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Best wireless lavalier microphone for video: Top 3 SYNCO picks for different scenarios

Many vloggers, broadcasters, streamers, and YouTubers are looking for the best wireless lavalier microphone for video to remove the distracting presence of the bulky handheld or desktop microphone from the video frame. It consists of a clip-on transmitter and a receiver to connect to the recording device. The technology development ensures high quality wireless sound, compact transmitter, and relatively long battery life. However, it is still a bit difficult to choose the proper one. Here are some of our top recommendations for wireless audio setup at SYNCO, along with some advice on things to consider before adding to the cart.

SYNCO P1 wireless microphone for video recording has a receiver that can be plugged into the charging port directly.

Table: Quick specs overview of SYNCO wireless lavalier microphone for video production

We make a list of each recommended product for intuitional comparison.

Product G3 P1 G2(A2)
Frequency range 50Hz-20KHz 20Hz-20KHz 20Hz-20KHz
Connection type TRS/TRRS/Type-C/Lightning Type-C/Lightning TRS/TRRS
Range 820ft/250m(LOS area) 492ft/150m (LOS area) 492ft/150m (LOS area)
Battery life 5H 5H 8H
Dimension TX: 62x22x20mm; RX: 64x62x28mm TX: 49x19x19mm; RX: 49x30x9mm TX: 52x42x17mm; RX: 52x42x17mm
Weight TX: 15g; RX: 74g TX: 10g; RX: 5g TX: 39g; RX: 39g
Price $199.00 P1L: $65.99; P1T: $59.00 $199.00

*Note: The price is specially offered at Moman PhotoGears Store, the SYNCO authorized seller.

Top 3 picks at SYNCO

SYNCO has introduced several models of wireless lavalier microphone to the market. Below we list the top 3 hot sales. Each works better than any other in specific video types. You can simply choose the one according to the recording contents.

G2(A2) - Wireless lavalier microphone for interviews videos

SYNCO G2(A2) wireless lavalier microphone for interviews videos is sold at Moman PhotoGears Store.

Go and buy at Moman PhotoGears Store

The SYNCO G2(A2) is an excellent audio recording device for one-on-one interviews. It has two transmitters and a receiver, each of which carries a TFT display screen. You can directly clip the transmitter on the collar of the interviewer and interviewee, or use the included lav mics and hide the transmitter to make a cleaner frame if needed.

The mute button plays a big role in interview videos. It allows you to mute the mic only and eliminates the need to turn off the whole system. This saves the time of setting up the system again and again and makes interviews more flexible. Such feature also makes it a lavalier microphone for video conferencing that enables you to stay wireless.

Key features

  • TFT display screen to show key figures like recording mode and battery status
  • Up to 150m/492ft line-of-sight transmission distance
  • 0-5dB gain control, 150Hz low cut filter
  • A button for muting the mic only
  • real-time audio monitor
  • 8-hour working time
  • 3-in-1 quick charging solution
  • Compact 39g for each transmitter/receiver

SYNCO G2(A2) review video

Video by YouTuber Geeky Nerdy Techy that includes unboxing, build quality, test on audio quality, recording distance, and mono/stereo mode, and features.

P1 - Wireless microphone for fitness videos

SYNCO P1 wireless microphone for fitness videos is $10 off at Moman PhotoGears Store.

Go ang buy at Moman PhotoGears Store

The SYNCO P1 consists of a transmitter with a small clip, a receiver with Type-C plug(P1T) or Lightning connector(P1L), and a charger case. It is an ideal option for wireless microphone for phone video recording since it enables you to directly plug the receiver into the charging port of your smartphone and start recording.

The transmitter weighs 10g and is size 49x19x19mm, which is really unobtrusive and light and will not cause any trouble to your fitness video shooting. You can stretch your body, jump or run freely. The P1 also works to ease low-power anxiety and ensure long-time recording. Put the transmitter back into the case in the break of your workout, and it will offer 45 minutes of use after 10mins of charging.

Key features

  • Stone Blue and Pearl White color options for fashionable appearance in fitness videos
  • 5 hours of working time with a full charge, charger case supporting 2 additional charges
  • Auto pairing for plug-and-play filming
  • Up to 150m/492ft line-of-sight transmission distance
  • 9 voice effects to add more fun to videos
  • Flashing light strip to make the fitness videos more dynamic
  • In-ear monitor

SYNCO P1 review video

Check the video by YouTuber Richard Wong to have a full understanding of the features of P1 and see how it performs in audio pickup.

G3 - Wireless microphone for recording YouTube videos

SYNCO G3 is sold at Moman PhotoGears Store.

Go and buy at Moman PhotoGears Store

The G3 is made up of two clip-on transmitters and a receiver that also works as a charging station. If you have several devices to film YouTube videos, the SYNCO G3 is a good choice. It carries three output ports on the receiver and offers TRS/TRRS and Type-C cable, and a Lightning to Type-C adapter in the package, which allows you to connect it to smartphones, cameras, laptops, etc.

The receiver also carries a mic for communication between talents and the director. It enables you to have convenient communication and make real-time adjustments without shouting or pausing the video shooting. If you make teamwork in your YouTube videos, the G3 is a good option to simplify the work.

Key features

  • Two-way communication between transmitter and receiver end
  • 3 ways of ins and outs make it a wireless microphone for YouTube recording to work with various devices
  • Each transmitter can work as a recorder to hold backup audio for 22 hours
  • Extended working distance of 820ft/250m(LOS area)
  • Receiver is the charging station for transmitter
  • 5 environment scene sounds
  • In-ear monitor
  • Gain control

SYNCO G3 review video

Detailed review video by Future Shock Studios to introduce the G3 in views of unboxing, features, as well as audio and distance test.

      Things to consider for choosing wireless lavalier microphone for recording video

      There are several factors to take into consideration when you make purchase, which includes:

      • Frequency range: These figures indicate the frequency range that your equipment can capture. Numbers should begin at 100Hz while creating interview footage. Choose a device with a frequency range of 70Hz or higher for vocals. The recommended lower threshold for music vloggers working with bass, grand piano, or trumpet is 30Hz. The maximum frequency range of the video microphone should be 6000Hz (for normal speaking volume), 10000Hz (for violin, vocals, electric guitar), or 15000Hz (for synthesizer and acoustic guitar ).
      • Connection type: The most common interface is the Mini-Jack (3.5mm). And the XLR interface provides flawless signal transfer. You will also find wireless microphone for iPhone video recording that features Lightning connector and Type-C connector for android phone.
      • Size: If you want to record on the move without having to go through many setups, look for a lightweight and inconspicuous wireless system. Carrying a big transmitter around may be taxing on any personality, and a heavy receiver can make the cameraman's job practically difficult. Pay attention to the dimension and weight on the product page.
      • Range and latency: These are two extremely important factors to take into account. Range is the distance between the transmitter and the receiver before the sound breaks up, whereas latency is the time between recording the sound from the microphone and transferring it to a receiver. The ideal microphone has a longer range to allow for a better distance between sound source and receiver, as well as a reduced latency to avoid sound gaps, which is especially important while capturing video.
      • Battery life: If you make long-time recording regularly, you will need a wireless system that is built with large capacity of battery and supports quick charge.
      • Budget: If you are new to filmmaking, shop for a wireless lavalier microphone for video beginners at a lower or mid-range price point. You'll have a better grasp of how to record as you create more videos, and you can upgrade to a better mic later. If you're a seasoned video artist, you should probably spend a little extra on a microphone. You've probably figured out how various features function and how to utilize them to improve your audio.
      • Additional functions: As aforementioned, you will need different features for different video types. For example, the best wireless microphone for yoga videos should keep stable on your clothes and be moisture-resistant so you can take up high-intensity workout without worry of dropping the mic or damage caused by sweat.

      There are many other features that help a lot in video shooting. We will list them in details in the introduction of each recommended product, read on and pick the one that can assist in your video most.

      How to make you sound better in video creation?

      Now that you've chosen the best wireless lavalier microphone for video, you could start recording audio. But hold on, here are some tips for getting better audio for your video utilizing. We have summarized the tips below for you to have a quick look.

      8 tips to follow during audio recording

      • Silence everything that you don’t want to pick up with the lavalier microphone for video blogs and any other type of videos.
      • If you film with a mobile phone, set it in airplane mode to avoid recording pause.
      • reduce echo.
      • Keep wind from getting to your microphone.
      • Adjust audio levels to ensure ideal volume.
      • If plan to perform any synchronizing in post, start with a sound cue.
      • Get close to the target sound.
      • Capture ambient sounds.

      Improve your shooting environment

      Your shooting environment may have a big impact! The adage "fix it in post (post-production)" is frequently used to refer to fixing problems that occurred during filming, however it doesn't truly apply to audio. After the fact, it is quite difficult to eliminate ambient noise from a recording. Save yourself the hassle and record the audio for your project that sounds the best it can.
      As you get ready for your shoot:

      • Choose a place with little ambient noise.
      • Avoid anything that makes a hum, such as air conditioners, generators, road noise, and so on.
      • Look for a shooting environment where you can control the ambient noise.
      • Tape blankets to the walls to reduce room resonance, or buy acoustic panels.