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SYNCO camera mic D30 - Flexibility in a variety of situations

It is a typical video briefly introducing our camera mic - SYNCO Mic-D30 - designed to be an “audio technician”. Flexibility is the keyword. For example, it carries a chargeable battery, allowing it to avoid the stop caused by dead battery; it has a tripod, making it workable in video conferencing; it provides gain control and low-cut filter, both supporting the mic to get adapted to each situation; it gets a headphone jack, having the ability to monitor the audio...

All this is shown by Dustin Abbott in the video. Have a look at it and find out which feature you like most.

About Dustin Abbott

Dustin Abbott is a Photographer, Author, Pastor, and Gear Reviewer. He is a professional lens reviewer that works with a variety of distributors and strives to bring you fair and balanced reviews based in the real world - not charts.