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Audio Accessories

Audio Accessories

When it comes to building a professional recording studio or setting up a personal shooting area on your table, it is supposed to make use of audio accessories. They play roles in improving the sound quality and simplifying the recording procedure. It is the choice when it is needed to customize personal or operational requirements.

SYNCO has released a wide range of microphones going for various recording scenarios. However, they may not provide maximum benefit due to the limit of mounting, sound processing, etc. This is why SYNCO supplies accessories that work as the complementarity to mics.

Currently there two major parts. One is for sound processing and the other is designed to assist in mounting so as to expand the usage.

There is situation when multiple inputs or outputs are required such as live streaming. The MC3-LITE, an audio mixer, comes into play. It carries ultra-compact construction, extremely low distortion, and multiple inputs. In addition, the real-time monitor makes it ideal for live streamers.

It is ideal to place the microphone without the restriction of desk space and point the mic to an ideal angle to capture target sounds easily and accurately when shooting indoor especially at the desk. Taking this into consideration, SYNCO has also launched audio installation accessories.

The right audio accessories and equipment can make a great difference in the way content output looks and sounds. Explore SYNCO microphones to decide on suitable equipment to start excellent film making. 

Small Audio Mixer SYNCO MC3-LITE

Small audio mixer MC3-LITE

The SYNCO MC3-LITE is a small audio mixer including three ways of signal input and four output ports for mix of signals from multiple devices. The independent gain control dial and monitoring port make it a good choice for high-quality live streaming.

Best Microphone Arm Stand SYNCO MA30

Best microphone arm stand MA30

The MA30 is a microphone arm stand for most microphones at SYNCO. The sturdy steel construction, internal spring system, 150° adjustable arm and 360° rotatable clamp make it the best microphone arm stand for podcast, voice-over, live streaming, etc.

Cold Shoe Extension for Camera and Tripod SM5

Cold shoe extension for camera and tripod SM5

The SYNCO SM5 is a cold shoe extension for mounting two microphones or other shooting devices on camera, tripod and suchlike via a single cold shoe mount.