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Mini microphone in TikTok: what do you need to know?

When you swipe videos on TikTok, you may notice that some creators turn up in the video with a TikTok microphone. What is it? Why does it gain popularity? If you want to have one, how to choose? Today let’s talk about it.

Use mini microphone for TikTok SYNCO P1

What is mini microphone used in TikTok?

As we all know, TikTok is a phone APP and most creators use mobile phone to create their video clips. So here the mini microphone is typically used for cell phone. As its name suggests, it is compact in size and offers the same function as other mics does. And we can divide it into different types according to different characteristics.

For example, if classified by the cable, there are small wireless microphone that includes a transmitter and a receiver to connect to your phone, and wired one which connect the mic and mobile phone via a cable.

Also, TikTok microphone for iPhone owns a Lightning connector while Type-C is used to fit the android phone. And SYNCO has introduced a new wireless recording microphone for TikTok, Youtube and suchlike videos. Just check the video to see what is new in it.

Quick overview: SYNCO TikTok microphones recommended

Since TikTok microphone gains increasing popularity, microphone manufacturers all over the world seize the chance and produce different kinds for sale. So does SYNCO. Here are three products that you can purchase at SYNCO. All of them feature characteristics that may satisfy your need.

Wireless microphone for TikTok SYNCO G3

SYNCO G3 TikTok wireless microphone for recording consists of two transmitter and a receiver that carries a display screen.

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The SYNCO G3 is a wireless lapel microphone for use with an Android phone, iPhone, camera, and other devices. The "3" in this case denotes three-way input from two transmitters and a receiver. It also refers to three different types of output: Type-C, TRS, and TRRS.

The G3 is a wonderful option if you need to talk to the talents but are a little distance away from them. This wireless technology also functions as a communicator, allowing you to communicate with the performer without screaming or halting the video production.

The receiver may function as a charger. The transmitter can capture sounds for 5 hours after a 2-hour charge. When Recorder Mode is set, each transmitter acts as a standalone audio recorder, capable of storing an 8G 16bit/48KHz CD-quality audio file for up to 22 hours.

If there is the need for two-person filming in your TikTok videos and switching among different devices, the SYNCO G3 is an ideal choice.

Portable lavalier microphone system SYNCO P1

Portable lavalier microphone system SYNCO P1

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The SYNCO P1 is also a mini wireless microphone for phone. It has two models. The P1T featuring Type-C connector is a TikTok microphone for android and the P1L is for iPhone. Unlike the G1T/L, the connector is not for sale separately, so you should consider which device you will use the mic on.

Similar to the aforementioned G1T/L, P1 is also microphone with voice changer and in ear monitor. However, there is one thing distinguishing P1 from other products at SYNCO. It is equipped with a charging case for the first time. The drawer-style design enables you to open the case with a simple tap and then the transmitter and receiver will match automatically. It offers two additional charges for the mic, so you can use it for 15 hours at most. Also you can charge your phone via the Type C port on the receiver. Both works together to make sure a long time recording.

Also, it is much smaller than the G1T/L in the size of transmitter. The P1 is really a small clip on microphone with the size of 49x19x19mm and weighs 10g. So even you wear clothes made of soft clothing like T-shirt, the transmitter won't make the collar turn down.

Using P1 in you TikTok video is also fashionable. It is embedded with dynamic light strip on the front of the transmitter and charging case, so you can add more fun to your video with the light effects. Unlike black U1 and G1T/L, P1 comes in two colors. One is Pearl White and the other is Stone Blue. Both will make your video aesthetically amusing.

Small shotgun microphone SYNCO U1

Small shotgun microphone SYNCO U1

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The SYNCO U1 is a tiny microphone for TikTok that plugs into phone. There are 3 models working for specific device. U1P is for phone with TRRS connector while U1L for iPhone and U1T for android. It is powered by the mobile phone. Just plug it and you can start shooting.

It features directional polar pattern, which helps you capture target audio clearly and block noise especially in noisy environment. The 90-degree rotatable connector makes videoing more flexible since you can adjust the angle as you like.

If you pursue high quality audio but clean frame, U1 is great for you. It is tiny and mounted on the phone, so it won’t be seen in the footage. Also, you can use it for outdoor recording. It is compact and lightweight, causing no burden in your bag. The solid construction allow it to perform well even in bad weather condition.

Mini pocket microphone SYNCO G1T/L

Mini pocket microphone SYNCO G1T/L

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The G1T/L is a mini wireless lavalier microphone at 2.4G bandwidth. It features a transmitter clipping on the clothing and a receiver with Type C connector(G1T) or Lightning(G1L). Both connectors are available for sale separately, so it is feasible for you to shop for one to use it on more devices.

It is the first microphone at SYNCO that is equipped with voice changer. You can change your voice easily by pressing a button on the receiver and then your voice can switch among sweet, deep, electrical, etc. This is incredibly helpful if you produce video about podcasts, role play, gaming and suchlike on TikTok or any other sharing platform.

In addition, mini microphone the SYNCO G1T/L supports in ear monitor. A 3.5mm jack is provided to plug earphone in. If your video requires a perfect coordination between what you record and background music, it will be a perfect choice for you since you can hear a mix of audio and backgrounding. 

With regard to power requirement, the transmitter is battery-power while receiver is powered by your phone but boasts a Type-C port to charge the working phone. It is a good choice to remove the worry about low battery.

Table: Key specifications of each TikTok microphone

Microphone U1 G1T/L P1T/L G3
Polar pattern Directional Omnidirectional Omnidirectional Omnidirectional
In-ear monitor No Yes Yes Yes
Voice effects No Yes Yes Yes
Charging case No No Yes No
Power requirement Device-powered

Transmitter: battery

Receiver: device-powered

Transmitter: battery

Receiver: device-powered

Transmitter: battery

Receiver: battery

Power durability Always 8h 15h 5h
Size Palm-size

Transmitter: 52×42×16mm

Receiver: 55X31X13mm

Transmitter: 49x19x19mm

Receiver: 49x30x9mm

Transmitter: 62x22x20mm

Receiver: 64x32x28mm

Price U1L: $45 G1L: $79 P1L: $65.99 $199

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Advantages of using mini microphone for TikTok

Generally speaking, it is light and compact, making it the ideal microphone for TikTok live. Besides that, when it is used in TikTok, it has other pros.

Good audio

This is the obvious merit. No matter what kind of microphones you use, an external one definitely records sounds of higher quality than the inbuilt mic. This is incredibly important if you create contents that rely on good audio such as karaoke, telling story.

Attractive to viewer

The key to a successful clip is to catch viewers’ attention as fast as possible. A TikTok microphone is capable of helping achieving the goal. It makes you distinguish from other creators since not every one uses mic in the video. With an audio recording device with funny or fashionable appearance to be your sign, you are able to stand out on fyp with pop style.

Beautiful frame

Some people use their earphone mic to record sounds. And commonly they will hold it up to the face and talk or sing, which makes them look casual to some extent. But if a tiny microphone is used, things will be different. It improves the aesthetics terms of the short films and helps enlarge the view time with a clean frame.

What can you record in TikTok with microphone for phone?

What can you record in TikTok with mini microphone for phone SYNCO P1?There are millions of videos in various topics. And small clip microphone plays a big part in some of them. The followings are some shooting ideas and different kind of microphones recommended to specific videos.


ASMR is the latest pop video. It is short for autonomous sensory meridian response, which means it happens without warning (you have no control over it), is prompted by anything external, and affects your senses to a high point. It usually records slight sounds so an external mic is needed.

A best microphone for TikTok should feature low self-noise and excellent sensitivity, which are essential for capturing every syllable you whisper or the crackling sound you make when you open a bag of chips. Because ASMR is defined by little nuances, it’s best to use a microphone that can pick up everything.


Singing video is of great popularity in TikTok. With a TikTok microphone, you can show viewers that you are serious with the content and let them know the audio is of high quality. In this way, you need a microphone that is good at recording faithful audio and somehow arresting. So it can catch attention at first glance.

Dialogue Reenactments

In this kind of videos, you are going to reenact famous movie dialogues in a creative method. You can do it by yourself or ask your friends to record with you. Microphone also plays its role in this video. It can add more fun and attract more viewers especially when it features sound effects.

Makeup tutorials

As the name suggests, these videos offer tutorials on how to wear makeup in different styles, sometime there are also tips on hair style. Usually, creator shoots in front of their phones and talk about tips as they are making up. To make you clearly heard and not ruin the makeup, you can try a mini clip on microphone. It records everything you say, frees hands and has no influence on the makeup.

Workout Videos

Workout videos, like dancing videos and tutorials, are quite popular on all of the major social media platforms. People enjoy emulating and mimicking the workout routines of their favorite social media influencers. Even if you’re not in the fitness sector, you may use your account to make more people to discover and follow you by posting your own personal training routine.

To guarantee that the people who watch your videos can hear you clearly, it is a good option to use wireless lavalier microphone for fitness video. It can capture what you say and avoid tripping over you without mic cable. Also, the small-sized mic will not distract viewers.

Live Videos

TikTok allows you to broadcast live videos to your followers. Live videos should be incorporated into your content mix since they allow you to communicate with your audience in real time.

As we all know, live streaming usually comes with background music. A microphone with in ear monitor helps you monitor the overall effect and have adjustment in real time. So you can interact with followers without worry about the audio.

Five factors to consider when choosing a microphone

TikTok microphone is of great help. So how to find one that is suitable for your requirements?


First of all, the selection of microphone type matters. And it depends on how you plan your video.

  • Shotgun mic: Mini shotgun microphone can be directly plug into cell phone. It captures audio from the target direction and won’t be shot by your camera lenses.
  • Handheld mic: It comes in the typical microphone looking but is really small. You can point it to anyone or anything you want to record and add more fun and interaction to videos.
  • Lavalier mic: There are two types, wired and wireless. In general, wireless one is recommended since you can move without the restriction of cable. It is suitable for movable recording.

Polar pattern

The environment plays an important part in selecting what polar pattern to use. For example, if you are in relatively quiet surroundings and feel like capturing many sounds you like, an omnidirectional mini microphone can work perfectly. However, if you want to capture target sound in noisy environment, directional microphone is suitable for you since it can record audio from where it is pointed and block ambient sounds from other directions.


This helps you confirm the mic can work on your phone. TikTok microphone features different connectors to fit specific mobile phone. For example, microphone with TRRS goes for mobile phones that own earphone jack. Just have a look at the model of your phone and choose an appropriate one.

Power requirement

There are two ways to make power supply. If your shooting can be finished soon, the device-powered microphone is good. If you want to have longer recording, then you can choose a battery operated microphone since it doesn’t consume the power of your phone.


Before searching for your ideal microphone, think about the budget you would like to spend on the mic and bear it in mind. This can also help you exclude some that you don’t need.

Here is a table of TikTok microphones for recording at SYNCO according to the factors we mentioned above so that you will get overview information and first decide which to choose.

Microphone U1 G1T/L P1T/L G3
Type Shotgun mic Wireless lavalier mic Wireless lavalier mic Wireless lavalier mic
Polar pattern Directional Omnidirectional Omnidirectional Omnidirectional


U1T: Type-C

U1L: Lightning

G1T: Type-C

G1L: Lightning

P1T: Type-C

P1L: Lightning

Type-C, Lightning, TRS, TRRS

Power requirement Device-powered Battery Battery Battery
Price U1L: $45 G1L: $79 P1L: $59 $199