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SYNCO expands G1 digital microphone with more colors

We are glad to announce that the SYNCO G1 digital microphone range has been expanded with another three colors, in addition to the original Black edition. This is a move intended to offer more options for new generation vloggers, filmmakers, and suchlike content creators who always meet people in different clothing and at different occasions. 

Announced last year in November 2020 the SYNCO G1 series offer a compact-size, signal-secure, easy-to-use digital wireless microphone. It’s well received by the market for packing a lot of great functions into its small size.
SYNCO G1 Series in Four Colors

SYNCO G1, microphone wireless in Black, Grey, Pink, and White

The SYNCO G1 is the first generation wireless microphone system of SYNCO which runs at 2.4GHz band. It consists of 2 kits, the 1-trigger-1 G1(A1) and the 1-trigger-2 G1(A2)

Now it in total has four colors, namely Onyx Black, Porcelain Grey, Peach Pink, and Pearl White. The original Black edition mainly targets people in dark clothing or environment that is dark. The said three additions try to allow the filmmakers and videographers to more easily affix the SYNCO G1 transmitter to the subject and offer more choices for business professionals who would like to have different-color or -style suits at different occasions. For example, the Grey wireless microphone appears to be more elegant and less strict, ideal for semi-formal events where personality could be somehow expressed, and the Peach Pink or Pearl White, more lively and much brighter, perfect to go with light-colored clothing and easy to hide into such clothes.

The three additional versions of the SYNCO G1 are everything identical to the original product except color.

They have one or two transmitter(s) packed with both inbuilt omnidirectional condenser capsule and external one which features the same quality with the lavalier microphone SYNCO S6E. The transmitter always stays with the presenter, and the receiver is ready to slip into a camera hotshoe or clip onto a camera strap, making the system a perfect digital camera microphone.

Audio is securely transmitted using Syncoder Encrypted Transmission Algorithm, the unique 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission technology developed by SYNCO to precisely pick up signals and deliver clean, clear sound over a maximum distance of 70m in a clear line of sight.

On the Receiver side, there are four stages of gain control to tailor the mic output to the camera or recorder. If you want to monitor the audio and battery levels, then the G2 series with a TFT true-color screen could be the choice.

The SYNCO G1 digital microphone has been designed in a compact way, each unit weighing at just 35g, ideal for carrying anywhere.

SYNCO G1 key features

  1. Very versatile: transmitter can be used as a discreet clip on microphone using the integrated microphone OR as a compact belt pack using the included external lavalier microphone.
  2. Long-distance signal transmission: the figure reaches 70m for 1RX+1TX kit and 50m for 1RX+2TX in clear line of sight.
  3. Extremely easy to use: the automatic pairing between the microphone transmitter and receiver is very fast, taking just 2-3 seconds, and the setup is very simple.
  4. Super-compact and super-lightweight: 52X42X16mm (transmitter), 52X42X16mm (receiver), 35g each.
  5. Budget friendly: G1(A1) is just USD99 and G1(A2) USD149 
  6. More colors: The gray, white, and pink versions are alternatives to the black edition to create more applications. Besides this, all other features remain the same.