SYNCO U Series Phone Microphones

U Series Phone Microphones

The U series is a category of phone microphones developed to capture professional sound from Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It is intended to be a solution for journalists looking for an easy recording way for field interviews, speakers wanting to record a talk, or even parents trying to recording their children’s acting. It would be a wide range of directional and wireless microphones that conveniently attach to phones and greatly help improve the audio quality of those recordings.

Additionally, SYNCO provides another eight categories of microphones, say, the wireless microphones running at either 2.4GHz or UHF band, the professional shotguns delivering broadcast quality sound results, the wired lavaliers that is the richest category with eight products in total, etc. SYNCO is ready to partner with more dealers around the world and together level up all possible recording! 

Cell Phone Microphone SYNCO MMic-U3


The SYNCO MMic-U3 is a cell phone microphone that is tailored to provide extraordinary recording experience on smartphones.

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Microphone for Phone SYNCO MMic-U1


The SYNCO MMic-U1, the first microphone for phone under U series, is available in 3 types of connectors that accommodate the direct connection to Android/ iOS smartphones and tablets.

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