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Guide to wireless microphone clip on shirt

Wireless microphone clip on shirt is small and discreet mic that is clipped onto the subject and directly records audio into a wireless transmitter or audio recording device. It's excellent for interviews if the team wants to close-mic a person and reduce background noise. In this article, we will focus on the following topics.

  1. What is it?
  2. What are the benefits of using it for recording?
  3. When to use it?
  4. How to use it to get better audio?

SYNCO G2(A2) is a wireless microphone clip on shirt and carries a display screen.

What is wireless microphone for shirt?

Wireless clip on microphones are compact microphones that are commonly used in live performances and interviews. They are also known as "lavs" or "lapel mics" and are meant to be placed on the collarbone. You can record audio from a single subject thanks to the design. Some systems, however, use more than one transmitters to deliver sounds to a single receiver.

Wireless microphone clip-on shirt is condenser in most cases, which means it is very sensitive to sound, and it usually comes in omnidirectional polar pattern. Omnidirectional microphones capture sound from all directions. This is useful when subjects are moving and might move or knock the mic out of place, which will result in audio drop-out if a subject isn't speaking right into the microphone, but it also records unwanted noises easily.

Some SYNCO wireless microphones clip on shirt come with a charging case.

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What are the benefits of using it?

Wireless microphone clip on shirt brings the following benefits to your podcast or video recording:

Discreet Recording

Lav microphones can record someone on camera without their being seen because of their compact size. A lav mic is a great tool for recording performers for a movie since it can catch high-quality audio covertly when properly placed on clothing. With lapel mics, interview subjects frequently feel more at ease and behave more spontaneously since they don't think about them.

Portable & Convenient

Wireless shirt microphone is very portable and simple to set up because of its small size. It is therefore practical, especially if you regularly record while on the go. It takes relatively little operation once it is installed, switched on, and the settings are set.

Clear & Clean Sounds

The majority of clip-on microphones are condenser types that are specifically built to record voices. They attach to a speaker's lapel or clothing near the speaker's mouth. Because of their closeness to the mouth, they can capture better sounds, making them an excellent choice for recording dialogue.

When would you use it?

Wireless microphone that clips on shirt records sounds and has a variety of applications for filmmakers, podcasters, and other video content providers. Some common uses include:

  • secretly recording actors in a performance for a movie
  • capturing hands-free audio for a tutorial
  • gaming sessions streaming
  • Filming interviews on the go
  • Offering a hands-free option for speaking

How to use wireless microphone clip on shirt to get better audio?

Here are some tips for you to follow:

Where to place

When clipping wireless microphone onto your shirt, you can try the following placement:

  • Collarbone: It's simple to mount a lav mic on the collarbone. It's also close to the mouth and looks fashionable.
  • Collar: Using a lapel mic on the collar differs from using one on the collarbone. If you're wearing a suit, sweater, or collared shirt/t-shirt, collar lav placement is ideal. Just make sure the microphone isn't too close to the mouths and doesn't rub against the neck.
  • Chest: It goes well with ties, button-down shirts, and blouses.
  • Lapel: The mic is clamped to the lapel of a coat or jacket.

How to place

You can follow these five simple steps:

  • Step 1: Select a mic location from the options outlined above.
  • Step 2 - To eliminate breathing sounds and plosives, place the microphone about eight inches away from your (the speaker's) chin.
  • Step 3 - Attach the wireless microphone shirt clip to your shirt or any other object/location where you want it. The mic should be set such that it has clear access to your mouth.
  • Step 4 - Check the audio level by talking normally.
  • Step 5: If necessary, adjust the microphone.

More tips & tricks of using wireless on shirt microphone for YouTube

  • Be mindful of your gestures: putting your hand on the wireless microphone clip on shirt or your heart, or clapping near the microphone, may boost the sound. While these actions may appear natural, they may produce distracting noises for your listeners.
  • Mount it correctly: Another crucial advice is to place your microphone on the outermost layer of your clothing. Because of the reduced contact sound, this assures high-quality sound.
  • Use accessories: Use clips, tape, pins, or anything else that will keep your microphone in place.
  • Choose the ideal position: The best place for an on-clothing microphone is mid-chest. Anything too high will have an effect on the frequency response, and anything too low will result in a decreased audio volume. The microphone should not contact the speaker's clothes and should aim straight up at the speaker's lips.
  • Keep extra microphones on hand: Regardless of how much we dislike it, the reality is that lav microphones are fragile. Make-up, perspiration, and repeated pulling and plugging of wires and connectors may wear even the most sturdy mic. Even if you strive to take excellent care of them, have an additional mic on hand.