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Beginner’s guide to shotgun mic for wedding

The quality of the audio can make or break a wedding video. You have the chance to tell your couple's story in an engaging way with clear, high-quality audio, but what if it was recorded improperly or wasn't used at all? Your video's overall quality will gradually worsen. Start with a shotgun mic for wedding if you're ready to get into audio for your wedding movies. If you are new to it, read on to acquire the audio basics.

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What is shotgun mic used in wedding videography?

Shogun mic is directional. It is used to record sound in front of it while suppressing noise from the sides or rear. It is also known as an interference-type line microphone. It gets its name from shooting sounds in its direction, similar to how shotgun mics discharge pellets. Shotgun microphones are extremely sensitive. As a result, if you wish to record the sound, you must point the microphone at it. This equipment can keep a high level of focus on the sound source.

Typically, it features three types of polar patterns:

  • Cardioid: It is the most popular polar pattern. Cardioid responds to the front and rear but suppresses sound from the back, which is amazingly useful in most instances. The heart-shaped graph depicts how the cardioid picks up sounds from the front while rejecting noises from the sides.
  • Supercardioid: It has higher rear rejection than cardioid, which is especially beneficial when there are undesirable sound sources behind you.
  • Hypercardioid: Hypercardioid picks up thinner angles of sounds in front of the mic than supercardioid. It can also record sounds from 70° to 130° and excludes noises from other directions.

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    Reasons to use shotgun mic for weddings

    You might be wondering because you don't want mics in your wedding photographs and videos or aren't sure if one is required for a small ceremony. Any videographer or wedding planner will tell you that you really need a professional microphone.

    Using shotgun mic for wedding is especially vital if you're planning an outdoor wedding since wind and background noise might cause your voice to move in different directions away from your guests. Even indoor weddings without a microphone might have audio concerns since rooms with high ceilings can cause sounds to echo and distort. Overall, having a microphone for the ceremony and reception is vital since it allows your guests to hear your vows, the officiant, wedding speeches, etc.

    Three factors to consider for the best shotgun mic for weddings

    The professional video camera for weddings will have a good built-in mic, but you can't rely completely on it. Without a good camera shotgun mic, it will be very difficult to catch voices and speeches during an outdoor wedding. Even if you know how to correctly edit a wedding movie, without properly captured sound, you'll achieve very little. To find the best one, consider the following factors:

    • Venue specifics: A proper microphone is required for every sort of venue where a wedding may take place. A microphone for outdoor wedding is not the same as the one for a fancy wedding at a chic café. Both of these locations provide unique problems in terms of capturing high-quality sound.
    • Budget: A professional microphone, like the top professional video camera for weddings, may be fairly expensive. Setting a budget ahead of time is a wise decision. In this way, you can narrow down the range of options and save the time of comparing each other.
    • Backup plans: In addition to a microphone, you might want to consider purchasing a voice recording device. Many things may go wrong while attempting to record wedding sounds. Even if something happens to the original audio, a backup recording will keep the film you've recorded. Consider purchasing such a gear in addition to the external microphone.

    Other tips for wedding microphone setup

    Besides using a shotgun mic for wedding, there are more tips to help you step forward to capture clean and clear audio for wedding videography.

    • Mic windshield: If you're going to be using a microphone outside, make sure it has a windshield. Nothing is more annoying than hearing the wind howl throughout your ceremony (and your wedding video).
    • Rehearsal: While you may not want to spend an extra day hiring sound equipment, having a rehearsal with sound may help your wedding sound almost flawless. This is the ideal moment to work out any kinks and review good microphone technique.
    • Professional sound technicians: DJs and AV technicians at resorts are not professional sound technicians. It is typically not a good idea to rely on them to offer acceptable sound for your wedding ceremony.
    • Be aware of the microphone: Once you've been wired up, the shotgun or lapel mic for outdoor wedding may be turned on at any moment. A professional sound technician will know when to mute the mic when it is not in use, but given the excitement of the day, the delighted wedding couple may forget that microphones are in use.
    • Mind the speaker: The most common source of feedback squeals is placing a microphone in front of a speaker. Make sure the speakers are at least four feet away from the microphones, and never walk in front of a speaker while wearing a microphone.