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What do you need to know about voice changer microphone?

Do you want to mask your voice and make it sound different? There are mainly two ways to achieve it. One is to use the voice changing software and the other is to directly adopt a voice changer microphone. You may be somehow informed of the former, but what do you really know about the latter? In this article, we would like to briefly talk about it.

SYNCO Voice Changer Microphone G1T


As the name suggests, voice changing microphone is a microphone working together with voice changer. Voice changer, also known as voice enhancer, is a device that may alter the tone or pitch of a user’s voice, or a combination of the two. In this way, a microphone with voice changer means that you can record or convey voice in different voice effects without using software or post production to change the voice.

[There is also noise cancelling microphone in the market, Click Here to know more about it.]

Reasons to use a voice distortion microphone

  1. High quality modified audio. A professional voice changer microphone is an excellent external device to modify the sound, allowing you to concentrate on your video content without worrying about the poor results.
  2. More fun. If you are going to make a video, using a microphone with voice effects is capable of making the video more interesting. For example, you can use it to cosplay a character when you are telling a story - this would add more fun and make it sound more vivid and natural.
  3. Less time. In most cases, specific voice effect will be added to the video in post-production procedure. But with voice changer microphone to mask voice in real time, post production will be easy, leaving more time for you to schedule the video.
  4. Privacy issue. Most of us like to divide our personal and professional lives. However, there are times when your hobbies and other personal interests may have an impact on and possibly hurt your professional life, particularly in the online world. With a voice changer microphone online to change your voice, you can express your thoughts more freely.

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    When to use the microphone?

    When you need more entertainment...

    For example, you can use it as a voice changer mic for gaming. When playing games such as PUBG, you could simply changing your voice by using such a microphone to troll your friends and double your fun. Also when you are actively telling a story which has several characters involved, just mask your voice and try to play that role yourself to make the story more interesting. It is also a perfect microphone for podcasting

    When you want to create more engaging contents...

    You could use the voice changer for live streaming. Sometimes having fun and being creative on stream is one of the best way to be genuine. Just enrich your voice with the microphone so that it could suit the situation best and present a full scenario to your audience. The story telling example talked above is another instance, which by using voice actor microphone, would build a complete image of the story and restore each plot as real as possible.

    What to look for in a voice changer microphone?


    This is the most important thing. The voice quality of a voice enhancer microphone should be believable as a human voice; otherwise, it will never be an effective way to achieve the targets above.


    It is always a voice changer microphone for mobile or pc. In order to enable whenever and whereever connection, you need to make sure the mic is portable so that you could start fun once you want.

    Compatibility with devices you tend to use

    As aforementioned, the microphone is always used for mobile devices or computer. The compatibility problem always happens to mobile ones, and the most imprudent issue is the port compatibility.

    • Type-C: It is the latest standard port for Android smartphones, allowing quicker charging and data transmission.
    • Lightning: It is the exclusive type of connector for Apple products. That is why voice changer microphone for iphone is launched specifically.
    • 3.5mm jack: It is a small round connector to accept pin-shaped plug-in.

    After figuring out the type of port of your smartphone, you may try to find a specific microphone for voice changer to get adapted to the phone OR buy additional adaptors to get the mic connected.

    Number and variety of voice changing options

    Always it is a multi voice changer microphone, and you need to check whether the modified voices meet your needs.

    Take the SYNCO funny voice changer microphone G1T or G1L for example. It has nine voice effects, Original, Studio FX, KTV FX, Voice Amplification, EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Baby FX, Male to Female, Female to Male, and Monster FX. Each voice is completely set and built into the mic. They are not customizable but are enough for your recording. You can just click a button to alter them and find one for your video recording. 


    1. How to choose a best microphone for voice changer?

    To begin, let’s talk about the banal. Before you start looking for a voice changer microphone Amazon, decide what voice effects you want to adopt. It will be difficult to find the perfect option if you don’t know what you are looking for.
    And then, determine when you will use the microphone. There are different types designed for various proposes so you should keep in mind when you will use it when searching for a suitable one.

    2. How can I know I am speaking in voice effect?

    In general, there is specific indicator light to show you that voice changer is working. And you can read the manual to learn about it. If you are still concerned about it, plug your earphone in the 3.5mm jack, a kind of phone connector, of the voice changer microphone and you are able to monitor your sound. Or you can record a sound clip to confirm the effect.

    Note: Cover photo by cristiano_tech and other photos in this article by SYNCO.