to pass on a handheld mic to another person on the fly. So you can use it as the group fitness microphone.

However, the disadvantage is obvious. As the name suggests, you must hold it in your hand so it stops you from using that hand for anything else easily. Also, you are supposed to place this fitness microphone in a proper distance from your mouth all the time. Otherwise, you voice will be either louder or quieter.

Fitness microphone headset

As for headset, the advantage is obvious especially for fitness instructors. It enables you to be hand-free, so you can do any action and move freely in the classroom as you like. In addition, you can adjust a suitable mic distance from your mouth and fix it, so you don’t need to worry about the volume.

For the disadvantage, it is somehow less durable than handheld mic and is a little higher in price.

Lavalier mic

When it comes to lavalier fitness mic, it also frees your hands with the mic clipping on your clothing. Also, it is easy to be hidden, which is helpful when you want people to concentrated on your instruction and not be distracted by anything else.

But the mic has its weight so it may make your collar turn down. Moreover, the rub of clothing is likely to affect the recording sound.

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Five factors to consider after deciding the type

After making a decision on a best wireless mic for your need, then is to take some factors into consideration to help you buy an incredibly perfect one.


A session could go for several hours. As a result, the fitness trainer microphone must be extremely comfortable to wear and cause no pain or irritation over time. You can try on the microphone and see if it feels natural before purchasing it.


Any group fitness session will entail bouncing, jumping, and quick movement. As a result, make sure your microphone stays stable and doesn’t move around.

Sweat Resistance

It is common to sweat when you are working out. And corrosion forms inside the microphone as a result of high levels of exercise and continuous exposure to perspiration and moisture. In such instances, a moisture-resistant fitness instructor microphone is needed. You can check the product specification carefully to see if it’s a sweat-proof headset before you buy.


The Fitness Industry pursues good looking, so you can also think about the design of you mic. There are many stylish microphones such as SYNCO P1 in the market, differing in colors, materials, etc. Just choose one that can make you more appealing.


The cost of a microphone varies greatly depending on the brand, quality, and technological specifications. It is recommended that you concentrate on your needs and choose one that meets them. Choose the one that best fulfills your needs in terms of use and quality, and purchase the microphone for fitness videos that has the best price-to-value ratio.

Wireless microphone is also popular in sports teaching and filming. If you are interested in it, just check the article What is wireless microphone for sports and how to choose?

Tips to get better fitness video

After investing in a best fitness microphone, then it is time to begin your instruction. Here are some tips for you to get popular fitness video.

  • Consider the setup This includes the background, lighting, clothes and any other things that show to the audience.
  • Turn off extra noises It is extremely important when you use a fitness microphone. Even the driving sound of the computer can be captured. So make sure that you have create a relatively quiet room for your shooting.
  • Stay energetic but calm This makes your video attractive. But remember that too much enthusiasm or too little either leads to bad viewing experience.
  • Make your videos into one series Choose an object and break it into a series of short videos. This helps you get your followers.