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Guide to best budget wireless microphone system

To find the best budget wireless microphone system must be an important task for those who want to record their sound and improve their video quality. Nowadays, wireless lapel microphones can be seen everywhere. Thanks to its outstanding flexibility, reliability, and sound quality, it gains popularity all over the world. This article is dedicated to introducing some crucial factors of a microphone and recommending a good option.

Why a professional wireless microphone system matters?

Wireless lavalier microphone breaks the limit of distance and provides great convenience for users. Comparing with traditional wired microphones, it enables users to walk around without being restricted by the length of a cable. There is no need to worry about being tripped by the cable or untangling the cords if you use a wireless lapel microphone system.

Moreover, the current lapel microphones are capable of providing a crystal-clear sound quality which is even better than that of a wired one. It is applicable to various situations such as conference, interview, and film. The undeniable flexibility and sound quality provided by a professional microphone will undoubtedly improve the using experience.

Significant factors to know before purchasing a wireless microphone system

Before we recommend the best budget wireless microphone system, we are going to go over some important factors that determine the performance of a microphone.


In a nutshell, latency is the time it takes for the signal to pass the distance between input and output. The microphone transmitter picks up the audio signal, converts it into radio signal, and sends it to the receiver which translates it back to the audio signal. The amount of time such process takes is called latency. It is obvious that the lower latency is, the better performance is.

For analog microphone, latency is not an issue. It can transmit the audio signal immediately without latency while a digital wireless microphone system needs to spend time converting analog signal into digital signal and converting it back. Nowadays, the latency of digital microphone is shortened due to technology innovation.

Whether the latency is acceptable depends on the applications. For performers who need to monitor the sound effect on stage in real time, the latency between 5 to 10 milliseconds is acceptable. Generally speaking, people can’t clearly feel the effect of latency until it reaches 15 milliseconds. Therefore, latency less than 15 milliseconds is acceptable for ordinary applications such as conference and teaching.

Working range

Working range is not a big issue for those who stay in a small space when using a clip on microphone. However, if you need to undertake a complicated production with plenty of movement, you’d better make certain that the working range of your best budget wireless microphone for vlogging and suchlike recording is competent in meeting your requirements.

A good way to choose the best wireless lavalier microphone is choosing a system which has a working range that doubles the distance you might require. It is worth noting that short-range wireless microphone systems might have difficulty in transmitting signals through small barriers like shelves and doors. Besides, you should have known that UHF wireless microphone system is generally has a wider range than VHF and 2.4GHz wireless microphone system. For further info, please see Wireless microphone systems: UHF or 2.4 GHz?

Battery performance

It is obvious that no cordless microphone can work without batteries. Good battery performance plays a role in guaranteeing constant and fluent operation. Currently, there are mainly two types of batteries available. Single-use alkaline batteries were commonly used in the past. Nowadays, rechargeable batteries are increasingly popular. Big battery capacity matters when you need to use a microphone for a long time.

SYNCO G Series best budget wireless microphone for DSLR includes G1 and G2. The G2 differs from the G1 in its TFT display screen.

The best budget wireless microphone system: SYNCO G1

When choosing the best wireless microphone, both quality and price should be taken into account. Great progress in microphone technology has been achieved in the past decade. Nowadays, there are systems of various brands and various prices in the market. You don’t have to spend a tremendous amount of money to get a high-end system. If you are looking for the best budget wireless microphone system, SYNCO G1 will be your first choice.

SYNCO G1(A1) is an ultra-compact and utility wireless lavalier microphone system at 2.4GHz. It consists of a portable receiver and a transmitter which is embedded with a sensitive microphone. G1 offers two recording modes, one is through the built-in microphone, the other is through an external wired lavalier microphone. Users can choose the recording way accordingly.

Applying the unique Syncoder Encrypted Transmission Algorithm, G1(A1) is a 2.4GHz wireless microphone which is capable of transmitting signals within 70 meters at max. Equipped with 400mAh rechargeable lithium battery, G1 cordless microphone system can work for 8 hours after full charge. Moreover, the latency of G1 is just 12.5ms. Featuring such outstanding advantages, G1 is incredibly compact and lightweight that the weights of its microphone receiver and transmitter are both 35g. For ordinary applications such as interview, conference, and vlogging, the performance of G1 is well-pleasing enough. For applications that require two microphones, SYNCO G1(A2) which has two transmitters and one receiver is an appropriate choice.

The prices of homogeneous wireless lavalier microphones on the market are generally up to $200. By contrast, the price of SYNCO G1 is much more affordable because G1(A1) is just $99 and G1(A2) is just $149. With such outstanding features and affordable price, SYNCO G1 is undoubtedly the best budget wireless microphone system.

SYNCO G2 is coming

Since the release of G1, SYNCO has made constant efforts to create more innovative and high quality microphones for customers. There is good news that SYNCO is going to launch the new product SYNCO G2 in the near future! Featuring the outstanding quality and versatility of G1, G2 is more powerful and user-friendly. G2 is equipped with a display screen so that users can have an intuitive understanding of the working condition of the microphone system in real time. More detailed information will be released in the near future.